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Suki Waterhouse Models Very British Dress for Photo Shoot in Italy

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Suki Waterhouse Models Very British Dress for Photo Shoot in ItalySuki Waterhouse turned heads during her photo shoot for British Airways today!The 25-year-old actress and model rocked a red, white, blue, and totally eye-popping dress (head to our gallery to see the full pic!) for the shoot held on Thursday (February 23) in Milan, Italy.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suki WaterhouseThe airline aimed to celebrate its love for the Italian city by taking the British model out onto the fashionable streets for two photo shoots, a fashion show, and afternoon tea.“Not every day you’re out in the piazza in a low key paper dress :)” Suki shared on Instagram. “Thank you @british_airways @zoebradleydesign for the experience. #BALovesMilan #Milan #FlyBa.


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