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Subjugation of animals is just another unjust hierarchy: "Why Veganism? | Do Animals Have Beliefs?"

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enslavement serfdom servitude yoke chains peonage servility subjection thrall thralldom helotry serfage villenage freedom independence bondage annexation invasion occupation rout takeover acquisition appropriation conquering coup discomfiture killing overthrow score splash success triumph win big win clean sweep defeating grand slam routing subdual vanquishment surrender failure forfeit loss yielding conquest beating blow breakdown collapse debacle destruction drubbing embarrassment massacre setback thrashing ambush annihilation break check count extermination fall lacing licking mastery paddling rebuff repulse reverse ruin scalping shellacking slaughter trap trashing trimming trouncing waxing whaling whipping whitewashing defeasance downthrow insuccess nonsuccess accomplishment achievement boon attainment victory defeat carnage elimination eradication extinction murder abolition bane crushing dissolving downfall end extinguishing extirpation havoc invalidation liquidation ravaging 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confinement obedience slavery advantage gain hit sweep winning ascendancy bull's-eye control dominion laurels prize superiority supremacy upset feather in cap hole in one mission accomplished the gold upper hand inferiority subservience weakness subjugation defeats KOS ambushes beatings blows breakdowns breaks checks collapses conquests counts debacles defeasances destructions downthrows drubbings embarrassments exterminations failures falls insuccesses killings lacings lickings losses massacres nonsuccesses paddlings rebuffs repulses reverses routs ruins scalpings setbacks shellackings slaughters thrashings traps trashings trimmings triumphs trouncings vanquishments waxings whippings whitewashings yieldings attainments victories surrenders boons wins successes achievements accomplishments Animalia animal group animal life animality brute creation fauna kingdom Animalia animal kingdom beasts cattle cows domestic flock fowl herd hogs horses livestock pigs sheep swine farm animals fact 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unconventional unique unusual various common commonplace familiar general indefinite like normal ordinary regular same similar standard uniform unimportant usual alike conventional correspondent harmonious homogeneous resembling unified united extra additional ancillary auxiliary beyond button extraneous fuss gingerbread gravy ice in addition in reserve in store inessential lagniappe leftover needless optional over and above perk plus redundant reserve spare superfluous supernumerary supplemental supplementary surplus tip unnecessary unneeded unused main necessary needed old used worn basic elementary essential fundamental integral increased renewed exhausted experienced gentle kind lifeless fresher unenergetic stale polite tired biased inequitable one-sided partisan prejudiced unfair unjustified wrong wrongful below the belt fixed influenced low-down partial shabby underhand undeserved unforgivable unmerited unrighteous fair good honest impartial just unbiased unprejudiced equitable 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juggle lure manipulate mislead play play for a sucker rook rope in scam seduce shave snow stick string along suck in trick disenchant beguiles betrays bluffs burns cheats chisels cons deceives deludes double-crosses dupes entices exploits finesses flimflams gyps has hoodwinks imposes on jockeys juggles lures manipulates misleads plays plays for a sucker rooks scams seduces shaves snows sticks sucks in takes takes in tricks is honest offers gives repulses disenchants turns off refuses
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