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Smerconish's Commentary: Does Donald Trump's Wiretap Charge Libel Barack Obama?

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Smerconish's Commentary: Does Donald Trump's Wiretap Charge Libel Barack Obama?


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  Smerconish's Commentary: Does Donald Trump's Wiretap Charge Libel Barack Obama? #Smerconish #POTUS   CNN LATEST NEWS | DOES TRUMP'S WIRETAP CHARGE LIBEL OBAMA   Barack Obama React to Donald Trumps Wiretap Claims   White House walks back UK surveillance claim   No Presidents Can't Order Wiretaps | AM Joy/Trump|   TRUMP NEWS 03/18/17 | DOES TRUMP'S WIRETAP CHARGE LIBEL OBAMA   Lawmakers Demand Evidence of Trump's Wiretap Charge   FBI Director confirms no info supporting Trump wiretapping claims   No, Presidents Can’t Order Wiretaps | AM Joy | MSNBC   Comey 'incredulous' over Trump wiretap claim   FBI's Comey 'incredulous' over Trump'...   FBI's Comey 'incredulous' over Trump'...   Sources: Obama irked by wiretap claims   James Comey: SKEPTICAL About Trump/Obama wiretapping claim   Trump Claims Without Evidence Obama Tapped His Phones During Campaign   TRUMP WIRETAP "Congress to discuss Trump's allegation of alleged wiretapping"   James Comey: SKEPTICAL About Trump/Obama wiretapping claim claim   ‘Donald Trump started this’ Host loses it with Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ wiretapping spin   Nbc Breaking News: Fbi James Comey Meets With Senators About Obama Wiretapping Trump   Barack Obama spokesman denies Donald Trump claim of wiretap order   Donald Trumps meets Barack Obama at White House   Donald Trump Accuses Barack Obama Of Wire Tapping His Nyc Office During Election   Here’s how the White House has been defending Trump’s wiretapping claims   Franken: "Obama did not tap Trumps phone, that's ridiculous and a distraction"   The Trump Presidency: White House asks Congress to investigate Obama   "Make America Sick Again" Democrates React to Trumps Healthcare Plans   George Stephanopoulos interview with President Obama, Democrat Clowns, Obama on Hate Crimes   Sean Spicer: DESTROYS CNN reporter Question On Trump wiretap claim   24 NEWS: President Donald Trump Latest News Today March 6/17 ,Trey Gowdy ,Obama wiretap claim.   James Comey: speaks on Trump/Obama wiretap   Joy: DESTROYS Trump no Presidents Can't Order Wiretaps   AM Joy: Trump No Presidents Can't Order Wiretaps   AM Joy: Trump No, Presidents Can’t Order Wiretaps   Sean Spicer: ATTACKS CNN reporter Trump/Obama wiretap claim   White House: President Trump Used ‘Wiretap’ To Mean ‘Surveillance Overall’ | NBC News   James Comey: SKEPTICAL About Trump/Obama Phone Tapping claim   Trump Reverses Obama Cuba Policies- Full Speech   Making America Great Again | Paul Nehlen and Stefan Molyneux   Obama Wiretapping Trump Team Could Lead To Lawsuit: Trump Could Sue Obama For Lack Of Evidence   The Birther Movement Hits The Fan Hard! | #birtherism   Donald Trump to meet Barack Obama Today at the White House   Compared To Obama’s, Donald Trump’s Inaugural Concert Was A Disaster   Donald Trump's Wiretapping Claims: Timeline and Reaction   Obama Wiretaps Trump? Trump Alleges, Obama Denies!   Justice Department Granted More Time On Trump Wiretapping Claim   Mark Levin ATTACKS Media over Obama Wiretapping on President Donald Trump | Hannity 3/6/17   "It's Not A Question Of Prove It" Sean Spicer Destroys Reporter Over Trump's Obama Wiretap Tweet   Kellyanne Conway Says Obama Spied On Trump Through A Microwave   Franken: "Cat Burglar"Obama Could Have Wiretapped Trump   Obama tapped Merkel, France, entire world - why not Trump, too?   President Trump's Wiretap Claims | Former Bush Attorney General Weighs In   Trump Claims Obama wiretapped Trump Tower   Trump claims Obama wiretapped his phones during campaign   Spicer: No Reason To Believe Trump Is Investigation Target   Donald Trump’s latest flight of fancy: Obama founded Islamic State   Trump Accuses Obama Administration Of Wiretapping Him   Comey FBI asked DOJ to refute wiretap claim   Comey incredulous, FBI asked DOJ to refute wiretap claim   President Trump's Wiretap Claims: Former Bush Attorney General Weighs In | ABC News   Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy: 'Press is harping on' Trump's wiretap allegations   The Government's Wiretapping Powers Explained   President Trump's Wiretap Claims | Former Bush Attorney General Weighs In   President Trump's Wiretap Claims: Former Bush Attorney General Weighs In | ABC News   Trump Claims Obama wiretapped Trump Tower | ABC News   Trump Wiretap Claim: 'No question that something happened' Spicer says   Trump Thinks Fbi Comey Lying About Wiretap: Obama Knew Of Fisa Warrants To Tap Trump Communication   Trump does Melania Dislike Donald Trump watch the Trumps public Disunity   Barack Obama, Michelle Obama greet Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the White   Schiff: No evidence Obama ordered wiretap   Schiff: No evidence Obama ordered wiretap   Why Rep. Jim Himes Doesn't Believe President Donald Trump Declassified Intel | Morning Joe | MSNBC   Trump Wiretap Claim: 'No question that something happened' Spicer says   Fox News Whether The WH Has Evidence That Pres Obama Ordered Surveillance On President Trump   Former AG Alberto Gonzales: It's 'Highly Unlikely' Pres. Obama Would Order Unlawful Wiretap | MSNBC   Trump Suggests More Information Coming About Wiretap Claim

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