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Syrian Refugee Family Adjusts To Life In South Florida

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CBS Miami’s Lauren Pastrana reports.


CBS 4 News Evening Syria Refugee Lauren Pastrana Raghad Sammouneh World Relief strain siren siring soring sprain cyprian souring drain serin stain train serial simian string rain roan searing serins soaring ran serai sin brain grain slain swain spring sera siberian sign ski run syrian double texting Syrian alien displaced person emigrant evacuee exile expatriate foreigner castaway defector derelict deserter escapee foundling fugitive leper maroon outcast outlaw prodigal renegade runaway boat person expellee homeless person stateless person émigré citizen national native blow in floater greenhorn guest immigrant incomer interloper intruder invader migrant newcomer noncitizen outsider refugee settler squatter stranger visitor weed expat outlander AWOL absconder apostate backslider betrayer criminal delinquent escaper hookey player lawbreaker no-show recreant shirker slacker traitor truant colonist departer migrator pilgrim traveler wanderer wayfarer deportee countryman local aliens loyalist adherent nationalist emigre Refugees double texting Refugee clan folk group house household people tribe ancestors ancestry birth blood brood children class descendants descent dynasty extraction forebears genealogy generations genre in-laws inheritance issue kind kindred line lineage network parentage pedigree progeny race relations relationship relatives siblings strain subdivision system heirs and assigns kith and kin menage ménage parent cosa nostra family mafioso underworld affiliation alliance band bunch circle clique club coalition combination combo company confederacy confederation congress cooperative corporation crew crowd federation fellowship fraternity gang guild hookup league mob order organization outfit partnership pool rat pack ring society sodality sorority syndicate tie-in tie-up troops troupe union zoo consanguinity kinship origin stock biological relationship blood brother blood relationship blood relative blood sister consanguinean flesh flesh and blood genetic relationship ties of blood uterine kin heritage line of descent Mafia Cosa Nostra association division disassociation opposition solitude seclusion rivalry isolation antagonism aloneness separation disunion associations end conclusion death blood relation bloodline double texting Family accommodate accustom adapt alter conform fine-tune fix modify regulate tailor acclimatize arrange compose dispose doctor fit habituate harmonize order reconcile rectify redress remodel settle suit tailor-make tune do as Romans do fiddle with fix up get act together get it together grin and bear it make conform quadrate swim with the tide disarrange disorganize disturb confuse disagree disorder disperse mix up refuse ruin scatter upset worsen derange unfit tighten balance overhaul correct readjust improve repair set service align focus grind renovate square connect mend polish sharpen tune up calibrate troubleshoot bring into line improve accommodate put in working order dull spoil hurt break 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