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Sunken Temple FLAWLESS run. absolute perfection

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buried immersed indented recessed caved-in concave fallen-in cavernous alveolate broad chambered chasmal commodious curved inward deep deep-set echoing gaping huge resonant reverberant roomy sepulchral socketed spacious sunken vast wide yawning narrow small little filled cramped biconcave cupped dented dimpled dipped excavated hollow hollowed incurvate incurvated incurved round rounded sagging sinking distended convex depressed set back rich prosperous blessed raised pushed up unburdened happy comforted flourishing bulging satisfied encouraged cheerful arched carved out cleft cup-shaped curved infundibular not solid notched pitted striated troughlike unfilled vacant vaulted void genuine substantial earnest soft light high solid full truthful real honest frank sincere meaningful hypogeal below ground covered hypogean hypogeous in the recesses subterranean subterrestrial underfoot Sunken Second String Friend chapel church house mosque pagoda place of worship sanctuary shrine synagogue cathedral pantheon tabernacle holy place house of God house of prayer abbey cloister convent friary ministry monastery nunnery priory temple basilica brow countenance eyebrow face frons front mien top rear back bishop's seat chancel house of worship minster Lord's house bethel chantry fold mission oratory parish sacellum church house meetinghouse shul Temple Second String Friend immaculate impeccable perfect unblemished unbroken absolute entire faultless irreproachable sound undamaged unimpaired unmarred unsullied whole blemished corrupt flawed imperfect wrong damaged defective disfigured categorical complete flawless ideal thorough ultimate unflawed untarnished partial dependent yielding limited circumscribed conditional submissive compliant complaisant tractable restricted accountable accurate actual authentic authoritative certain conclusive definite definitive errorless exact factual final genuine infallible irrefutable official right straight strict true truthful undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unquestionable unrefuted valid veracious doubtful careless invalid false imprecise questionable mistaken misleading erroneous vague lax faulty incorrect unreal counterfeit uncertain indefinite untruthful dishonest unreliable inexact inconclusive inaccurate incomplete classic\u002Fclassical archetypal capital champion consummate distinguished esthetic excellent exemplary famous fine finest first-rate master masterly paradigmatic paramount prime quintessential ranking standard superior top top-notch vintage well-known inferior worst clean apple-pie order blank bright cleansed clear delicate dirtless elegant fresh graceful hygienic neat neat as a button neat as a pin orderly pure sanitary shining simple snowy sparkling speckless spic and span spotless squeaky stainless taintless tidy trim unpolluted unsmudged unsoiled unspotted unstained vanilla washed well-kept white unvirtuous besmirched tarnished stained polluted disorderly obscure gloomy dull dark soiled foul filthy dirty contaminated muddled unchaste defiled adulterated cluttered tainted impure untidy slovenly sloppy disorganized cloudy aware unintelligible unclear complicated unclean cleanest blanket downright dyed-in-the-wool out-and-out outright positive sheer thoroughgoing total unconditional unmitigated unqualified short wanting needy missing lacking deficient unfinished Flawless Second String Friend complete full infinite outright pure sheer simple unadulterated unconditional unlimited unqualified utter entire free total unabridged consummate downright flat out no catch no fine print no holds barred no ifs ands or buts no joke no strings attached plenary straight out supreme thorough unrestricted bounded conditional incomplete indefinite limited needy qualified uncertain unfinished abridged part partial accountable circumscribed complaisant compliant dependent flawed imperfect restricted submissive tractable yielding dictatorial arbitrary authoritarian totalitarian sovereign autocratic autonomous despotic preeminent tyrannical monocratic tyrannous absolutist democratic genuine categorical undeniable unmitigated unequivocal definite unquestionable infallible factual exact positive actual conclusive decided decisive fixed precise sure unambiguous imprecise false incorrect inexact unsure vague questionable equivocal ambiguous ultimate ideal faultless flawless impeccable unblemished untarnished unflawed accurate absolute authentic authoritative certain definitive errorless final irrefutable official perfect right straight strict true truthful undisputed unimpeachable unrefuted valid veracious doubtful careless invalid wrong mistaken misleading erroneous lax faulty unreal counterfeit untruthful dishonest unreliable inconclusive inaccurate concrete confirmed for real hard honest injun honest to God indisputable indubitable kosher physical realistic substantial substantive sure enough tangible verified past nominal legendary mental unfixed theoretical reputed hypothetical pretended imaginary fictitious spiritual all-out full-blown full-scale maximum halfway half-hearted almighty all-powerful invincible mighty omnipotent puissant weak lowly lay powerless insignificant bossy dogmatic domineering high-handed imperious magisterial overbearing peremptory summary supported reasoned reasonable rational circumspect arrant blatant glaring notorious out-and-out unregenerate Absolute Second String Friend accomplishment evolution excellence fulfillment ideal integrity precision purity quality superiority supremacy transcendence virtue acme arete completion consummation crown ending entireness exactness excellency exquisiteness faultlessness finish finishing idealism impeccability maturity merit paragon phoenix realization ripeness sublimity wholeness achieving perfectness dishonor failure frustration imperfection inferiority subservience beginning commencement introduction start damage deficiency flaw incompleteness uselessness worthlessness beau ideal epitome exemplar good example ideal beauty model nonpareil perfect model perfect type perfection person to look up to role model shining example achievement attainment close conclusion culmination curtains dispatch end expiration finalization finis fruition hips integration swan song windup wrap-up unfulfillment opening anticlimax cleanup doing it to a T mop-up payoff to a finish wind-up wrap apex climax crest fastigium head meridian peak pinnacle roof summit tip top ultimate vertex zenith base bottom foot worst nadir all the way apogee blow off capper critical mass crowning touch finale height limit maximum ne plus ultra noon punch line dignity address cachet character consequence courtliness culture decency decorum distinction elevation eminence ethics etiquette glory grace grandeur gravity greatness hauteur honor importance loftiness majesty morality nobleness poise prestige propriety rank regard renown respectability seemliness self-respect significance solemnity splendor standing state stateliness station stature status worth worthiness immorality unimportance lowliness bad manners evil insignificance indecency Perfection Second String Friend
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