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Sober homes: Distinguishing the good from the bad

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Identifying good sober home living centers from corrupt ones is the goal for many family members who are seeking treatment for their loved one.


calm restrained sedate serious abstaining controlled dry moderate steady abstemious abstinent ascetic clear-headed cold sober continent nonindulgent not drunk on the wagon self-possessed temperate took the pledge agitated excitable excited drunk immoderate inebriated irrational austere frugal moderating self-denying self-restrained sober sparing chaste economical puritanical self-disciplined straightlaced strict subdued unrelenting accurate alert apprehensive assiduous attentive chary choosy circumspect concerned conscientious conservative cool deliberate discreet exacting fastidious finicky fussy going to great lengths guarded heedful judicious leery meticulous mindful observant particular playing safe precise prim protective provident prudent punctilious regardful religious rigorous scrupulous selfdisciplined shy solicitous solid thorough thoughtful vigilant wary Tory bourgeois constant conventional die-hard fearful firm fogyish fuddy-duddy hard hat hidebound holding to illiberal in a rut inflexible middle-of-the-road not extreme obstinate old guard old line orthodox quiet reactionary redneck right right of center right-wing stable timid traditional traditionalistic unchangeable unchanging uncreative undaring unimaginative unprogressive white bread abstentious bridled celibate curbed inhibited modest bigoted commonplace conforming demure doctrinal dogmatic drippy hackneyed humdrum in rut insular isolationist lame literal moral narrow narrow-minded not heretical parochial pedestrian prosaic rigid routine rube run-of-the-mill solemn square stereotyped straight straight-laced stuffy uptight no-nonsense down-to-earth dispassionate staid rational levelheaded serene reasonable lucid dark earnest low-key somber practical realistic sound composed reserved plain collected constrained grave cold drab hard-boiled imperturbable pacific severe soft unruffled disciplined forgoing eschewing toned down unexcited unimpassioned happy troubled light funny unreasonable friendly worried annoyed boisterous unimportant trivial insincere flippant cheerful upset nervous unrealistic frivolous impractical hungry greedy gluttonous spending mild gentle bland luxurious indulgent extravagant encouraging elaborate meek careful uncareful thoughtless loose careless false unconcerned uncaring unwise idiotic unscrupulous reckless rash indiscreet incautious foolish inconsiderate inattentive heedless lax negligent questionable inexact inaccurate Old Guard radical liberal unfixed wavering weak progressive left-wing exaggerated wobbly untrustworthy unsteady inconstant changeable unstable unchaste incontinent impure unique original new different uncustomary uncommon strange irregular foreign unusual unconventional exotic abnormal Sober lean over wasted keith keifer alcohol barack obama beer hammered drinking high intoxicated party crunk mudsucker aisha smashed drink pissed dwi dui sex fucked up shitfaced booze stoned trashed plastered albert hangover crazy tipsy alcoholic sloshed stupid fucked tanked vodka liquor shit faced buzzed bar vomit fun weed faded shit-faced blitzed fuck gone slut wrecked drugs hungover whore ralph buick puke loaded sobe not high real differentiating characteristic different appropriate diagnostic discriminating discriminative distinctive distinguishing emblematic especial essential exclusive fixed idiosyncratic inborn inbred indicative individual individualistic ingrained inherent innate local marked native normal original particular peculiar personal private proper regular representative singular special specific symbolic symptomatic unique allegory analogy analyzing association balancing bringing together collating collation comparability connection contrast correlation discrimination dividing estimation example exemplification identification illustration juxtaposition likeness likening measuring metaphor observation opposition paralleling ratio relating relation resemblance segregation separation similarity testing weighing analysis ascertainment authentication calculation certification detection determination diagnosis discernment disclosure empiricism encounter espial experimentation exploration exposition exposure feeling hearing introduction invention learning locating location origination perception revelation sensing sighting strike unearthing verification uncharacteristic foreign public uncommon irregular general common ordinary untypical indefinite atypical unimportant eccentric unusual abnormal standard similar usual comparison disconnection difference unlikeness dissimilarity comparisons discoveries miss loss secret discovery affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense the histrionical The why and peter griffin family guy comedy what fuck wtf word teh sex acceptable bad excellent exceptional favorable great marvelous positive satisfactory satisfying superb valuable wonderful ace boss bully capital choice crack nice pleasing prime rad sound spanking sterling super superior welcome worthy admirable agreeable commendable congenial deluxe first-class first-rate gnarly gratifying honorable neat precious recherché reputable select shipshape splendid stupendous super-eminent super-excellent tip-top up to snuff disagreeable expected inferior insignificant ordinary poor second-rate unacceptable unhelpful unimportant unnoteworthy unsatisfactory worthless minor detestable evil fake forged immoral inadequate incompetent inconsequential inconsiderable mean misbehaving noxious rotten sinful tainted unpleasant unreal unreliable unskilled unsuitable unvirtuous vicious vile wicked absolutely affirmative agreed all right amen assuredly aye beyond a doubt by all means certainly definitely even so exactly fine gladly good good enough granted indubitably just so most assuredly naturally of course okay positively precisely roger sure thing surely true undoubtedly unquestionably very well willingly without fail yea yep adept adequate adroit agile alert apt bright capable competent cunning deft dexterous easy effortless endowed equipped facile fitted intelligent knowing powerful ready smart strong A-1 A-OK attractive best ever cool copacetic crackerjack deserving dream estimable exquisite greatest hunky dory keen laudable meritable meritorious out of sight out of this world peachy praiseworthy rare solid super-duper zero cool artful clean clever cute expert foxy handy hot tamale ingenious masterful nifty nimble on the ball on the beam proficient quick on the trigger quick on the uptake quick-witted savvy sharp skillful slick up to speed whiz wizard aid ascendancy asset assistance authority avail blessing boon break comfort convenience dominance edge eminence expediency favor gain gratification help hold improvement influence interest lead leeway leg-up leverage luck mastery odds position power pre-eminence precedence preference prestige prevalence profit protection recognition resources return sanction starting superiority support supremacy upper hand utility wealth respectable honest upright right innocent blameless charitable dutiful ethical exemplary guiltless inculpable irreproachable obedient pure righteous tractable well-behaved irreprehensible lily-white uncorrupted untainted incorrupt corrupt unhealthy unfit unrespected disreputable dishonorable dishonest useful talented efficient reliable able proper suitable accomplished au fait qualified serviceable suited thorough trustworthy improper weak unable powerless ineffective useless profitable beneficial helpful advantageous healthy decent desirable fruitful appropriate convenient fit fitting brave common meet ample auspicious becoming conformable congruous healthful hygienic needed opportune propitious salubrious salutary seemly tolerable toward wholesome benefic benignant commendatory unobjectionable approving favoring unfitting unrespectable hurting unprofitable unseemly incorrect detrimental unsuited inappropriate injurious hurtful harmful disadvantageous perfect normal safe flawless stable whole eatable dependable fresh intact loyal unblemished undamaged unhurt unimpaired unspoiled vigorous fit to eat uncontaminated undecayed broken flawed vulnerable incomplete imperfect friendly humanitarian altruistic beneficent benevolent considerate gracious humane kindhearted merciful obliging philanthropic tolerant well-disposed valid legitimate kosher regular bona fide conforming genuine orthodox strict well-founded justified invalid false fraudulent untrustworthy deceptive orderly decorous kindly mannerly polite respectful thoughtful well-mannered worthwhile big sufficient long large entire full much complete extensive immeasurable lucrative sizable substantial paying part small short little insufficient tiny miniature prosperity well-being welfare usefulness commonwealth use service windfall nugget plum treasure benediction godsend prize behalf good fortune wickedness immorality bad fortune sin punishment loss disadvantage bad luck disapproval value righteousness dignity probity straight prerogative uprightness merit class ideal excellence virtue quality worth rectitude imperfection dishonesty wrong unfairness delicate slow inept feeble infirm unintelligent stupid disinclined incapable ablest ugly shameful repulsive repugnant loathsome hateful despicable contemptible unworthy dense unhandy awkward unskillful ignorant clumsy advantage handicap stop waste subservience block impotence restriction obstacle drawback misfortune obstruction hindrance blockage disfavor injury hurt harm weakness inferiority incapacity GOOD Good goods Goods acronym bacronym dismal fuckwit crap slang pot dealer marijuana herbage dome stats sex curb jump kind bud k.b. ganja bubonic chronic fire fire against in distinction to out of possession of taken away defective diminished from lacking less negative subtracted without aboriginal autochthonous belonging endemic homegrown homemade indigenous inland internal local municipal national original primary primeval primitive regional related vernacular about concerning like regarding after afterward ago already because considering for hence later now past subsequently therefore whereas beginning at coming out of deriving out of originating at starting with minus plus native outside foreign alien since From moose vagina vaginal mary's little lamb cunt atrocious awful cheap crummy dreadful lousy poor rough sad unacceptable blah bummer diddly downer garbage gross imperfect inferior junky synthetic abominable amiss bad news beastly bottom out careless cheesy crappy cruddy defective deficient dissatisfactory erroneous fallacious faulty godawful grody grungy icky inadequate incorrect not good off raunchy slipshod stinking substandard the pits unsatisfactory fortunate good great happy lucky pleasing sophisticated superior wonderful advantageous beneficial benevolent honest just profitable reputable right true undecayed upright virtuous worthy abhorrent bad base contemptible cursed despicable disgusting foul grim hairy hateful heinous hellish horrible horrid loathsome nauseating obnoxious odious offensive repellent reprehensible repugnant repulsive revolting rotten sleazy terrible vile wretched awry confused crooked erring false flawed glitched up haywire improper inaccurate inappropriate mistaken out of order sick unfair unlawful unsuitable untoward alarming astounding daunting dire disheartening dismaying fearful formidable frightening frightful ghastly harrowing heavy hideous horrific intimidating mean petrifying scaring shocking terrifying the end unnerving appalling detestable execrable horrifying noisome obscene sickening A-1 ace beyond compare boss capital champion chief choicest cool culminating finest first first-class first-rate foremost greatest highest incomparable inimitable leading matchless nonpareil number 1 optimum out-of-sight outstanding paramount peerless perfect preeminent premium prime primo principal sans pareil second to none super superlative supreme terrific tops tough transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed afflictive annoying brutal calamitous cruel disagreeable displeasing distasteful disturbing galling grievous hard harsh heartbreaking hurtful inclement intemperate intense merciless poignant provoking rigorous rugged ruthless savage severe sharp stinging unpalatable unpleasant vexatious woeful dangerous unhealthy damaging deleterious detrimental injurious ruinous wrong evil criminal reprobate delinquent corrupt iniquitous sinful vicious villainous wicked noble decent moral disobedient naughty unruly ill-behaved misbehaving sour moldy putrid rancid spoiled pleasant distressing disastrous serious painful grave nice mild easy ill ailing diseased unwell in pain down downcast upset low regretful apologetic conscience-stricken contrite crestfallen dejected depressed disconsolate downhearted guilty remorseful woebegone heartened above satisfied cheerful unfavorable unfortunate melancholy adverse discouraged discouraging distressed gloomy troubled unhappy troubling sweet desirable likeable respectable lovable enjoyable appealing alluring honorable delightful desirous attractive kind proper suitable reassuring satisfying encouraging polite comforting beautiful calming inoffensive best fewest not right secondary poorest extra unimportant minor least worst last bitter helping bland agreeable moderate dull blunt gentle calm genial content soothing Bad sexy hot fine beastly sexy look good girls women cute thorough admired foxy a turn on. pretty
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