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State 48

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Visit http://illinoispolicy.org/State48 for more info. A new Institute analysis finds the key to job creation in Illinois is jump-starting new establishment job creation.


Illinois Illinois Policy Institute State 48 Gov. Pat Quinn Chicago Economic Outlook Jobs Compass Springfield Public Policy case accompaniment attitude capacity category chances character circumstance circumstances contingency element environment essential estate event eventuality fix footing form humor imperative juncture limitation mood nature occasion occurrence outlook pass phase plight position posture predicament prerequisite proviso reputation requirement shape situation spirits stand standing station status stipulation time welfare frame of mind state of affairs good fortune assert asseverate attest aver avouch avow certify cinch clinch confirm cross heart declare guarantee have a lock on ice insist lock up maintain nail down okay predicate profess pronounce put on ice ratify repeat rubber-stamp say so set state swear swear on bible swear up and down testify vouch witness broadcast circulate communicate disclose display disseminate divulge exhibit expose make known make public proclaim publicize publish put reveal speak tell 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quine qball Chi Chi-town City by the Lake Fort Dearborn Second City the Loop the Windy City Chicago chicago illinois suburbs college hometown chi town windy city second city pizza budgetary commercial fiscal industrial monetary bread-and-butter material mercantile money-making pecuniary productive profit-making profitable remunerative solvent viable across the counter commissary economic exchange financial for sale in demand in the market market marketable merchandising popular retail saleable sales supplying trade trading wholesale wholesaling able accomplished active adapted adequate apt businesslike capable clever competent conducive decisive deft dynamic economical effectual efficacious energetic equal to experienced expert familiar with fitted good at good for handy masterly organized potent powerful practiced proficient qualified ready saving shrewd skilled skillful systematic talented tough useful valuable virtuous well-organized banking budgeting business numbers numeric pocket 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