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South Korea Conscientious Objector - Song In Ho

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Short film produced by Amnesty International's Regional Office in Hong Kong. The film focuses on Song In-ho, a Jehovah's Witness who has a criminal record ...


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rationalize remit vindicate wipe slate clean accept apology allow for bear no malice bear with bury the hatchet commute dismiss from mind efface exculpate exempt extenuate forget kiss and make up laugh off let bygones be bygones let it go let off easy let pass let up on make allowance overlook palliate pocket purge relent respite spring think no more of turn other cheek wink at conviction blame retention hiring employment sentence doom denunciation censure hold charge engage employ maintain keep incarcerate incriminate hire accuse punish damn convict condemn forgave increase forgive Amnesty alien amnesty international asylum seeker bushism immigration illegal alien moron refugee village idiot laught cat milk chesse fatty dong booty pretty smart perfect understanding conchie nonviolent person peacenik war-hater Dove antiwar demonstrator conscientious objector passive resister peacemaker peacemonger C.O. pacifist conscientious objectors Conscientious objector war hawk warmonger army 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