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THIS EMOTIONAL LIFE | Happiness / Intimacy | PBS

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Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, talks about intimacy and relationships and why people are like porcupines. From THIS EMOTIONAL LIFE (PBS, Jan.


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unfamiliarities cheer companionability conviviality esprit de corps gregariousness jollity sociability togetherness gloom bad blood carnal knowledge coition coitus copulation fornication intercourse lovemaking procreation sex sex act sexual congress sexual relation accord affair communication contact exchange liaison link marriage rapport relation tie affiliation affinity alliance analogy appositeness association bond conjunction consanguinity contingency correlation dependence dependency homogeneity hookup interconnection interrelation interrelationship kinship likeness nearness network parallel pertinence pertinency proportion ratio relativity relevance similarity tie-in tie-up consociation divorce antagonism difference disassociation disconnection dissimilarity disunion division imbalance opposition separation unlikeness
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