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Soften Those Lines 3/16/17

Say and pronounce Soften Those Lines on Make Your Own Text-To-Speech Words Instantly



Bernie Blanks from Advanced Aesthetics is here to tell us about a brand new product made specifically to treat those lines above the lip.


morning blend jj snyder shawn tempesta advanced aesthetics upper lip filler wrinkles volbella abate alleviate cushion diminish dissolve ease lessen lighten lower mellow melt mitigate moderate modify relax relent temper thaw tone down weaken allay appease assuage bend disintegrate enfeeble give knead mash moisten mollify palliate qualify quell still subdue tenderize yield become tender turn down aggravate agitate coagulate compliment enlarge excite extend grow heighten incite increase intensify irritate magnify praise prolong raise rise solidify strengthen upset worsen disturb provoke withhold trouble worry be enough blunt calm compose conciliate content gratify lull make matters up meet halfway patch things up placate propitiate quench quiet serve soften soothe sweeten tranquilize start tease displease arouse anger destroy annoy appeased appeases appeasing cool fill make nice pacify pour oil on sate satisfy surfeit take the edge off take the sting out exacerbate deplete dissatisfy attenuate benumb cripple dampen deaden debilitate desensitize disable hebetate numb obtund sap undermine water down point help encourage sharpen needle enliven assist aid Gen C the above-mentioned the particular these Those Gen C those boundary channel edge band bar borderline configuration contour crease dash delineation demarcation figuration figure frontier furrow groove limit lineament lineation outline profile rule score scratch silhouette streak stripe tracing underline wrinkle inside interior entertainment fun speech division lane group track train route list street way series path border order road row file sequence concatenation rank echelon seam array arrangement axis trench scar ridge fissure trajectory length mark catalogue crack direction string formation tier drain progression thread column queue magazine block disorder agreement disorganization wire cable strand filament position program system course approach practice ideology polity principle scheme avenue method procedure course of action field job work business area province forte profession trade racket pursuit activity department vocation employment occupation specialization unemployment inactivity idleness surrender pastime hobby race lineage descent family breed strain heredity succession stock pedigree message word card note report letter postcard information patter lead clue spiel indication pitch persuasion song and dance prepared speech goods commodity wares produce involvement materials vendibles touch follow adjoin bound rim verge skirt cut fix draw march trace communicate inscribe abut delineate marshal join align fringe range place neighbor line up ordinate allineate butt against lose separate divide forget strip mess up disjoin ignore disorganize disarrange mix up center scatter stuff cover fill quilt overlay wad bush face reinforce sheath panel incrust encrust wainscot ceil interline curve form lines relief shape dialogs chat colloquy communication confab confabulation conference conversation converse discourse discussion duologue interlocution parlance parley powwow remarks repartee script sides small talk dialogue dialog exchange flap rap rap session soliloquy monologue silence quiet dialogue\u002Fdialog dialogues lyrics book libretto text theme verse words Line Gen C line miniblind mini blind more nibbled more inland more inbound more unblended more inclined more indolent more insolent more nibbling making land moving behind more unbent morning Morning Blend Gen C dawn aurora cockcrow daybreak daylight dayspring forenoon morn morrow prime sunrise sunup after midnight ante meridiem before lunch before noon break of day breakfast time crack of dawn early bright first blush foreday morningtide wee hours darkness sunset cockcrowing dawning first light morning bright day peep light finish conclusion end ending sundown setting eventide evening dusk brightening early morning first brightening first flush of morning first impression first sight outset peep of day cocklight dawnlight day-peep flush of the morning glow half-light Gen C Morning amalgam brew combination concoction fusion mixture synthesis alloy amalgamation commixture composite compound intermixture union interfusion division separation natural element mingle merge synthesize fuse combine integrate meld amalgamate weld unite commingle coalesce intermix commix cement interblend disharmonize separate part divide disperse disconnect complement fit arrange unify orchestrate suit symphonize go well go with disorganize admix blend intermingle stir admixture mingling mélange adulterate attenuate cheapen contaminate cook corrupt cut defile degrade denature depreciate deteriorate devalue dilute dissolve doctor doctor up falsify impair infiltrate irrigate lace make impure mix phony up plant pollute shave spike taint thin transfuse vitiate water down weaken refine free clarify approve raise help strengthen concentrate filter distill upgrade increase assist aid improve cleanse 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sewn shag shat sown yawn chin spawn showy shuln chaw on show in shoo in Shawn Gen C tempest tempests dampest dumpest advanced leading progressive state-of-the-art forward avant-garde breakthrough cutting-edge excellent exceptional extreme first foremost higher late leading-edge liberal precocious radical unconventional after behind ahead advanced advancing along ante antecedently at an advantage at the head before beforehand earlier fore in the foreground in the lead onward onwards precedent precedently preceding previous progressing to the fore ahead of time already before now in advance in anticipation previously sooner bright Einstein acute alert astute aware brainy brilliant clear-headed clever discerning eggheaded having smarts ingenious inventive keen knowing quick quick-witted sharp smart whiz kid wide-awake light normal unhappy depressed unpromising gloomy black obscure dark unstylish slow dull pastel pale typical doleful threatening horrible depressing unaware murky dusky cloudy somber dreary unintelligent stupid brighter brightest broad cultivated experienced open open-minded permissive tolerant unbiased wide empty small narrow small-minded close-minded restricted Advanced Gen C esthetics artistic taste philosophy of art philosophy of beauty study of beauty theory of art philosophies aesthetics attitude axiom beliefs conception convictions doctrine idea ideology logic metaphysics ontology outlook rationalism reason reasoning system tenet theory thinking thought truth values view viewpoint wisdom philosophy aesthetic Gen C Aesthetic upper slope upper upkeep overlap appeal applepie appealing apple pie pulper appeals palpi up keep appear like appler polyp appealer appealed open up over lap overleap applied applies appal appeal to pull up aped up apes up appall appals over leap upper lip Gen C uppermost high overhead top higher loftier topmost upward low unimportant below inferior junior lower under elevated elite beautiful eminent important greater more important amphetamine STP analeptic benny crank crystal dexy pep pill speed stimulant tab upper elation bliss buoyancy buzz charge cloud nine delight ecstasy enthusiasm euphoria exaltation excitement exhilaration exultation glee high spirits intoxication jollies joy joyfulness joyousness jubilation kick rapture transport triumph misery depression discouragement unhappiness boredom upset apathy woe sadness sorrow despair genial affable agreeable amiable amicable blithe cheerful cheering cheery chipper chirpy congenial convivial cordial easygoing enlivening favorable friendly gentle glad good-natured gracious hearty jocund jolly jovial joyous kind kindly merry neighborly perky pleasant sociable sunny sunny side up upbeat warm warm-hearted cool cold serious sad depressed rude mean gloomy unhappy nasty disagreeable moody irritable cranky aloof unsympathetic unkind surly unfriendly hateful loftiest apical capital chief crack crowning culminating dominant excellent fine finest first first-class first-rate five-star foremost greatest head highest lead leading maximal maximum outside paramount preeminent primary prime principal ruling sovereign superior supreme tiptop top-drawer top-notch upmost major above better big considerable elder exceeding extensive extreme hefty large large-scale larger main most oversized senior sizable ultra short small little secondary humble lesser minor insignificant inconsiderable tiny subordinate aerial aloft atop hanging in the sky on high over overhanging roof skyward Uppers Gen C uppers rim border brim flange flare labium margin nozzle overlap portal projection spout labrum center interior middle inside kindness jaw cheek mouth impertinence sass sauciness guff rudeness sauce effrontery back talk politeness manners answer Band-Aid acknowledgment antiphon backcap close comeback comment cooler counterclaim crack defense disclosure echo elucidation explanation feedback interpretation justification key lip observation parting shot pay dirt plea quick fix rebuttal refutation rejoinder remark repartee report resolution response result retort return rhetorical question riposte sign solution statement thank-you note the ticket topper vindication wisecrack trouble problem question request silence quiet answers attorney advocate ambulance chaser barrister counsel counselor fixer front legal beagle legal eagle mouthpiece pleader proxy spieler back answer backchat insolence insult nasty reply short answer uptake backtalk bound boundary brink circumference confine end extremity fringe hem limit line outskirt perimeter periphery selvage skirt trim trimming verge territory region mainland lips Gen C abound annoy assail beset crawl crowd defile fill flock harass harry infect invade overspread overwhelm pack penetrate pester plague pollute press ravage swarm teem throng worry infest stuffing mixture layer dressing insides cylinder center cartridge wad inside innards padding packing inlay pad wadding shim replenishment bushing liner refill exteriority outside filling quilting lining protection tomentum feathers accompaniment consummation rest supplement enhancement total completion capacity entirety totality quota augmentation aggregate remainder correlate counterpart addition correlative balance enrichment pendant makeweight finishing touch rounding-off fraction part base decrease core complement enough plenty sufficiency satiety ample sufficient all one wants emptiness content contents guts capacity batting impletion filling\u002Ffiller filler complements fillings Gen C Filler fillers contraction corrugation crease crumple depression furrow gather line pleat plica pucker ridge rumple tuck rimple smoothness scrunch screw up crisp compress purse twist ruck seam shrivel crimp corrugate prune up unfold expand smooth straighten grow crow's feet laugh lines wrinkles Wrinkle Gen C wrinkle Wrinkles voluble flabella libel globally villanelle global label viable soluble valuable vocable viabler globular verbally volatile verbal wobble volubility globule wobbly jellybelly fill bill waybill fly ball low blow jelly belly pale blue
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