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Steel mill near Pittsburgh flaring off waste gas after a power failure

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repress tire block confuse dampen deject dispirit encourages animates applauds boosts brightens bucks up buoys cheers cheers up comforts consoles emboldens energizes enheartens enlivens excites exhilarates fortifies galvanizes give shoots in arm gladdens goads heartens incites inspires inspirits instigates praises pricks props up pushes rallies reassures refreshes restores revitalizes revivifies rouses spurs steels stirs strengthens sways uninspires confuses dampens leaves alone bears troubles agitates upsets depresses dulls discourages hurts blocks dispirits dejects represses calms deters tires saddens annoys deadens weakens disheartens dissuades arouses braces builds up confirms invigorates pours it on punches up reinforces renews stiffens sustains stops halts injures decreases brings down foundry plant shop manufactory sweatshop works comminute crush granulate grate pound powder press pulverize boxing battle glove game mill prelim prizefighting pugilism slugfest sparring the ring business Mom and Pop cartel concern corporation establishment factory firm fly-by-night operation house institution market megacorp monopoly organization outfit partnership setup shoestring operation store syndicate trust venture businesses Mom and pops cartels concerns corporations establishments factories firms fly-by-night operations houses institutions markets megacorps mills monopolies organizations outfits partnerships setups shoestring operations shops stores syndicates trusts ventures unemployment recreations avocations branches cooperatives forges foundries industries laboratories machine shops manufactories mints salt mines sweatshops warehouses workrooms workshops branch cooperative forge industry laboratory machine shop mint warehouse workroom workshop grind abrade atomize attenuate beat bray chop up crumble crumple disintegrate file kibble levigate pestle rasp reduce roll out scrape shiver triturate adjacent adjoining immediate nearby neighboring warm abutting bordering 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fiery flaming ignited lighted dark dim dull unexcited ablaze gleaming glowing hot scorching searing blistering broiling enkindled heated illuminated kindled oxidizing sizzling smoking smouldering incandescent in flames on fire red-hot torrid white-hot cold cool combustible excitable fierce impassioned intense spirited vehement violent agitable choleric enthusiastic febrile fervid fevered feverish flickering flushed hot-blooded hot-headed hot-tempered igneous impetuous impulsive inflamed irascible irritable madcap peppery perfervid precipitate unrestrained apathetic calm gentle indifferent mild moderate passive peaceful unhappy flat impassive subdued raging red brilliant gleeful happy joyful pleased sleazy tacky vulgar blatant brazen chintzy common crude dirty flashy flaunting garish gaudy gimcrack glaring glittering glitzy jazzy junky loud meretricious obtrusive offensive plastic poor raffish screaming showy sporty tinsel nice sophisticated tasteful tawdry flaring outside absent canceled finished postponed slight slim inoperative negligible not employed not on duty on vacation slender small unavailable here present decomposed disappointing disheartening displeasing mortifying quiet slack sour turned bad low-quality not up to par not up to snuff poor putrid rancid rotten substandard unrewarding unsatisfactory ahead aside below elsewhere far out over disappearing removed vanishing above afar away from behind beneath beside divergent farther away gone away in the distance not here to one side turning aside up front close astray adrift afield amiss awry gone lost off off the mark off-course roaming straying vanished wandering wrong right straight away abroad apart beyond distant far afield far away far off far remote forth from here hence not present out of out of the way moldy spoiled all right appetizing fresh undecayed unspoiled badder true just upright good profitable benevolent beneficial advantageous worthy virtuous reputable honest pleasant begone depart 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spinal analeptic stimulant hypnotic narcotic anesthetics general anesthetics hypnoses local anesthetics analeptics stimulants big talk boasting bragging exaggeration fancy talk fine talk fish story hogwash self-aggrandizing tall story tall talk chat babble bull session chatter conversation converse gab gossip heart-to-heart jabber palaver prattle rap rap session tête-à-tête visit yak silence quiet afterwards later subsequently back back of behind below ensuing hind hindmost in the rear next posterior postliminary rear subsequential succeeding thereafter before afterward after another time ensuingly eventually intra late latterly post hoc soon then thereon ultimately earlier beforehand previously afterward\u002Fafterwards a while later at a later time by and by in a while on the next day aback abaft aft astern backward final following in the wake of rearmost rearward tail beginning first front preceding future at the heels of at the rear of bringing up the rear eating the dust in the background in the wake later than off the pace trailing paid beyond above ahead apart from as well as at a distance away from besides beyond the bounds clear of farther free of good way off hyper in addition to in advance of long way off more remote moreover on the far side on the other side out of range out of reach outside over over and above over there past remote superior to without yonder close here nearby within reach near capability capacity function influence potential skill talent competency dynamism effectiveness efficacy endowment faculty gift potentiality qualification impotence inability incapacity incompetence lack weakness failure inaptitude uselessness debility disability impairment infirmity subservience energy force intensity strength weight arm brawn forcefulness horsepower might muscle omnipotence potency puissance sinew vigor vim virtue voltage applied force mechanical energy inactivity inefficiency authority clout jurisdiction law leadership management prestige privilege right rule sovereignty ascendancy authorization birthright command connection diadem direction domination dominion hegemony imperium license moxie paramountcy predominance prerogative regency say-so steam strings superiority supremacy sway warrant wire inside track inferiority subordination surrender yielding action activity agility alacrity alertness animation ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash deal enterprise flurry functioning game happening hoopla hopper in the works industry life liveliness motion movement occupation operation plan power process proposition racket reaction response rush scene spirit stir stunt turmoil vitality vivacity idleness inaction calm calmness dullness harmony indolence laziness lethargy peace quiet repose rest slowness stillness apathy inertia stoppage administration administering agency application charge conduct conducting control directing dispensation disposition distribution enforcement execution governing government guidance handling legislation order organization overseeing oversight performance policy provision regulation running strategy superintendence supervision surveillance disorganization disregard ignorance lawlessness mismanagement neglect advantage aid asset assistance avail blessing boon break choice comfort convenience dominance edge eminence expediency favor gain good gratification help hold improvement interest lead leeway leg up leverage luck mastery odds position pre-eminence precedence preference prevalence profit protection recognition resources return sanction starting support upper hand utility wealth block disadvantage disapproval disfavor harm hurt injury loss waste bad fortune bad luck blockage hindrance misfortune obstruction stop drawback handicap obstacle restriction advantages aids assets authorities blessings boons breaks choices comforts conveniences edges eminences expediencies favors gains goods gratifications helps holds improvements influences interests leads leg-ups positions powers preferences profits protections recognitions returns sanctions startings superiorities supports upper hands utilities handicaps bad fortunes stops wastes blocks restrictions obstacles drawbacks misfortunes bad lucks obstructions hindrances blockages disadvantages injuries losses weaknesses incapacities agent cause channel factor means medium organ vehicle end affiliate branch department detachment division ell extension offshoot projection section sector wing whole bankruptcy breakdown collapse decline defeat deficiency deterioration failing loss misstep abortion bomb botch bungle bust checkmate decay deficit downfall fiasco flop frustration implosion inadequacy lemon loser mess misadventure miscarriage nonperformance overthrow rout rupture stalemate stoppage turkey washout wreck false step faux pas flash in the pan lead balloon nonsuccess sinking ship total loss betterment improvement increase rise success win accomplishment benefit blessing continuation enough plenty triumph achievement achiever attainment earnings gain merit disappointment also-ran bankrupt bum castaway deadbeat defaulter derelict dud good-for-nothing has-been incompetent insolvent loafer might-have-been moocher nobody prodigal underachiever born loser lumpy no-good nonperformer hard worker Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven Chapter XI default failure insolvency receivership disaster realization defeated player nonstarter unsuccessful candidate unsuccessful person attack access ailment bout convulsion disease fit illness paroxysm relapse seizure spasm spell stroke throe health aid defense flight protection reprisal resistance retreat shelter shield submission support surrender sustenance attacks accesses ailments bouts breakdowns convulsions diseases failures fits illnesses paroxysms relapses seizures spasms spells strokes throes supports retreats flights defenses submissions reprisals surrenders shields shelters resistances protections aids defalcation destituteness destitution exhaustion indebtedness indigence lack liquidation nonpayment overdraft pauperism privation repudiation ruin ruination richness solvency wealth
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