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Some Surprising Things

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A paradox and some counterintuitive & surprising things that have been on my mind while meeting you guys during YouTube Fan Fest! **Subscribe to Vsauce ...


paradoxes counterintuitive surprise vsauce singapore sydney fanfest michael stevens any amazing bizarre special unusual a few a part few a couple defined divers express individual many marked numerous one particular precise regular several singular some specific specified sundry upwards of various anthologized assorted asymmetrical collected disparate dissonant divergent diverse diversified diversiform heterogeneous incongruous inconsistent indiscriminate jarring manifold multifarious multiform omnifarious omniform varicolored varied variegated varietal variform adequately averagely enough kind of moderately more or less passably pretty well quite rather ratherish reasonably so-so something sort of tolerably exiguous few and far between imperceptible inconsequential inconsiderable infrequent insufficient lean less meager middling minor minority minute negligible not many not too many occasional paltry petty piddling rare scant scanty scarce scarcely any scattered scattering seldom semioccasional short skimpy slender slight slim sparse sporadic stingy straggling thin trifling uncommon unfrequent widely spaced slim pickings small number smatter smattering spattering sprinkling certain different fairly handful Some startling amazing stunning sudden wonderful shocking chance impulsive usual normal hasty hurried jerky precipitate precipitous quick rushing surprising unanticipated unceremonious unexpected unforeseen awesome fascinating incredible marvelous prodigious unbelievable astonishing breathtaking confounding eye-popping mind-blowing mind-boggling overwhelming stupefying wondrous bizarre boss curious exceptional fab fantastic flash gnarly heavy inconceivable odd off beaten path out of the ordinary outstanding particular peculiar phenomenal rare remarkable singular special strange stupendous terrific uncommon unfamiliar unheard-of unimaginable unique unprecedented unthinkable unusual unwonted weird wicked astounding awe-inspiring awful bewildering difficult to believe extraordinary fabulous implausible improbable incomprehensible miraculous spectacular staggering striking supernatural unlikely eye-opening abrupt stuff goods gear duds apparel attire baggage belongings chattels clothes clothing effects equipment habiliments impedimenta luggage odds and ends paraphernalia personal effects personals property raiment trappings tricks accoutrements array bib and tucker costume drapes dress garb garments getup habit outfit things threads togs uniform vestment wear bags carry-on fortnighter overnighter parcels slough suitcases tote tote bag two-suiter accouterments appurtenances assets personal property Sunday best accouterment caparison civvies covering drag drapery ensemble finery frippery frock full feather get-up habiliment hand-me-downs livery mufti overclothes panoply rags regalia rigging sack sportswear tailleur tatters toggery tout ensemble trousseau underclothes vesture vines wardrobe weeds zoot suit affairs balls in air business commerce concerns doings intercourse irons in fire matters proceedings ropes sale strings trade traffic transactions truck wire pulling wires thing dealings Thing a thing relationship booty call friends with benefits object loser moron dumb suicide mystery oddity anomaly enigma reverse error catch mistake success same truth contradiction dilemma lose-lose paradox quagmire adversity arduousness awkwardness barricade check complication crisis crux dead end deadlock deep water distress emergency exigency fix frustration hardship hazard hindrance hitch hot water impasse knot labor laboriousness mess misfortune muddle obstacle obstruction pain painfulness perplexity pickle predicament quandary scrape snag stew strain strait strenuousness struggle stumbling block tribulation trouble aberration ambiguity artifice bias casuistry cavil deceit deception deceptiveness delusion deviation elusion equivocation erratum erroneousness evasion falsehood faultiness flaw heresy illogicality inconsistency inexactness invalidity misapprehension miscalculation misconstrual misinterpretation non sequitur notion perversion preconception prejudice quibbling quirk solecism sophism sophistry speciousness subterfuge untruth adumbration allegory alliteration allusion analogue analogy anaphora anticlimax antistrophe antithesis aposiopesis apostrophe asyndeton bathos comparison conceit device echoism ellipsis euphemism euphuism exaggeration expression flourish flower hyperbole image imagery irony litotes malapropism manner of speaking metaphor metonymy onomatopoeia ornament oxymoron parable parallel personification proteron rhetoric sarcasm satire simile synecdoche trope tropology turn of phrase understatement way of speaking banter burlesque contempt contrariness criticism derision humor incongruity jibe mockery mordancy quip raillery repartee reproach ridicule sardonicism taunt twist wit another adverse antilogy antipode antipole antonym contra contrary contrast converse counterpart foil inverse obverse opposition other extreme other side other side of coin vice versa catch-22 difficulty fallacy figure of speech opposite Paradox faulty absurd erratic valid tenable counterintuitive shock jolt miracle awe wonder portent prodigy start attack kick godsend whammy fortune rarity marvel eureka composure happiness calmness coolness dismay dazzle unsettle perplex bewilder overwhelm confuse astound rattle confound amaze startle stun dumbfound discomfit floor electrify nonplus stupefy jar stagger daze rock petrify bowl over shake up blow away calm bore order nab capture seize ambush take waylay grasp grab lay for release let go free lose give offer expect astonish chill daunt distress frighten give a turn make jump panic scare scare silly scare stiff scare to death spook surprise terrify unnerve ambuscade assail assault box in bushwhack decoy dry gulch ensnare entrap hem in hide hook jap jump lurk net set trap surround trap wait flabbergast knock over with feather take aback bafflement confusion discombobulation disorientation perplexity descry detect encounter expose hit upon meet with spot take unawares turn up unmask alarm bewilderment catch Surprise vsauce Vsauce singapore Singapore politics corruption caning democracy freedom of the press freedom of speech country island state citizen Sydney michael Michael Steven
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