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Stop making ugly terminal interfaces, use fancy boxes instead

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bar block break conclusion pause barricade blockade cease cessation check close closing control cutoff discontinuation ending fence finish freeze hindrance layoff letup lull plug roadblock standstill stay stoppage termination wall blank wall breakoff brick wall desistance grinding halt screeching halt continuation advance aid assistance beginning commencement help initiation introduction opening start destination halt stage station stopover depot rest sojourn terminus drop end hold kill put an end to quit stall stand conclude desist discontinue refrain scrub tarry terminate be over blow off break off call it a day cold turkey come to a standstill cool it cut out cut short draw up hang it up pull up quit cold run its course shut down sign off wind up wrap up allow begin commence continue initiate release carry on introduce restart encourage arrest avoid disrupt intercept interrupt stem suspend bottle choke clog congest fill fix forestall frustrate gag hinder hush impede muzzle obstruct occlude repress restrain seal silence staunch still stopper choke off cut off put a stop to rein in shut off shut out throw over turn off ward off abet cause let go open permit assist clear disturb facilitate forward free liberate promote support unblock abandon abdicate back out bail out bow out chicken out cop out cut loose desert discard ditch drop out duck dump dust flake out fly the coop give up the ship kiss goodbye leave leg it opt out pull out run out on screw ship out stop storm out surrender take a powder take a walk vacate walk out on wash hands of withdraw yield come keep maintain persevere remain adopt assert cherish defend favor pursue retain uphold abide anticipate bide expect linger stick around wait carry out forge hurry move depart despise dispute migrate pass refuse reject resist shun abstain abjure abnegate constrain curb decline deny oneself do without eschew evade fast fence-sit forbear forgo give the go by give up go on the wagon keep from pass up renounce sit on one's hands sit on the fence sit out spurn starve take the cure take the pledge withhold accept embrace face meet use want indulge balk baffle beat circumvent counteract cramp cramp one's style dash defeat disappoint disconcert foil prevent ruin throw a curve throw monkey wrench in upset the apple cart inspirit lose make easier deterrent encumbrance hurdle impediment obstacle obstruction pale rail railing restraint road block snag stumbling block traverse advantage clearance encouragement promotion ban boycott condemn debar deny disallow discountenance discourage eliminate enjoin except exclude exile forbid freeze out interdict interfere keep out limit ostracize outlaw override preclude rule out segregate add admit approve choose grant include ratify sanction welcome advocate loosen unfasten accomplishing building composing constructing creating effecting executing fabricating fashioning forging forming generating manufacturing originating producing shaping aggregating completing computing concluding constituting reckoning summing adding up to consisting of formulation authoring causation composition conception construction contriving designing devising fabrication fancying origination performing planning production destruction ruin component constituent factor fixings ingredient item making makings peripheral piece plug-in segment unit whole architecture arrangement assembly build cast constitution contour cut development disposition edifice elevation erecting erection fabric figuration figure form format formation foundation improvisation invention makeup manufacture mold outline plan prefab prefabrication putting up raising rearing roadwork shape structure system systematization turn type disarrangement truth disfigurement disorganization ruins creation establishment generation genesis imagination inception institution laying down nascency nativity procreation setting up siring being conclusion end finish death creations achievements brainchilds chef-d'oeuvres concepts handiwork magnum opuses opera pieces pièce de résistances productions work of genius works failures deaths destructions additive element fixing fundamental innards integral integrant part part and parcel accomplishment assembling casting completion doing finishing mass-production preparing produce tooling awful grisly grotesque hideous horrid unseemly unsightly animal appalling bad-looking beastly deformed disfigured foul frightful gross hard-featured homely ill-favored loathsome misshapen monstrous not much to look at plain repelling repugnant repulsive revolting unbeautiful uncomely uninviting unlovely unprepossessing attractive beautiful good-looking gorgeous handsome pretty lovely dirty disgusting distasteful messy nasty shocking sordid terrible vile base despicable filthy ignoble low low-down mean nauseous noisome objectionable odious offensive pesky repellent scandalous servile sickening sorry troublesome troublous vexatious wicked wretched agreeable good kind nice pleasant pleasing delicate gentle dark evil gloomy ominous rough serious sinister vicious violent angry bellicose black cantankerous crabbed crabby disagreeable dour fell forbidding formidable glum grave grievous major malevolent menacing morose obnoxious pugnacious quarrelsome saturnine scowling spiteful sullen surly treacherous truculent auspicious calm encouraging friendly mild safe abominable alarming atrocious deplorable depressing dire distressing dreadful fearful ghastly grody gruesome grungy harrowing horrendous horrible horrific horrifying stinking synthetic tough ugly unpleasant delightful great wonderful abject cheap coarse common contemptible corrupt depraved disgraceful dishonorable disreputable grovelling humble immoral indelicate lowly menial paltry pitiful plebeian poor shameful shoddy sleazy squalid trashy unworthy worthless aristocratic clean high honest honorable just moral noble pure rich superior uncorrupt upright wealthy basest boorish bad-mannered barbaric bearish churlish cloddish clodhopping clownish clumsy countrified gruff ill-bred ill-mannered impolite inurbane loud loutish lowbred oafish ornery out of line out-of-order provincial rude rustic swinish tasteless uncivilized uncouth uncultured uneducated ungracious unpoised unpolished unrefined vulgar mannerly polished polite refined smooth sophisticated charming cultured blunt brusque crude crusty curt cussed discourteous grouchy grumpy harsh ill-tempered miserly snippy touchy uncivil unmannerly unneighborly unsociable happy cranky bad-humored choleric cross crotchety hot-tempered ill-humored irascible irritable like a bear out of sorts perverse quick-tempered ratty snappish tetchy vinegary cheerful amiable fatal incurable lethal closing extreme killing lag last latest latter limiting mortal period ultimate utmost bounding check out concluding eventual hindmost on way out life-giving beginning first introductory moderate initial opening reviving starting depot station boundary end extremity termination terminus end of the line start monitor CRT display screen cathode ray tube input device VDT video display base camp center dock field garrison hangar harbor home port post settlement site starting point strip terminal annex branch top boundaries abuttals ambits barriers beginnings borderlands borderlines borders bounds brinks circumferences circumscriptions compasses confines edges ends environs extents extremities frames fringes frontiers hems horizons limits line of demarcations lines marches margins marks meres metes outlines outposts pales perimeters peripheries precincts purlieuses radii rims sides skirts terminals terminations termini verges starts openings centers minimums middles interiors insides ambit barrier border borderland borderline brink circumference circumscription compass edge extent frame fringe frontier hem horizon line line of demarcation march margin mark mere mete outline outpost pale perimeter periphery precinct purlieus radius rim side skirt verge inside interior middle minimum conclusive final terminating cureless hopeless irremediable irreparable uncorrectable unfixable definitive absolute actual categorical clear-cut complete completing decisive definite determining downright ending exhaustive express finishing flat out nailed down perfect plain precise real reliable settling specific straight out unambiguous ambiguous false imprecise indefinite inexact questionable uncertain vague incomplete inconclusive interim temporary unreliable confluence crossing intersection juncture terminal alliance annexation articulation assemblage attachment bond coalition coherence collocation combination combine concatenation concourse conjugation consolidation convergence coupling crossroads dovetail elbow gathering gore hinge hookup joining joint knee link meeting miter mortise node pivot plug-in reunion seam splice tie up tie-in union weld concursion linking detachment disunion division divorce estrangement parting separation severance junction junction\u002Fjuncture communication contact intermediary connection fixer interchange liaison association channel element network relationship tie connective constituent copula coupler fastening hitch interconnection knot ligament ligation ligature loop member nexus part piece ring section yoke vinculum line whole center centrism golden mean happy medium meeting ground middle of the road neutral territory straddling the fence middle ground gray area neutral ground admix alloy ally coalesce compound consolidate fuse incorporate integrate intermix meld merge mingle pool unite come together hook up with join together team up tie in disconnect disjoin divide separate amalgamate collude conspire cooperate hook up participate coact concert concur be in cahoots cofunction coproduce do business with get-together give-and-take glue oneself to go partners hook on join forces join up with throw in together throw in with work with disagree collaborate associate blend couple mix band bind bracket commingle conjoin dub join league marry relate synthesize unify wed bunch up coadjute hitch on plug into put together slap on stand in with tack on tag on team up with tie up with dissociate sever loosen unfasten detach dissolve advertise broadcast connect convey correspond disclose disseminate get across get through impart inform interact pass on publicize reach out reveal suggest tell transfer transmit write acquaint advise announce betray break carry declare discover divulge enlighten hint imply phone proclaim publish raise report signify spread state unfold be in touch keep in touch let on let out make known ring up touch base conceal hide hold keep keep secret secret take withhold be quiet deceive delude keep quiet lose mislead repress stop suppress bottle up cover communicate attach affix bridge cohere consociate correlate equate fasten span tag come aboard get into meld with network with tie in with disunite imbalance unlink approach call reach talk telephone visit buzz get be in touch with check with get ahold of get in touch with speak to write to depart leave listen refrain avoid accommodate assimilate conform coordinate desegregate harmonize mesh organize arrange articulate attune compact concatenate concentrate embody knit orchestrate proportion reconcile symphonize systematize tune reconciliate disarrange disperse fight mismatch confuse disorder disorganize mix up scatter touch get the message interplay interreact alternate bandy barter commute convert reciprocate reverse substitute swap trade transpose identify conjugate group tag along loose untie intermingle feather in interblend interfuse absorb cement centralize conglomerate converge meet submerge become lost in become partners be swallowed up deal one in immerge join up line up melt into argue confer consult exchange huddle interview negotiate canvass chew collogue commune confabulate confide deliberate dialogue groupthink palaver parley reason vent be in contact carry on conversation engage in conversation go into a huddle have a meet hold discussion join in conversation thrash out secrete refuse bargain bootleg deal dicker fence handle market moonshine peddle push shove truck black market connect with deal in have dealings have transaction horse-trade make a deal work out buy pull traffic interface collaborated came together coacted cofunctioned colluded concerted concurred conspired cooperated coproduced did business with glued oneself to got together hooked up interfaced joined forces joined together joined up with participated threw in together threw in with tied in was in cahoots went partners worked with parted disagreed divorced collaborates coacts cofunctions colludes comes together concerts concurs conspires cooperates coproduces does business with gets together glues oneself to goes partners hooks up interfaces is in cahoots joins forces joins together joins up with participates throws in together throws in with ties in works with parts disagrees divorces combines amalgamates associates bands binds blends bonds brackets bunches up coadjutes coalesces commingles compounds conjoins couples dubs fuses hitches on incorporates joins leagues links marries merges mingles mixes networks plugs into pools puts together relates slaps on stands in with synthesizes tags on ties up with unifies unites weds unmixes dissolves unfastens severs separates divides detaches loosens dissociates disjoins disconnects adoption benefit handling help need operation practice purpose service treatment usage value account advantage appliance applicability appropriateness avail call capitalization cause convenience custom end exercise exercising exertion fitness good habit helpfulness mileage mobilization necessity object occasion point profit reason relevance serviceability usability usefulness utility way wont worth wear and tear disadvantage harm hindrance hurt injury inappropriateness loss unsuitability uselessness accept adopt apply control employ exploit handle manage manipulate operate run spend utilize wield work bestow capitalize exert exhaust expend govern ply regulate relate waste avail oneself of bring into play bring to bear do with draw on find a use make do with make the most of make use play on press into service put forth put into action put to use put to work run through set in motion take advantage of turn to account cease halt leave alone let go mismanage misuse neglect reject renounce repudiate stop save abstain abuse do an injustice to impose on use wrong acclaim adulate approve care for cherish commend compliment defend esteem honor praise preserve prize protect respect revere treasure adapt affiliate affirm appropriate assent assume borrow embrace endorse espouse follow go down the line go in for imitate maintain mimic opt ratify seize select support take on take over take up tap deny disagree disallow disapprove discard oppose refuse release shun give return disown repulse aid asset assistance benediction betterment blessing boon cream egg in one's beer extras favor gain godsend gravy interest perk prosperity welfare blockage obstruction bad fortune bad luck disapproval handicap misfortune acquire copy filch make one's own obtain pilfer pirate plagiarize simulate steal take usurp forfeit lose receive lend pay burn beat bilk chisel cozen deceive defraud gyp overreach ream swindle trick accessibility accessory accommodation advancement agreeableness amenity comfort comforts contribution cooperation decency ease enjoyment facility furtherance handiness life luxury means ministration ministry openness opportuneness promotion receptiveness relief satisfaction succor suitability suitableness time saver damage difficulty dissatisfaction restriction unhappiness want delay impediment stoppage inconvenience inutility complicated decorative deluxe elegant frilly gaudy lavish ornate special sumptuous adorned baroque beautifying chichi custom decorated elaborate embellished garnished gingerbread rich rococo cushy fanciful florid froufrou intricate ostentatious resplendent showy spiffy unusual plain poor simple ugly unadorned unornamented imagination inclination caprice conceit conception contrariness creation desire druthers flash groove humor idea image impression irrationality liking mind notion perverseness pleasure thing thought vagary velleity visualization whim will cup of tea fool's paradise weakness for dislike hate hatred certainty fact reality truth fantasy chimera daydream delusion envisioning fabrication figment fondness hallucination hankering illusion imaginativeness invention itch mirage nightmare partiality penchant phantasm picture predilection preference relish reverie romancing vision yearning yen big eyes envisagement eyes for pie in the sky pipe dream sweet tooth actuality disinterest visualize believe conceive conjecture envisage envision fantasize feature guess infer phantom realize reckon spark spitball suppose surmise think be inclined to think dream up head trip make up think likely think up trump up care for crave approve endorse favor like prefer sanction be attracted to be captivated by be enamored of be in love with crazy about dream of fall for long for lust after mad for set one's heart on take a liking to take to wild for wish for yearn for disapprove oppose refuse reject accept acknowledge affirm approbate buy countenance fancy go for hold hold with recognize swallow take as gospel truth take stock in trust disbelieve blackball decline demur deny disagree disallow discard dispute renounce repudiate amorousness affection amativeness enamoredness lovingness passion romance assume ascertain be afraid conclude consider count upon deduce deem divine estimate expect find gather get the idea have a hunch have sneaking suspicion hypothesize imagine judge posit postulate predicate presume presuppose speculate suspect theorize understand abstain disregard forget ignore misunderstand neglect calculate know prove doubt leave let alone not do assumes accepts ascertains concludes conjectures considers counts upon deduces deems divines estimates expects falls for fancies finds gathers gets the idea guesses has a hunch have sneaks suspicion hypothesizes imagines infers is afraid is inclined to thinks judges posits postulates predicates presumes presupposes speculates supposes surmises suspects theorizes thinks understands not takes not believes lets alone leaves not does knows calculates neglects forgets doubts proves abstains disbelieves misunderstands disregards rejects ignores discards assumption acceptance accepting assuming belief expectation hunch hypothesis inference postulation premise presumption presupposition shot shot in the dark sneaking suspicion stab supposal supposition suspicion theorization theory disbelief knowledge measurement proof genuineness naturalness realness unexpected assumptions brasses chutzpah cockiness conceits imperiousness insolence nerves presumptions prides sasses self-importances unexpecteds timidities realnesses realities humility shyness modesty benches grandstand seats stands Ruthville bleachers Ruthvilles boxes grandstands rather alternately alternative as a substitute in lieu in place of in preference on behalf of on second thought preferably rather than else ere instead oppositely otherwise substitute uncertainty neither nor
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