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Southwest Threatens To Boot Overweight Women From Flight

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A Galliano woman and her mother say they were told by Southwest airlines that they were too fat to fly.


Southwest intimidate menace scare abuse admonish augur blackmail bluster browbeat bully caution comminate cow enforce forebode forewarn fulminate growl portend presage pressurize scowl snarl spook terrorize torment flex muscles look daggers make threat push around shake fist at walk heavy assist help approve commend compliment defend flatter please praise alleviate guard protect relieve save warn imperil jeopardize advance loom impend foreshadow frighten approach overhang come on brewing be dangerous be gathering be imminent be in the air be in the offing be on the horizon hang over put at risk put in jeopardy footwear brogan galoshes oxford waders mukluk snow shoes knock shove eject expel bounce evict cut fire dismiss terminate chuck sack drive extrude punt can discharge heave chase eighty-six kick out throw out dropkick engage employ keep hold allow admit take in hire welcome permit load start restart reset reboot bootstrap cold boot start computer warm boot Denver boot Boston boot 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