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Sublime try setup from QC!

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abstract divine exalted glorious gorgeous heavenly superb transcendent dynamite elevated imposing august eminent grand high holy ideal lofty majestic noble outrageous proud resplendent sacred spiritual splendiferous splendorous stately super the most too much transcendental bad inferior lowly poor second-rate secondary artistic aesthetic creative cultivated cultured decorative dramatic elegant exquisite fine graceful harmonious imaginative musical ornamental pictorial picturesque pleasing poetic refined rhythmical sensitive stimulating stylish sublime tasteful ugly scientific inelegant horrible distasteful unimaginative uncreative beautiful admirable alluring angelic appealing beauteous bewitching charming classy comely cute dazzling delicate delightful enticing excellent fair fascinating foxy good-looking handsome lovely magnificent marvelous nice pretty pulchritudinous radiant ravishing shapely sightly splendid statuesque stunning symmetrical taking well-formed wonderful plain dull unrefined crude rough coarse awkward ordinary offensive homely unattractive hideous grotesque disgusting drab uncouth paltry insignificant repulsive celestial Olympian astral beatific blessed elysian empyral empyrean eternal ethereal godlike hallowed immortal otherworldly seraphic supernal supernatural transmundane mortal earthly infernal hellish chivalrous benevolent big bold brave considerate courageous courteous courtly gallant gentlemanlike great-hearted heroic high-minded honorable intrepid magnanimous manly noble-minded polite quixotic spirited true valorous unchivalrous humble fearful afraid frightened cowardly dignify adorn advance aggrandize distinguish elevate ennoble erect exalt grace honor magnify prefer promote raise uprear hurt depress lower drop stop insult humiliate detract belittle degrade demote condemn shame dishonor disgrace denounce spurn lessen raze decrease animated big-time bright elated eloquent ethical exhilarated formal grandiloquent heavy high-flown inflated righteous upright upstanding virtuous lowered lessened decreased undignified low down depressed dropped immoral base dishonorable unimportant Woosah Sublime shot bid crack dab effort endeavor essay fling jab pop slap stab striving struggle trial undertaking whack whirl all one's got best shot idleness laziness peace abstention attack work seek contend risk contest wrangle propose undertake labor aim aspire compete venture tackle speculate strive bear down go for chip away at drive for exert oneself go after go all out have a crack have a go have a shot have a stab have a whack knock oneself out lift a finger make a bid make a pass at make an attempt make an effort put oneself out shoot for vie for do one's best please agree give up neglect forget rest idle delight ignore abstain give in laze surrender investigate prove assay taste evaluate inspect scrutinize sample examine judge weigh check appraise check out put to the proof put to the test try out crucify distress agonize tax strain torment irritate martyr tire vex irk pain torture inconvenience weary plague trouble wring annoy stress upset excruciate harass rack make happy help energize activate assuage aid soothe calm assist hear decide referee adjudicate arbitrate adjudge give a hearing sit in judgment address apply oneself to attend to concentrate on devote oneself to dig direct engage in focus on give go at hammer away have a go at have at knuckle down to peg away pitch into plug away at take care of take up throw oneself into try turn turn to pass overlook slight shun disregard cut avoid addressed consigned dispatched forwarded inscribed labeled marked postmarked remitted routed sent shipped superscribed transmitted passed overlooked received retained kept held slighted shunned ignored disregarded avoided addresses consigns dispatches forwards inscribes labels marks postmarks remits routes sends ships superscribes transmits passes overlooks receives retains keeps holds slights shuns ignores disregards cuts avoids addressing consigning dispatching forwarding inscribing labeling marking postmarking remitting routing sending shipping superscribing transmitting passing overlooking receiving retaining keeping holding slighting shunning ignoring disregarding cutting avoiding afflict beset bother burden grieve harrow harry lacerate oppress pester press smite strike worry wound support be happy relieve solace comfort afflicts agonizes annoys besets bothers burdens crucifies distresses grieves harasses harries harrows irks lacerates martyrs oppresses pains pesters plagues presses racks smites strikes torments tortures tries troubles vexes winds worries stays away from takes care of supports is happy helps relieves pleases makes happy solaces comforts assists delights soothes aids Woosah Try T-ry composition structure system order organization plan disorganization fool dummy sucker pushover gull patsy mark dupe victim butt chump sap goat easy mark fall guy sitting duck pigeon brain fixings service settings apparatus bureaucracy chain of command hierarchy network setup arrangement alignment array classification combination design display disposition distribution form grouping lineup method ordering pattern pecking order ranging rank sequence disorder bureau agency authority board commission committee department division front office office salt mines shop store business Mom and Pop cartel concern corporation establishment factory firm fly-by-night operation house institution market megacorp mill monopoly outfit partnership shoestring operation syndicate trust venture unemployment recreation avocation businesses bags bizes callings careers crafts dodges employments fields functions games lines livelihoods métiers occupations pursuits rackets specialties trades vocations what one is intos works amusements surrenders hobbies recreations avocations pastimes fun entertainments clay pigeon derision jestee joke laughingstock softie subject target turkey Set up Woosah set up Setup against in distinction to out of possession of taken away beginning at coming out of deriving out of originating at starting with minus defective diminished from lacking less negative subtracted without plus native aboriginal autochthonous belonging endemic homegrown homemade indigenous inland internal local municipal national original primary primeval primitive regional related vernacular outside foreign alien about concerning like regarding since after afterward ago already because considering for hence later now past subsequently therefore whereas From Woosah
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