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Swearing Helps With Exertion

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Scientist have discovered that swearing helps makes someone stronger when they are exerting themselves. It not only increases a person’s pain tolerance it’s stimulates the body’s sympathetic nervous system. Sweating activates a person’s “fight or flight” response. They discovered that swearing did not change a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, or skin conductance. It did however“shut down inhibitions.”http://www.health.com/syndication/swe...http://www.wochit.comThis video was produced by YT Wochit Entertainment using http://wochit.com


Fight-or-flight response Sympathetic nervous system Profanity Pain Perception Blasphemy Heart Rate four-letter word profanity blasphemy cursing cuss cussing execration imprecation malediction swearword bad language dirty language dirty name dirty talk dirty word no-no abuse bad-mouthing blame castigation censure curse curses defamation derision hosing insults invective kicking around libel obloquy opprobrium pushing around put-down quinine reproach revilement scolding signifying slander swearing tirade upbraiding vilification vituperation respect help exaltation approval plaudit adulation acclamation preservation aid commendation compliment praise flattery blasphemous disrespectful godless impious insulting irreligious profanatory profane sacrilegious ungodly religious reverent respectful pious godly desecration heresy impiety impiousness indignity lewdness profanation profaneness reviling sacrilege scoffing scurrility reverence religiousness religion piety godliness anathema ban bane commination cuss word damning denunciation double whammy expletive fulmination malison naughty words oath objuration obscenity swear word whammy Cancers afflictions banes burdens calamities crosses disasters evil eyes evils hydras jinxes ordeals pestilences plagues scourges torments tribulations troubles vexations voodoo peace helps comforts fortunes benefits good fortunes blessings compliments aids contentment happiness boons advantages good lucks abhorrence abomination condemnation contempt damnation detestation detesting excoriation hatred loathing odium loving love blessing regard liking Swearing Swear advice aid benefit comfort cooperation guidance hand service support use assist avail balm corrective cure lift maintenance nourishment remedy succor sustenance utility helping hand blockage encumbrance handicap hindrance hurt injury obstruction prevention disease check counteraction harm management ownership stop worker colleague abettor auxiliary helper deputy servant assistant domestic aide helpmate mate representative partner collaborator subsidiary attendant supporter ally adjutant ancilla right-hand person boss manager opponent enemy antagonist bolster save serve encourage cooperate maintain back push further promote boost stimulate plug abet advocate befriend uphold intercede ballyhoo relieve cheer patronize accommodate second sustain sanction endorse hype puff prop buck up go to bat for be of use do a favor do a service go with lend a hand open doors root for see through stand by stick up for stump for work for do one's part take under one's wing oppose halt discourage depress neglect worsen decrease injure counteract disapprove ignore protest frustrate hide conceal condemn impede delay block dissuade refuse undermine prevent obstruct hinder restore ease revive treat alleviate facilitate mitigate nourish palliate attend doctor amend heal better ameliorate meliorate blame accuse increase destroy help Help along alongside amidst among beside for including near plus upon accompanying concomitant with additionally also as companion as well at same time besides coupled with furthermore in addition to likewise moreover side by side simultaneously too far separate apart by all of by the whole of in association with in connection with in the class of in the company of mutually out of together with with one another outside away from a step from abreast of adjacent to adjoining aside at one's elbow at the edge of at the side of bordering on cheek by jowl close at hand close to close upon connected with contiguous to fornent in juxtaposition nearby neck and neck neighboring next door to nigh opposite overlooking round verging on at the hand of in the name of over supported by through through the agency of through the medium of under the aegis of via with the assistance of along with among other things as well as counting in conjunction with inclusive of made up of not to mention rejecting excluding W.I.T.H. action activity application attempt effort employment endeavor exercise industry labor operation pains strain stretch striving struggle toil travail trial trouble use utilization elbow grease hard pull long pull entertainment fun happiness idleness inaction inactivity indolence inertia laziness misuse peace unemployment accomplishment achievement act blow commission dealings doing enterprise execution exertion exploit feat handiwork maneuver manipulation move performance procedure step stroke thrust transaction undertaking rest neglect failure defeat stoppage repose cessation activities acts avocations bags ballgames bits deeds endeavors enterprises entertainments games hobbies jobs labors occupations pastimes projects rackets scenes schemes stunts tasks trips undertakings ventures works zoos sluggishness immobilities professions hate vocations inactivities activeness animation bustle hustle life liveliness motion movement immobility all one's got attack bid crack dry run experiment fling header lick one's all one's darnedest one's level best pursuit shot stab try tryout venture whack workout certainty retreat success surrender attempts all one's gots attacks bids cracks dry runs exertions experiments flings headers licks one's alls one's darnedests one's level bests pursuits shots stabs strivings struggles trials tries tryouts whacks workouts certainties retreats successes surrenders care alertness caution circumspection concentration concern conscientiousness consideration diligence direction discrimination enthusiasm exactness fastidiousness forethought heed interest management meticulousness nicety particularity precaution prudence regard scrupulousness solicitude thought vigilance wariness watchfulness oversight disinterest omission inattention disrespect ignorance disregard lethargy carelessness apathy indifference thoughtlessness negligence indiscretion imprudence heedlessness Exertion exert insertion exertion exerted a horsepower Games of minimal exertion fight or flight Fight or flight feedback reply return acknowledgment antiphon comeback counter echo hit kickback lip rejoinder retort reverberation riposte sass vibes wisecrack back talk double-take knee-jerk reaction respond snappy comeback question request failure asking acclamation addressing answer apology applause appreciation bestowal bow card confession contract credit gift gratitude greeting guarantee hail hailing letter nod notice reaction receipt response salutation salute signature statement support thanks token criticism disapproval action activity agility alacrity alertness animation bag ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash deal energy enterprise flurry force functioning game going happening haste hoopla hopper in the works industry life liveliness motion movement occupation operation plan power process proposition racket rush scene spirit stir stunt trip turmoil vigor vim vitality vivacity rest unemployment yielding peace harmony slowness dullness stoppage inertia cessation indolence stiffness weakness stillness repose quiet calmness calm surrender apathy lethargy laziness inaction inactivity idleness Band-Aid backcap close comment cooler counterclaim crack defense disclosure elucidation explanation guff interpretation justification key observation parting shot pay dirt plea quick fix rebuttal refutation remark repartee report resolution result rhetorical question sign solution thank-you note the ticket topper vindication trouble problem silence answers Band-aids acknowledgments antiphons back talks backcaps closes comebacks comments coolers counterclaims cracks defenses disclosures echoes elucidations explanations feedbacks guffs interpretations justifications keys lips observations parting shots pay dirts pleas quick fixes rebuttals refutations rejoinders remarks repartees reports resolutions responses results retorts returns rhetorical questions ripostes signs solutions statements thank-you notes the tickets toppers wisecracks troubles problems questions requests silences backlash backfire boomerang counteraction recoil repercussion resentment resistance retaliation retroaction tangle cause chorus bob burden chorale main section melody motif music recurrent verse ritornelle song strain theme tune undersong Response responsibility Responsible Responsibility no response affectionate caring compassionate interested loving responsive sensitive supportive thoughtful warm all heart appreciating benign benignant commiserating comprehending condoling considerate kind kindhearted kindly pitying soft softhearted tender understanding vicarious warmhearted cold cool disliking indifferent insensitive mean uncaring unfeeling unsusceptible callous disagreeable merciless unconcerned unfriendly unsociable unsympathetic open-minded receptive amenable encouraging appreciative companionable compatible congenial congruous consistent consonant down like-minded open pro approving favorably disposed having a heart in sympathy with on same wavelength simpatico tuned in well-disposed well-intentioned affected afflicted altered changed concerned damaged distressed excited grieved impaired impressed influenced injured overwhelmed overwrought sorry stimulated stirred sympathetic touched troubled upset uninjured unmoved kept hard happy calm unimpaired unhurt unchanged unswayed unperturbed healthy sane untroubled collected all over attached crazy over dear devoted doting fond friendly huggy lovey-dovey mushy nutty about partial soft on undemonstrative antagonistic aloof agreeable acquiescent complying concurring consenting favorable grateful in accord willing offensive nasty harsh unwilling repugnant unsuitable incongruous incompatible unpleasant hateful distasteful discordant amicable accordant agreeing amiable civil clubby concordant cordial courteous cozy empathic good-humored harmonious mellow neighborly pacific peaceable peaceful polite regular right nice sociable square shooting unrefined rude hostile unmannerly uncivil impolite admiring alive aware cognizant conscious cooperative enlightened enthusiastic generous keen knowledgeable magnanimous mindful perceptive pleased regardful respectful satisfied unenthusiastic unreceptive unmindful unconscious neglectful ungrateful unappreciative uninformed unresponsive ignorant unaware inattentive selfish attuned to in harmony with Sympathetic Sympathetic Magic Sympathetic Asshole Sympathetic pregnancy Sympathetic Vomitter Sympathetic Villain afraid agitated annoyed apprehensive concerned edgy fussy hesitant hysterical irritable jittery jumpy shaky shy skittish spooked tense timid uneasy uptight volatile weak basket case bothered distressed disturbed excitable fidgety fitful flustered high-strung nervy neurotic on edge overwrought querulous restive ruffled sensitive shrinking snappish solicitous taut timorous troubled twitchy unrestful unstrung upset wired worried bold brave calm certain collected composed confident cool easy-going extroverted fearless firm happy laid-back sufficient sure unafraid uncaring unwavering unworried abashed aghast alarmed anxious aroused blanched cowardly cowed daunted discouraged disheartened dismayed faint-hearted frightened frozen have cold feet horrified in awe intimidated nervous panic-stricken perplexed perturbed petrified rattled run scared scared scared stiff scared to death shocked startled stunned suspicious terrified terror-stricken trembling undismayed venturesome eager valiant undaunted intrepid heroic courageous antsy bugged butterflies careful choked clutched disquieted dreading fearful fretful hacked hyper in a state in a tizzy in suspense restless shaking shivery shook up shot to pieces strung out sweating bullets unglued unquiet watchful worried sick wreck assured unfearful quiet unwilling peaceful indifferent content unconcerned inattentive awesome alarming astonishing awe-inspiring awful beautiful breathtaking daunting dreadful exalted fearsome formidable frantic frightening grand hairy horrible horrifying imposing impressive intimidating magnificent majestic mean mind-blowing moving overwhelming real gone shocking something else striking stunning stupefying terrible terrifying wonderful wondrous zero cool good nice bad unimpressive poor ordinary ugly offensive homely boring comforting pleasing pleasant unimportant trivial disgusting bashful backward blushful blushing chary confused constrained coy demure diffident embarrassed humble modest overmodest recoiling reserved reticent retiring self-conscious self-effacing shamefaced sheepish silent unassertive verecund aggressive forward unabashed brittle curt prim short stiff stilted relaxed flexible supple resilient durable base caitiff chicken-hearted cowering cowhearted craven dastardly fainthearted gutless having the willies lacking courage lily-livered no guts panicky paper tiger pigeonhearted pusillanimous recreant running scared soft spineless weak-kneed worthless yellow yellow-bellied dauntless daring arrangement organization rule scheme structure classification combination complex conformity coordination entity ideology integral orderliness philosophy regularity setup sum theory totality fixed order frame of reference integrate logical order red tape fraction part cog disorder disorganization practice process technique strategy policy operation procedure systematization tactics pattern artifice proceeding methodology custom fashion manner way routine usage wise mode modus operandi methodicalness course of action definite plan logical process modus orderly process systematic process reality alignment array composition design display disposition distribution form grouping lineup method ordering pecking order ranging rank sequence system code canon charter codex constitution convention digest discipline ethics etiquette manners maxim regulation association compound conglomerate ecosystem entanglement group network syndrome synthesis division separation complexes associations compounds conglomerates ecosystems entanglements groups networks organizations schemes structures syndromes syntheses systems totalities divisions separations constituency balloters body of voters body politic citizenry city county district electorate faction nation people precinct state voters voting area ward construction architecture assembly build cast conception contour cut development edifice elevation erecting erection fabric fabrication figuration figure format formation foundation improvisation invention makeup making manufacture mold origination outline plan planning prefab prefabrication putting up raising rearing roadwork shape turn type truth ruins ruin disfigurement destruction disarrangement System the system The system four-letter word obscenity swearing abuse blasphemy curse cuss execration impiety imprecation irreverence malediction profaneness sacrilege swearword taboo cursing cuss word dirty language dirty name dirty word no-no piety praise respect reverence bawdiness coarseness dirtiness filthiness foulness grossness lewdness profanity scurrility scurrilousness smuttiness vulgarity vulgarness decency bawdry dirt filth ribaldry scatology smut purity sterility cleanliness cussing desecration heresy impiousness indignity profanation reviling scoffing vituperation religiousness religion godliness anathema ban bane commination damning denunciation double whammy expletive fulmination malison naughty words oath objuration obloquy swear word vilification whammy compliment curses Cancers afflictions banes burdens calamities crosses disasters evil eyes evils hydras jinxes ordeals pestilences plagues scourges torments tribulations troubles vexations voodoo peace helps comforts fortunes benefits good fortunes blessings compliments aids contentment happiness boons advantages good lucks indecency salaciousness modesty Profanity profanic Profanic profane ache agony burn cramp discomfort fever illness injury irritation misery sickness soreness spasm strain tenderness torment trouble twinge wound affliction catch convulsion crick distress gripe hurt laceration malady pang paroxysm prick smarting sting stitch throb throe tingle torture advantage aid assistance benefit blessing comfort contentment ease good health happiness health help joy peace pleasure relief wellness cheer well-being heartache anxiety shock sadness bitterness grief suffering woe anguish worry travail despondency malaise tribulation wretchedness rack martyrdom delight gladness calmness exertion annoyance effort bother drag aggravation pest nuisance vexation bore laziness idleness harm afflict agonize grieve rile vex gall suffer exasperate injure convulse bite irritate nick irk smart annoy disquiet sadden punish inflame aggrieve harrow chafe stress chasten upset excruciate ail harass constrain cut to the quick hit where one lives let go cure relieve encourage make happy please fix praise assuage appease heal alleviate placate soothe calm mend assist be sore pain pound ached pained pounded smarted suffered throbbed twinged was sore relieved pleased helped soothed assuaged assisted aided beset burden crucify harry lacerate martyr oppress pester plague press smite strike try take care of support be happy solace adversity calamity cross crux depression difficulty disease disorder hardship infirmity misfortune ordeal plight scourge sorrow trial good fortune consolation encouragement good luck boon profit afflicts agonizes annoys besets bothers burdens crucifies distresses grieves harasses harries harrows irks lacerates martyrs oppresses pains pesters plagues presses racks smites strikes torments tortures tries troubles vexes winds worries stays away from takes care of supports is happy helps relieves pleases makes happy solaces comforts assists delights soothes aids aggro botheration exasperation hang-up headache irksomeness pain in the neck pet peeve provocation teasing Pain approach attention attitude awareness concept consciousness feeling image impression judgment knowledge notion opinion recognition sense taste thought viewpoint acumen apprehension brainchild conceit conception discernment flash grasp insight intellection light observation perspicacity picture plan sagacity sensation study apprehending big idea brain wave realizing concrete ignorance stupidity thing unconsciousness misconception misunderstanding ESP clairvoyance extrasensory perception intuition perception second sight sixth sense acuity acuteness astuteness brains brilliance cleverness comprehension cunning discrimination farsightedness good taste guile ingenuity intellect intelligence keenness percipience perspicuity refinement sensitivity sharpness shrewdness smartness smarts understanding vision wisdom wit obtuseness ineptness denseness insensitivity inability mistake misinterpretation animadversion accusation censure criticism faultfinding flak knock slur approval praise compliment appreciation admiration aesthetic sense affection appraisal assessment attraction cognizance commendation enjoyment esteem estimation high regard liking love realization regard relish respect responsivenesss sensibility sensitiveness sympathy valuation neglect loss depreciation decrease disregard disparagement dishonor disdain hatred hate dislike disapproval idea ken ease calmness acquaintance acquaintanceship alertness aliveness attentiveness bodhi enlightenment experience familiarity information mindfulness sentience unfamiliarity Perception perceptive The Doors of Perception Immaculate Perceptions desecration heresy abuse execration impiety impiousness imprecation indignity lewdness profanation profaneness profanity sacrilege scoffing scurrility swearing vituperation cursing cussing reviling respect godliness piety religion religiousness reverence curse anathema ban bane blasphemy commination cuss word damning denunciation dirty name dirty word double whammy expletive four-letter word fulmination malediction malison naughty words no-no oath objuration obloquy obscenity swear word vilification whammy praise compliment curses Cancers afflictions banes burdens calamities crosses disasters evil eyes evils hydras jinxes ordeals pestilences plagues scourges torments tribulations troubles vexations voodoo peace helps comforts fortunes benefits good fortunes blessings compliments aids contentment happiness boons advantages good lucks cuss cussword debasement defilement irreverence sanctification honor abhorrence abomination condemnation contempt damnation detestation detesting excoriation hatred loathing odium loving love blessing regard approval liking agnosticism apostasy atheism defection disbelief dissent dissidence divergence error fallacy heterodoxy iconoclasm infidelity misbelief nonconformism nonconformity paganism revisionism schism sectarianism secularism sin harmony belief agreement orthodoxy the heart rate of a mouse Heart Rate Phenomena heart rate shy character feeling love nature soul affection benevolence compassion concern disposition gusto humanity inclination palate pity relish response sensitivity sentiment sympathy temperament tenderness understanding zest animosity apathy disdain dislike hate hatred ill will indifference malevolence meanness mercilessness cowardice exterior exteriority fear head outside periphery surface nerve mind spirit spunk dauntlessness boldness gallantry guts pluck will purpose fortitude moxie resolution mettle bravery timidity body weakness core center focus middle root kernel gist hub quintessence nitty-gritty bosom seat crux pith nucleus basic quick marrow nub bottom line focal point polestar coal and ice border margin clock ticker cardiac organ vascular organ amore ardor attachment care case closeness crush desire devotion emotion endearment friendliness friendship good will hankering heart itch kindness liking passion predilection propensity puppy love regard shine soft spot solicitude warmth yen disinterest neglect enmity antipathy coldness negligence carelessness backbone courage determination firmness grit hardihood intestinal fortitude moral fiber resolve stamina steadfastness tenacity toughness willpower spinelessness powerlessness ineptness question irresolution indecision base authority basis chief constituent essence essential evidence foundation fundamental groundwork important part infrastructure key origin primary element principal principle source underpinning branch top annex trivia auxiliary antecedent assumption axiom background backing bedrock cause chief ingredient data dictum explanation footing hard fact justification keynote keystone law nexus postulate premise presumption presupposition principal element proof reason rudiment sanction security substratum support theorem theory warrant end effect fact result reality beginning birth conception egg embryo font fount fountain fountainhead generation genesis germ resource seed stem well finish conclusion outcome termination goal ending consummation completion beginnings alphas bases births blastoffs commencements creations dawnings dawns day ones geneses inauguration inception inductions infancies initiations installations introductions kickoffs onsets openers openings originations origins outsets point of departures prefaces preludes presentations rises roots rudiments sources springs square ones starting points takeoffs thresholds tops effects finishes ends conclusions outcomes goals consummations epilogues terminations finales completions closes results deaths endings amount estimate percentage quota standard comparison degree progression relation relationship relative scale weight whole figure price tax cost toll tariff duty hire charge tab allowance valuation dues quotation price tag pace flow time dash tread clip gallop tempo gait motion hop measure velocity spurt movement inaction count appraise consider grade evaluate regard rank assess score determine peg deem calculate fix assay reckon valuate tag apprise value admire pigeonhole survey esteem weigh respect adjudge class 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number inspects looks over pegs prices rates reads reviews sets at sizes surveys takes account of valuates values neglects ignores appraising adjudging assaying assessing auditing calculating checking checking out deeming evaluating examining eyeing figuring figuring out gauging guesstimating having one's number inspecting looking over pegging pricing rating reading reviewing setting at sizing surveying taking account of valuating valuing neglecting ignoring eyeball investigate prove see test try Rate rate rate
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