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South Dakota Republican Gov. Noem Instigates Rejection Of Voter's Decision To Legalize Marijuana

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inewz inews South Dakota Republican Gov. Noem Instigates Rejection Of Voter's Decision To Legalize Marijuana larboard port hard to left near nigh side portside sinister sinistral right left freezing frigid glacial icy arctic extreme farthest frozen north terminal amicable friendly hot warm same similar tropic tropical polar south South Dakota congressperson lawmaker leader legislator member of Congress officeholder president representative senator orator partisan speaker Party member baby-kisser boss handshaker member of parliament office seeker public servant statesperson whistle-stopper politician politicians Party members baby-kissers bosses chieftains congresspersons democrats grandstanders handshakers lawmakers leaders legislators member of congresses member of parliaments office seekers officeholders orators partisans presidents public servants republicans senators speakers statespersons whistle-stoppers republican GOV the gov .gov gov The Govs Gov up noem Kristi Noem abet bring about foment incite inflame initiate kindle plot prompt spur whip up actuate encourage goad hint impel insinuate move needle persuade plan raise rouse scheme start stimulate suggest urge add fuel egg on fire up make waves put up to rabble-rouse set on steam up stir up turn on work up deter discourage dissuade halt neglect put out stop calm conclude depress finish ignore repress suppress prevent advocate back condone endorse instigate prod promote provoke sanction support disapprove oppose protest refuse reject counter frustrate hinder hurt impede obstruct resist activate animate arouse cause drive energize excite induce influence inspire key up mobilize motivate propel quicken work into lather bore check deaden delay dull lull quiet retard slow weaken cheer embolden enliven exalt fire gladden hearten inform inspirit invigorate liven make alive revive revivify spark stir vitalize vivify tire disenchant dishearten kill agitate alert awaken call challenge electrify foster heat up rally send thrill wake up waken warm whet cease receive arouses agitates alerts animates awakens calls challenges electrifies enlivens fires up foments fosters goads heats up incites inflames instigates kindles moves provokes rallies rouses sends sparks spurs stimulates stirs thrills turns on wakens wakes up warms whets whips up works up receives dulls bears puts out stops halts discourages disenchants quiets lulls ignores disheartens dissuades ceases prevents calms began activated actualized break ground broke the ice brought about brought to passed caused commenced created did drove effected embarked on entered on entered upon established eventuated found gave birth to gave impulse generated get went impelled inaugurated induced initiated instigated instituted introduced launched lay foundation for led made made active motivated mounted occasioned opened originated plunged into prepared produced set about set in motion set up triggered undertook went ahead went into died discouraged checked concluded halted finished stopped ended closed neglected lost failed consummated completed repressed dissuaded prevented ruined ceased ignored destroyed instigator Instigator Instigating elimination exclusion repudiation veto bounce brush-off dismissal nix pass rebuff renunciation turndown cold shoulder disallowance hard time kick in teeth no dice no-go nothing doing slap in the face thumbs-down allowance ratification welcome acceptance approval choice sanction abnegation abandonment abstinence eschewal forbearance giving up nixing refusal rejection relinquishment sacrifice self-denial stonewall surrender temperance excess indulgence intemperance self-indulgence acquiescence admittance yielding brush off combat denial difference disregard go-by repulse slight traversal check blow constraint control curb damper disappointment frustration grunt harness holdup impediment inhibition limitation obstruction restrainer reversal reverse setback stoppage trouble advantage aid assistance blessing boost encouragement facilitation freedom help success support liberation permission declination decline declining regrets defection alienation apostasy backsliding deficiency dereliction desertion disaffection disloyalty disownment divorce estrangement failing failure faithlessness forsaking lack parting rebellion recreancy retreat revolt separation severance sundering tergiversation withdrawal enough faithfulness harmony loyalty plenty joining abstaining adjuration contradiction controversion disapproval disavowal disclaimer dismissing disproof dissent forswearing gainsaying nay negation negative nonacceptance noncommittal prohibition protestation rebuttal refraining refusing refutal refutation rejecting renegement renouncement repudiating retraction statement abnegation confirmation agreement affirmation avowal claim corroboration rejectables Rejection accord agreement arrangement choice compromise determination finding judgment opinion outcome resolution result ruling selection settlement verdict accommodation adjudication adjustment arbitration declaration end prearrangement preference reconciliation sentence showdown understanding adjudicature the call the nod beginning cause disagreement dissension indecision refusal source deferment deferral delay indefiniteness postponement procrastination wavering backbone decisiveness doggedness earnestness firmness fortitude grit obstinacy obstinance perseverance persistence pluck purpose purposefulness resoluteness resolve seriousness spine stubbornness volition will decidedness iron will purposiveness will power cowardice flexibility idleness indolence irresolution unimportance weakness conclusion decision pronouncement start mediation award accolade allotment bestowal citation conferment conferral decoration decree distinction donation endowment feather in cap gift gold gold star grant honor order presentation scholarship trophy forfeit loss awards accolades adjudications allotments citations conferrals decisions decorations decrees distinctions donations endowments feather in caps gifts gold stars golds grants honors orders presentations scholarships trophies verdicts losses forfeits alternative appraisal choosing cull cup of tea discretion discrimination druthers election evaluation extract favorite free will opportunity option pick rating say substitute variety vote hate rejection choices alternatives appraisals choosings culls cup of teas determinations discriminations elections evaluations extracts favorites findings free wills judgments opportunities options picks preferences ratings substitutes varieties votes weaknesses rejections Decision The Decision decisive Decisions decisioning approve authorize codify constitute decriminalize enact permit regulate decree formulate launder legislate legitimate legitimatize license ordain sanction clean up deny disallow disorganize refuse reject prohibit veto justify absolve acquit advocate alibi answer for apologize for argue for assert be answerable for bear out brief claim clear condone confirm contend cop a plea countenance crawl defend do justice to establish exculpate excuse exonerate explain favor legalize maintain make allowances make good palliate pardon plead rationalize rebut show cause speak in favor square stand up for support sustain uphold validate verify vindicate warrant attack condemn contradict desert disapprove neglect oppose accuse blame charge convict damn disagree disprove incriminate invalidate punish sentence John Hancock authenticate certify corroborate endorse give stamp of approval give the go-ahead give the green light give the nod legitimize make binding make legal make stick okay ratify rubber-stamp set seal on sign off on substantiate discredit repudiate validates approves authenticates authorizes bears out certifies confirms constitutes corroborates endorses gives stamp of approval gives the go-ahead gives the green light gives the nod justifies legalizes legitimizes makes binding makes legal makes stick o.k.'s ratifies rubber-stamps sanctions sets seal on signs off on substantiates verifies opposes discredits disagrees disapproves disallows refuses disproves repudiates rejects invalidates contradicts vetoes denies Legalize legalize it legal Legal bhang cannabis dope hashish hemp herb tea ganja hash joint reefer roach weed Acapulco gold Maui wowie Panama red doobie loco weed maryjane sinsemilla black hash black oil drug grass marijuana narcotic pot abaca ambary bang fennel fiber flax jute kef kif manila
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