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summer night vibes ( lofi jazz R&B type beat )

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summertime vacation heat midsummer daylight savings time dog days picnic days riot time summer solstice summertide sunny season winter Indian summers canicular days canicules hot weathers summers harvest autumn by-product consequence cropping effect fall fruitage fruition garnering gathering harvest-time harvesting ingathering intake output produce reaping repercussion result return season storing summer yield yielding beginning cause commencement origin rise source start kill time amuse oneself consume time fritter away time have leisure idle away time pass the time sit on one's hands while away the time killing time amusing oneself consuming time frittering away time having leisure idling away time passing the time sitting on one's hands summering division interval juncture occasion opportunity period spell spring term time while seasons autumns divisions falls intervals junctures occasions opportunities periods spells springs terms times whiles winters midnight bedtime blackness dark darkness duskiness evening eventide gloom nightfall nighttime obscurity twilight after dark after hours before dawn dark hours dead of night dusk to dawn nighttide pitch dark pitch-darkness witching hour day daybreak daylight daytime light morning brightness illumination lightness caliginosity dimness dusk murk murkiness night opacity semidarkness shade shadows cognizance enlightening intelligence sense sensibility understanding dimday dimmet gloaming sundown sunset sunrise dawn eve brink evening before threshold verge vigil middle obscureness nightly night after night nocturnal affection anger concern desire despair empathy excitement feeling fervor grief happiness joy love passion pride rage remorse sadness sentiment shame sorrow sympathy warmth affect agitation ardor commotion despondency disturbance drive ecstasy elation excitability inspiration melancholy perturbation responsiveness satisfaction sensation sensibility sensitiveness thrill tremor vehemence zeal affectivity gut reaction apathy calm calmness cheer dislike hate hatred indifference peace unhappiness woe depression lethargy quiet stillness tranquility physicality emotion ambience atmosphere aura impression mood quality sense touch finish palpation semblance surface tactility taction feel agape brotherly love Christian love good feeling identification loving concern rapport relating sympathetic response fellow feeling apprehension dread premonition anxiety apprehensiveness augury chill fear foreshadowing foretoken forewarning portent prediction presage presentiment prognostic prophecy warning bad vibes funny feeling handwriting on the wall prenotion sinking feeling wind change fortune good omen luck providence foreboding color evocation note regional detail sense of place local color harbinger omen boding caution clue hunch prognostication sign threat bodement doom idea intuition misgiving suspicion vibrations winds worriment feeling in bones winds of change knowledge trust discomposure disquietude forecast forethought answer attitude backlash feedback opinion reception reply return acknowledgment backfire boomerang comeback compensation counteraction counterbalance counterpoise echo hit kick kickback lip rebound receptivity reciprocation recoil reflection reflex rejoinder repercussion retort reverberation revulsion sass take wisecrack back talk double-take knee-jerk reagency snappy comeback question request failure loss cause reaction response antiphon counter respond retaliation riposte knee-jerk reaction asking retroaction sensitivity awareness consciousness susceptibility thought tingle insight taste appreciation discernment heart judgment keenness perceptiveness rationale numbness ignorance insensibility concrete insensitivity thing unconsciousness instinct clairvoyance divination ESP extrasensory perception feeling in one's bones foreknowledge foresight gut feeling intuitiveness keen intuition perception second sight telepathy sixth sense crosscurrent hint inclination indication intimation murmur overtone tinge undertone undertow direction eddy flavor insinuation propensity riptide suggestion tendency tenor trace trend underflow undercurrent vibes feels Dixieland bebop blues boogie boogie-woogie bop jive ragtime swing fusion jazz hot jazz improvisational music absurdity applesauce craziness farce flapdoodle folly foolishness idiocy illogicality illogicalness improbability inanity incongruity insanity irrationality jazz ludicrousness ridiculousness senselessness silliness stupidity unreasonableness intelligence seriousness wisdom logic reason reasonableness sense adornment accessory dingbat doodad embellishment fandangle floss frill frippery furbelow gewgaw ornament trimming ardor avidity devotion eagerness earnestness feeling fervor fierceness fire gusto heat intensity keenness oomph passion pep talk spirit vehemence verve warmth weakness zeal zest zing apathy indifference lethargy dullness coldness coolness frigidity bunk balderdash baloney bilge claptrap eyewash garbage hogwash hooey horsefeathers piffle poppycock rot rubbish tomfoolery tommyrot trash twaddle truth cheat artifice bamboozlement bill of goods bunco chicanery con con game cover up cozening deceit deception dirty pool dirty trick dodge double-dealing fake fast one fast shuffle fix flimflam frame fraud gyp hanky-panky hoax hoaxing humbug hustle imposture plant put on racket ripoff run around scam sell shady deal sham shell game snow job spoof sting stunt swindle trickery whitewash wrong honesty truthfulness frankness openness reality distortion bend bias buckle coloring contortion crock crookedness exaggeration intorsion lie line malconformation malformation misinterpretation misrepresentation misshape misstatement misuse mutilation perversion slant smoke story tall story torture twist twistedness warp beauty clarity perfection brand breed category character description form group lot nature number sample sort standard strain variety blazon cast classification cut feather genre ilk likes mold order persuasion rubric species specimen stamp subdivision way pattern archetype epitome essence exemplar original paradigm personification prototype quintessence representative atypical case emblem face figure font print printing sign symbol point size arrange categorize class peg pigeonhole standardize stereotype tab typecast button down put away put down as differentiate disorder disorganize copy transcribe write touch touch-type typewrite dash off enter data hunt-and-peck teletype assort classify rank suit type scatter extraction family genus line lineage pedigree progeny race stock stripe characterize designate identify indicate list point rate recognize specify cipher device hieroglyph letter logo mark monogram numeral rune classifies allocates allots alphabetizes analyzes arranges assorts brands breaks down buttons down catalogues classes codifies collocates coordinates correlates disposes distinguishes distributes divides dockets embodies files grades groups incorporates indexes labels matches names numbers orders organizes pegs pigeonholes puts away puts down as puts down for ranges ranks ranks out rates regiments segregates size up sizes sorts systematizes tabs tabulates tags takes one's measure tickets typecasts types maintains keeps holds joins gathers collects disallows disintegrates mixes up scatters guesses estimates excludes unites combines disorganizes disorders disarranges allocate allot alphabetize analyze break down catalogue codify collocate coordinate correlate dispose distinguish distribute divide docket embody file grade incorporate index label match name organize put down for range rank out regiment segregate size systematize tabulate tag take one's measure ticket collect combine disarrange gather hold join keep maintain unite disallow disintegrate estimate exclude guess mix up exhausted fatigued wearied weary dog-tired kaput worn-out energetic fresh lively refreshed rested pulse rhythm cadence cadency measure meter oscillation palpitation pressure pulsation quake quiver rhyme ripple surge swell swing throb thump tick undulation vibration stillness hit lash punch shake slap strike circuit course path patrol precinct rounds route walk way assignment department scoop news news flash article story batter break crush knock pummel thrash trounce whip bang bash bat belt box bruise buffet cane castigate clout club collide cudgel drub flagellate flail flog hammer lambaste lick maltreat mash maul pelt pound punish ram rap slug smack spank swat thresh thwack wallop whale protect aid assist guard help outplay outrun overcome overtake overwhelm top triumph best better conquer exceed excel outdo outrival outshine outstrip subdue transcend vanquish be victorious shoot ahead of fall behind lose surrender fail give up cede relinquish retreat fashion form model shape work malleate destroy agitate alternate bob bounce flap flicker fluctuate flutter heave jerk jounce oscillate palpitate pulsate quaver shiver thrill tremble twitch undulate vibrate writhe stir whisk accent accentuation articulation beat emphasis enunciation force inflection intonation modulation pronunciation stroke timbre tonality tone unimportance churn concuss convulse disturb rock rouse toss calm lull quiet soothe tranquilize blurb column commentary composition discourse editorial essay exposition feature item paper piece spread theme think piece treatise write-up appointment charge chore commission drill duty homework job mission position post practice stint unemployment keeping assignments allocations allotments appointments apportionments appropriations ascriptions assignations attributions authorizations choices consignments delegations designations determinations distributions givings grants nominations selections specifications stipulations keepings attack advance aggress ambush assail assault bean beset besiege biff blast boff bombard boot bop brain bust chop down clip clock combat cook harm hurt infiltrate invade jump kick knock block off knock cold knock for a loop larrup lay siege to light into molest mug pounce upon raid rush set upon slog soak stab storm take the offensive turn on whop leave alone decrease be lazy defend resist shelter shield slough off submit support sustain withstand
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