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Snake takes a whirl with load of laundry

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A snake was found at the bottom of a load of wash by a South Jersey woman. (Video courtesy of Carol Jess)


serpent vermin blackguard bad egg bum cad knave lowlife miscreant riffraff rogue skunk snake villain coil convolute convolve corkscrew fold intertwine intervolve lap loop make serpentine rotate scroll sinuate spiral spire turn twine twist wind wrap around wreathe writhe untwist straighten creep approach unnoticed crawl on all fours edge glide grovel gumshoe inch insinuate lurk pussyfoot scrabble scramble skulk slink slither sneak squirm steal tiptoe worm wriggle creeped creeps approach unnotices edges glides grovels gumshoes inches insinuates lurks pussyfoots scrabbles scrambles skulks slinks slithers snakes sneaks squirms steals tiptoes worms wriggles writhes crept edged glided grovelled gumshoed inched insinuated lurked pussyfooted scrabbled scrambled skulked slithered slunk snaked sneaked squirmed stole tiptoed wormed wriggled writhed Snake earthstrong Snakes booty catch catching cut gate haul holding part proceeds receipts return returns revenue share takings yield debt loss payment whole capture earn seize receive win reach pick up accept collect arrest have grab hold grip grasp ensnare handle secure clutch acquire obtain snatch overtake attain strike snag entrap abduct reap collar clasp pull in take in prehend carry off carve out gain possession gather up get hold of haul in lay hold of take hold of add repulse disenchant maintain keep stop miss unfasten loose give up drop fail offer give throw away spend lose let go free misconceive disallow abstain dodge discontinue avoid reject refuse surrender forfeit misunderstand release liberate lift snare abstract commandeer nail sequester salvage nip nab arrogate swipe purloin preempt confiscate annex pluck pocket filch snitch appropriate misappropriate expropriate pinch borrow rip off accroach run off with lower insert weaken draw pick choose select get cull purchase charter engage elect procure prefer hire derive book rent gain mark lease decide on opt for optate pay for single out fire discharge cancel sell 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forget discourage take hurt dissuade weaken injure Load earthstrong washing wash ablution abstersion bath bathing detersion fomentation laundry lavabo lavage lavation lavement maundy soaking earthstrong Laundry
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