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Stubborn lion refuses to budge from blocking the road

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Stubborn lion refuses to budge from blocking the road


adamant determined dogged headstrong inflexible intractable ornery persistent perverse relentless rigid single-minded steadfast tenacious tough unshakable willful balky bullheaded cantankerous contumacious cussed firm fixed hardheaded inexorable insubordinate mulish obdurate opinionated persevering pertinacious pigheaded rebellious recalcitrant refractory self-willed stiff-necked unbending unmanageable unreasonable untoward flexible irresolute kind nice pliable pliant reasonable soft submissive surrendering weak willing yielding broad-minded complacent compliant giving hard-nosed immovable insistent intransigent pat resolute set set in stone stiff stubborn unbendable uncompromising unrelenting unswayable averse contrary hesitant indisposed loath negative negativistic obstinate reluctant unpredictable unruly driven hell-bent intent obsessed resolved serious set on strong-minded unwavering apathetic blind to careless case-hardened cold cold-blooded deaf to hard hard-bitten hard-boiled hardened hardhearted heartless impassive impenitent indifferent indurated insensate insensible insensitive insentient inured soulless spiritless stony thick-skinned torpid toughened unaffected uncaring uncompassionate unconcerned unfeeling unimpressionable unresponsive unsusceptible unsympathetic abiding ceaseless confirmed constant continual continuing continuous deep-rooted deep-seated enduring ever-present habitual inborn inbred incurable ineradicable ingrained inveterate lasting lifelong lingering long-lived long-standing perennial persisting prolonged protracted recurrent recurring rooted routine settled sustained unabating unmitigated unyielding usual blind closed-minded deaf intolerant narrow-minded resistant shortsighted unpersuadable unfixed moving supple movable indefinite lenient cooperative bound and determined callous tender sensitive sympathetic feeling concerned caring interested compassionate merciful responsive mindful chronic stopping ending curable inconstant occasional infrequent interrupted intermittent halting temporary close-minded open-minded Stubborn koppig selfish all knowing obstinant difficult staunch cougar wildcat cat griffin leo lioness puma felis leo simba bobcat cheetah grimalkin jaguar kitten kitty leopard lion lynx malkin mouser ocelot panther puss pussy tabby tiger tom tomcat VIP ace big cheese big deal big gun big name big shot big stuff bigwig celeb cynosure famous person figure heavyweight hero hotshot immortal luminary magnate mahatma major leaguer name notable personage personality somebody someone star superstar the cheese worthy civet big kahuna bigshot celebrity character eminence leader nabob notability official person of influence top cat cats celebrities nonentity unknown obscurity nobody commoner feline Lion lions dominant partner sheep sex relationships confidence detroit nfl lions-fans.com millen bear oh my making out animal love hunt africa jungle hunter lion king questionable content proverbs j. jacques poor lion's almanac debris rubbish trash waste dregs dross dump dunghill dust hogwash junk leavings litter muck offal remains residue scraps scum sediment slop sweepings swill rejectamenta waste matter possessions sense cleanliness assets property abjure abnegate avoid cease constrain curb decline deny oneself do without eschew evade fast fence-sit forbear forgo give the go by give up go on the wagon keep from pass pass up quit refrain refuse renounce shun sit on the fence sit out spurn starve stop take the cure take the pledge withhold cramp crimp demur desist dodge flinch hesitate recoil resist shirk shrink from shy turn down upset apple cart ban boycott circumvent condemn debar deny disallow discountenance discourage eliminate enjoin except exclude exile forbid freeze out frustrate hinder interdict interfere keep out limit obstruct ostracize outlaw override preclude prevent reject restrain rule out segregate shut out suspend ignore protest withdraw rebuff regret repudiate disaccord disapprove nix repel dissent reprobate brush off dispense with hold back hold out beg off give thumbs down to hold off make excuses not budge not budget not buy not care to refuse to receive send off send regrets set aside turn away turn deaf ear to turn from offer endorse agree meet face allow approve accept grant consent sanction abstain indulge encourage want embrace continue use abstaining balk make easier help aid balked balking bar unfasten open support clear add keep free admit let go advance advocate loosen welcome ratify include choose release permit assist bend change convince inch influence locomote move persuade propel push remove roll shift slide stir sway yield change position give way discourage dissuade fix hinder hold keep leave alone prevent remain repress stay steady stop suppress budge displace actuate alter conviction assimilate to baptize be born again bias brainwash bring bring around cause to adopt change into change of heart create anew impel incline lead lead to believe make over proselyte proselytize redeem reform regenerate save see the light turn activate advocate affect agitate bring up carry cause convert draw up drive excite get going give rise to impress incite induce inspire inspirit instigate introduce operate play on prevail upon prompt propose put forward quicken recommend rouse shove start stimulate strike submit suggest touch tug at urge work on bump bumped bumps idle endure wait persist converting oppose dull halt lose dishearten pause delay slow tranquilize quiet lull calm Budge budging budged budger fisting fingering anal jump the queue cut in line cut the queue jump the line budget faggot bitch bastord dick disguisting annoying weird wimpy demented motherfucker ram shaft bone oops snatch against in distinction to out of possession of taken away defective diminished from lacking less negative subtracted without aboriginal autochthonous belonging endemic homegrown homemade indigenous inland internal local municipal national original primary primeval primitive regional related vernacular about concerning like regarding after afterward ago already because considering for hence later now past subsequently therefore whereas beginning at coming out of deriving out of originating at starting with minus plus native outside foreign alien since From moose vagina vaginal mary's little lamb cunt arrest bar blockade clog close close off cut off deter halt hinder hold up impede intercept prevent stall stop thwart barricade brake catch charge check choke congest dam fill occlude plug stonewall stopper stymie tackle block out close out hang up interfere with shut off shut out stop up take out of play advance aid allow assist begin continue encourage facilitate forward further give help let go open permit promote push release start support unstop free liberate unblock let up adverse circumstance blocking burden defect deficiency deprivation detriment disability discommodity drawback failing fault flaw fly in the ointment hamper handicap hardship hindrance impediment imperfection imposition inadequacy inconvenience inutility lack liability limitation minus nuisance objection obstacle privation problem restraint snag stumbling block weak point weakness chasing cutting dry point enchasing etching illustration impression inscription intaglio lithograph mezzotint photoengraving photogravure print rotogravure scratch woodcut annoyance bitter pill blow bummer chagrin circumvention contravention curbing defeat disgruntlement dissatisfaction downer drag failure fizzle grievance irritation letdown nonfulfillment nonsuccess obstruction old one-two resentment setback unfulfillment vexation battle combat contention counteraction cover defiance detention fight friction halting holding immunity impedance impeding insusceptibility intransigence protecting protection rebuff refusal retardation safeguard screen shield stand striking back struggle unsusceptibility warding off watch withstanding disadvantage(s) good fortune advantage disadvantages engraving frustration facilitation promotion boost blessing triumph pleasure encouragement cooperation assistance boon success happiness frustrations imperviousness peace injury hurt harm liberation truce block blocker blocker's union yellow socks retracing walking player hatin hatin crampin style affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense the histrionical The why and peter griffin family guy comedy what fuck wtf word teh sex artery avenue boulevard course drive expressway highway lane line parking lot pathway pavement roadway route street subway thoroughfare track trail way alley asphalt byway cobblestone concrete crossroad direction drag parkway passage pike terrace throughway thruway turnpike viaduct back street dragway main drag admittance approach connection contact door entrance entree entry entrée ingress introduction key open arms open door path road access accession advance advent coming drawing near gate landing nearing reaching canal conduit corridor duct sewer tube channel exit outlet promenade conclusion egress leaving distancing departure approaches arteries refusal Roads Road end endz ghetto council estate blok badman gangster pothole india concentration back injuries high way back to the future doc brown marty mcfly space hamster
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