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Syrian rebels unite against ex Qaeda affiliate

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Several Syrian rebel factions united on Thursday against the war-torn country's former Al-Qaeda affiliate, as clashes raged for a third day between anti-regime ...


Syrian rebels unite ex-Qaeda affiliate Al-Qaeda affiliate Astana Aleppo syrian Syrian insurgent guerrilla opponent traitor mutineer innovator turncoat agitator nihilist recreant dissenter heretic renegade deserter demagogue apostate anarchist rioter subverter frondeur revolter loyalist adherent renounce defy revolt secede resist riot combat dissent disobey upset denounce censure fight boycott oppose mutiny strike overturn drop out opt out rise up run amok obey comply praise laud yield agree lose act out carry on raise hell rebel sow one's wild oats adjy advocate agent champion disrupter dissident dogmatist fighter firebrand fomenter incendiary inciter instigator leftist malcontent mover partisan propagandist provocateur pusher rabble-rouser radical reactionary reformer revisionist revolutionary ringleader sparkplug troublemaker wave maker zealot insurrectionist terrorist abandon abscond apostatize back out break faith change sides depart desert fall away from forsake go back on go over go over the fence lapse leave pull out quit rat reject renege run out schism sell out spurn take a walk tergiversate tergiverse turn turn coat walk out on withdraw fanatic haranger hothead inflamer politician soapbox orator balk be remiss break rules contravene counteract dare decline differ disagree evade flout fly in face of go counter to ignore infringe insurrect misbehave neglect not heed not listen not mind object overstep pay no attention to recalcitrate revolution revolutionize rise in arms run riot set aside shirk take law into own hands transgress violate withstand act up defect Rebel join merge link meet unify relate connect concur wed mix ally couple conjoin band fuse pool league marry harden embody blend divide part sever unmix accrue acquire add to agglomerate aggregate amalgamate assemble bring together cache clean up collect collocate compile concentrate cumulate draw together expand gain gather grow heap heap together hoard incorporate increase load up lump make a bundle make a killing mass pile pile up procure profit rack up roll up round up scare up stack up stockpile store store up swell unite attach cement cleave cling like ivy cohere fasten fix freeze to glue hold fast hold on like bulldog paste stay put stick like a barnacle stick like glue add affix annex append combine interconnect associate band together come aboard confederate form connection go partners hook up line up plug into team up throw in with tie up admix alloy coalesce come together compound consolidate hook up with integrate interface intermix join together meld mingle network tie in adjoin appropriate hitch on hitch up hook on slap on subjoin tack on tag tag on take on take over accumulate adhere affiliate unit e together clan one group unity ecdl school unitt e unit college across con facing versus contra about against as for as regards as to concerning on the subject of regarding respecting touching toward with reference to with respect to adverse agin anti antipodal antipodean antithetic antithetical conflicting contrary converse counter counteractive diametric discrepant incompatible incongruous inconsistent irreconcilable negating no go nullifying opposing opposite ornery paradoxical polar repugnant reverse antagonistic contradictory contrasting hindering impeding obstructive obverse opposed at variance with contrarily contrariwise conversely in defiance of although even though even with in contempt of in the face of notwithstanding undeterred by in distinction to out of possession of taken away apropos despite from Qaeda branch affil join relate annex unite combine connect ally tie up hook up line up team up detach divide part accept adapt affiliate affirm appropriate approve assent assume borrow embrace endorse espouse follow go down the line go in for imitate maintain mimic opt ratify seize select support take on take over take up tap use utilize agree associate cooperate enlist join sides sympathize authority block command department detachment division ell extension force offshoot power projection section sector wing accessory accomplice aid assistant auxiliary buddy chum clubber co-worker cohort collaborator companion compatriot comrade confederate consort cooperator crony fellow friend helper joiner kissing cousin mate one of the folks pal pard partner peer playmate sidekick blend bracket concord conjoin correlate couple group identify league link lump together mix pair think of together yoke accompany become associated with join forces with latch onto sign on with sign up with unite with adopt align arm attach affiliates al qaeda al-qaeda al Qaeda Al Qaeda terrorist dumb fucker heaven suicide taliban hezbollah hamas harkat ul-ansar harakat ul-mujahidin al-zarqawi jaish-e-mohammed jaish ansar al-sunna lashkar-e-tayyiba kach and kahane chai khmer rouge kosovo liberation army euskadi ta askatasuna eta lra ira osama bin laden osama islam muslim infidel Astana Aleppo
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