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Some like it HOT! China crowns King of Zing in Chilli-munching contest

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Participants lined up to munch on chilli peppers as they took part in the annual chilli-eating competition held at Tianhe Ancient City, Ningxiang, Hunan province, on Sunday.SOT, Xu, tourist (Mandarin): "I don't think the event like this is meaningful. Eating too much chilli is harmful for health. People just watch the competition for fun. I don't think I will participant any event like this."SOT, Xu, tourist (Mandarin): "I think the scenic spot should hold more meaningful events. The service, facilities and maintenance should be improved. Then, the scenic spot can develop consistently."SOT, Wang, tourist (Mandarin): "This sort of event is for attracting tourist. More tourists will be here for sightseeing."Video ID: 20170827 018Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected]: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly


news ruptly some Some alike related agnate cognate twin close matching same uniform parallel double equal near allied akin such selfsame jibing relating allying equaling unlike far away admire love go for exclaim prize savor dig fancy adore esteem cherish approve relish dote on care for care to feast on revel in stuck on take to hate scorn prefer please want desire elect wish will select feel like acknowledge affirm approbate buy countenance favor hold hold with like recognize swallow take as gospel truth take stock in trust affiliated analogous cognated comparable connate consonant corresponding incident kindred similar Xerox approximate associated carbon copy concurrent correspondent dead ringer ditto duplicate equivalent even facsimile identical indistinguishable look-alike matched mated proportionate resembling same difference spitting image undifferentiated convertible homologous interchangeable applaud apprise enjoy extol honor look up to praise rate highly regard respect treasure accept acclaim appreciate be big on commend face it go along with grin and bear it handle live with put up with regard highly roll with punches string along with take up on think highly of Like Likes HOT hot hots Hot ware china pots slipware terracotta wares bowl casserole ceramic container cup mug pitcher plate platter porringer pot pottery salver saucer tray vessel crackleware earthenware ceramics enamel enamelware dish porcelain China head acme apex top tip roof peak crest foot base diadem garland circlet wreath coronet chaplet coronal worst ruler monarch arm endue raise fix erect exalt dower endow honor adorn raze fine hurt stop perfect finish complete cap terminate fulfill surmount climax round off top off begin start drop box biff cuff apogee crown culmination cusp greatest height max maximum meridian most ne plus ultra pinnacle point spire sublimity summit tops up there vertex zenith bury cloak cloud coat conceal eclipse envelop hide mask obscure overcast overlay overspread suppress surround beat best better button down button up can clinch cob cover do to a T exceed excel outshine outstrip pass put the lid on surpass top it off transcend trump wrap up crowning achievement elimination playoffs showdown title match tournament winner takes all candelabrum candleholder corona electrolier gasolier light fixture luster amphitheater aureole band belt bowl bracelet circuit circumference circus cirque coil colure compass cordon cycle disc disk ecliptic enclosure equator full turn globe halo hoop horizon lap orbit parallel of latitude perimeter periphery record revolution ring ringlet round sphere stadium tire turn vortex wheel zodiac blanket championship chandelier circle Crowns crowns tycoon baron mogul kaiser prince czar sultan caesar rajah mikado caliph rex khan shah pasha gerent dictator empress king monarch sovereign VIP executive key player magnate notable personage potentate princess queen royalty top brass autocrat crowned head despot emperor majesty chief chieftain head of state leader ruler baroness contessa count countess czarina dame duchess duke dynast imperator lady lord maharajah maharani oligarch overlord rani royal sultana King kings vigor life gusto zest zip verve pep drive vim dash punch brio oomph élan idleness lethargy apathy laziness dullness backbite bad-mouth bash belittle berate blow off calumniate cap castigate cuss out cut down cut to the quick decry defame derogate discount do a number on dump on give a black eye hurl brickbat insult knock minimize nag offend oppress persecute pick on put down rag on reproach revile ride rip up run down scold signify slam slap sling mud smear sound swear at tear apart trash upbraid vilify vituperate zing action ardor bounce briskness buoyancy dynamism ebullience elation energy enthusiasm esprit excitement exhilaration fervor gaiety high spirits passion sparkle spirit sprightliness vibrancy vitality vivacity zap zeal avidity devotion eagerness earnestness feeling fierceness fire heat intensity jazz keenness pep talk turn on vehemence warmth weakness bang up batter beat black blacken blemish bung up contuse crush damage deface injure mar mark pound pulverize wound animation cheerfulness cheeriness effervescence exuberance good feeling good humor happiness jollity liveliness spiritedness sunniness vim and vigor birr flourish force impressiveness might panache power strength éclat abuse bruise Zing Zing! 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