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Super Fast 100m Dash 10.07

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great magnificent marvelous outstanding sensational superb terrific topnotch cool divine keen smashing glorious groovy hot incomparable matchless neat peerless wonderful inferior insignificant ordinary poor unexceptional second-rate admirable A-1 A-OK ace attractive best ever cat's pajamas choice commendable copacetic crackerjack deserving dream estimable excellent exquisite fine good greatest hunky-dory laudable meritable meritorious out of sight out of this world peachy praiseworthy rare solid super super-duper superior unreal valuable wicked worthy zero cool bad imperfect unimportant unworthy contemptible despicable detestable hateful loathsome repugnant repulsive shameful best baddest beyond compare boss capital champion chief choicest culminating finest first first-class first-rate foremost highest inimitable leading nonpareil number 1 optimum out-of-sight paramount perfect preeminent premium prime primo principal sans pareil second to none superlative supreme tops transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed least minor poorest secondary worst incorrect not right big big-league big-time consequential considerable eminent heavy-duty heavyweight influential main major-league material meaningful momentous popular powerful prominent serious significant substantial supercolossal weighty little small subordinate trivial adolescent baby babyish blah bland dull humble infant infantile juvenile selfish shy tiny unconfident ungenerous ungiving caretaker baby sitter concierge curator custodian house-sitter janitor keeper porter sitter superintendent supervisor warden watchperson blue-ribbon dandy distinguished head illustrious premier prize-winning splendid tiptop top-drawer top-notch topflight unbeaten undefeated world-class auxiliary extra lower colossal barn door behemothic blimp cyclopean elephantine enormous gargantuan giant gigantic huge humongous immense jumbo mammoth mondo monstrous mountainous titanic vast miniature miniscule minute teeny agile brisk hot nimble quick rapid swift accelerated active dashing electric flashing fleet fleeting flying hurried racing ready snap split-second winged PDQ blue streak breakneck double-time expeditious expeditive hairtrigger hasty hypersonic in a jiffy in nothing flat lickety split like a bat out of hell like all get out like crazy like mad on the double posthaste presto pronto screamin' snappy speedball supersonic velocious clumsy slow dull plodding tardy unhurried durable stable sure tight true adherent attached close constant constrained faithful fastened firm fortified glued held lasting permanent secure set sound staunch stuck wedged ardent impregnable indelible inextricable loyal resistant resolute steadfast tenacious true blue unwavering wobbly changeable disloyal ephemeral flexible inconstant indefinite irresolute loose moving temporary unattached unfixed unstable impermanent insecure movable uncertain easy bawdy debauched depraved dissipated gadabout libertine light profligate wanton wild careless devil-may-care dissolute extravagant flirtatious frivolous giddy incontinent indecent intemperate lascivious lecherous lewd libidinous licentious lustful rakish reckless salacious self-gratifying self-indulgent sportive sporty unchaste strict chaste decent good moral nice pure uncorrupt virtuous upright quickly rapidly soon swiftly apace chop-chop expeditiously flat-out fleetly full tilt hastily hurriedly in a flash in haste in short order like a flash like a shot like greased lightning like wildfire promptly slowly hard deeply firmly securely solidly soundly steadfastly tightly loosely abstinence diet fasting xerophagy indulgence eating feast gluttony gorging stuffing abstain famish forbear refrain starve deny oneself go hungry not eat indulge eat glut gorge stuff abiding continuing enduring eternal everlasting fast indissoluble perpetual persistent persisting steady ceasing ending transient abjure abnegate avoid cease constrain curb decline do without eschew evade fence-sit forgo give the go by give up go on the wagon keep from pass pass up quit refuse renounce shun sit on one's hands sit on the fence sit out spurn stop take the cure take the pledge withhold continue accept allow embrace encourage face meet use want brief concise curtailed instantaneous little meteoric momentary passing short-lived short-term transitory lengthy long long-lived sluggish allegiant dependable devoted dogged persevering tried-and-true trustworthy trusty unfailing unflagging unshaken dishonest false untrustworthy concluding fickle flagging fluctuating interrupted irregular stopping terminable terminating undecided undetermined unsteady untrue varying wavering cursory depthless desultory half-assed half-baked haphazard hit or miss offhand perfunctory random shallow short sketchy slapdash slight sloppy speedy summary superficial uncritical careful detailed complete meticulous painstaking perfect thorough abandoned corrupt debased defiled degenerate degraded deteriorated drunk gone bad gone to the dogs immoral in the gutter perverted reprobate vitiate vitiated wicked clean honorable kind noble purified cleansed improved unpolluted sprint birr bolt dart haste onset run rush sortie spurt zip slowness drab dullness glob lump animation brio energy esprit flourish force impressiveness intensity life might oomph panache power spirit strength vehemence verve vigor vim vivacity zing éclat élan apathy enervation idleness inability inactivity incompetence laziness lethargy powerlessness weakness bit hint pinch sprinkling drop flavor grain lick little part scattering seasoning smack smidgen sprinkle squirt streak suspicion taste tincture tinge touch trace trifle zest few drops soupçon lot information bound chase fly gallop hurry scamper scoot scurry shoot tear boil career charge course hasten lash race speed spring get on it make a run for it make it snappy rush at dawdle slow stay wait walk aid assist encourage help inspirit beat fling hurl hurtle lunge plunge shatter slam smash throw bludgeon cast crash cudgel destroy hit shiver sling splash splatter splinter fix lose mend retreat dampen disappoint ruin spoil thwart abash baffle balk bilk blast blight chagrin chill circumvent cloud confound discomfort dismay dispirit foil nip grow abet allow clear up enlighten explain make happy permit relieve action activity agility alacrity alertness ballgame big idea business bustle commotion dash deal enterprise flurry functioning game happening hoopla hopper in the works industry liveliness motion movement occupation operation plan process proposition racket reaction response scene stir stunt turmoil vitality inaction calm calmness harmony indolence peace quiet repose rest stillness inertia stoppage ardor bounce briskness buoyancy dynamism ebullience elation enthusiasm excitement exhilaration fervor gaiety high spirits passion pep sparkle sprightliness vibrancy zeal coldness coolness depression discouragement indifference lifelessness sadness unhappiness block check defeat frustrate impede obstruct prevent upset delight please forward let go support surrender bar counteract cramp cramp one's style disconcert forestall hinder stall stop throw a curve throw monkey wrench in upset the apple cart advance facilitate promote make easier batter assault bash break bruise buffet clobber contuse cripple crush deface demolish disable disfigure drub hurt injure lacerate lambaste lame mangle mar maul mutilate pelt pommel pound pummel punish thrash wallop wreck build compliment construct create cure fail heal praise protect repair restore adorn beautify decorate ornament atom butt chicken feed chip chunk crumb dab division dollop dose dot driblet droplet end excerpt flake fraction fragment iota item jot mite modicum moiety molecule morsel niggle parcel particle peanuts portion sample scale scintilla scrap section segment shard share shaving shred slice sliver snatch snip snippet specimen speck stub stump tittle trickle entirety whole agreement
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