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TYT's Disgusting Misogyny, Hypocrisy, & Their False Accusations EXPOSED!

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abominable awful creepy distasteful gruesome hateful horrific loathsome nasty objectionable obnoxious odious outrageous repugnant scandalous shameless shocking vile vulgar cloying foul gross nauseating revolting satiating stinking beastly detestable frightful ghastly grody hideous horrid icky lousy macabre monstrous nerdy noisome offensive repellent rotten scuzzy sleazeball sleazy yecchy yucky agreeable beautiful decent delightful friendly good great kind likeable lovable magnificent moral nice pleasant pleasing polite wonderful clean attractive desirous abhorrent atrocious bad base contemptible cursed despicable disgusting grim hairy heinous hellish horrible reprehensible repulsive terrible wretched sweet desirable respectable enjoyable appealing alluring worthy honorable appalling dreadful execrable godawful horrifying obscene sickening inoffensive alarming deplorable depressing dire distressing fearful grungy harrowing horrendous raunchy synthetic tough ugly unpleasant unsightly safe gentle delicate happy calming comforting encouraging disagreeable mean superior abject beggarly cheap crass currish degenerate despisable dirty heel ignoble ignominious inferior low low-down lowest outcast paltry pitiable pitiful poor sad scummy scurvy shabby sordid sorry swinish unworthy worthless admired loved admirable creepier direful disturbing eerie frightening ghoulish hair-raising itching itchy menacing nightmarish ominous shuddersome sinister terrifying threatening weird normal Clout Demon Disgusting sexism discrimination prejudice chauvinism objectification misandry misogyny Clout Demon Misogyny bigotry deceit deception dishonesty duplicity fraud insincerity mockery affectation cant casuistry display dissembling dissimulation double-dealing falsity glibness imposture irreverence lie pietism quackery sanctimoniousness sanctimony speciousness unctuousness bad faith false profession lip service pharisaicalness pharisaism phoniness fairness frankness honesty openness trustworthiness truth truthfulness uprightness forthrightness righteousness sincerity ambidexterity disingenuousness hypocrisy artificiality unnaturalness affected piety humbug hypocriticalness pecksniffery pious platitudes pomposity pretense pretentiousness sham holiness show standard reality ambidextrousness artifice cheating chicane chicanery cozening craft craftiness cunning deceitfulness defrauding dirty dealing dirty pool dissemblance entrapping fraudulence guile imposition overreaching slyness smoke and mirrors trapping treachery trickery two-facedness two-timing underhandedness artlessness beguilement betrayal blarney boondoggle cheat circumvention cozenage deceptiveness defraudation dirt disinformation dupery equivocation falsehood fast one flimflam hokum juggling legerdemain lying mendacity prevarication snow job sophism treason trickiness trumpery untruth honor loyalty faithfulness Clout Demon Hypocrisy her hir his its our vis xyr your zir their Clout Demon The IRS Their bogus deceitful dishonest distorted erroneous fake fanciful faulty fictitious fraudulent improper inaccurate incorrect invalid misleading mistaken phony specious spurious unfounded unreal untrue untruthful apocryphal beguiling casuistic concocted contrary to fact cooked-up counterfactual deceiving delusive ersatz fallacious fishy illusive imaginary inexact lying mendacious misrepresentative off the mark sham sophistical trumped up unsound accurate authentic correct fair faithful frank genuine honest moral open proven real right sincere sound true trustworthy truthful valid actual factual just known precise reliable straight substantiated deceptive malicious apostate base canting corrupt crooked devious dishonorable disloyal double-dealing duplicitous faithless foul malevolent mean perfidious recreant renegade traitorous treacherous two-faced underhanded unfaithful unscrupulous untrustworthy venal villainous wicked perjured treasonable deluding falsehearted forsworn mythomaniac rascally scoundrelly upright contrived wrong forged hollow adulterated artificial assumed bent bum colored crock disguised factitious feigned framed imitation made-up make-believe manufactured meretricious mock ostensible pretended pseudo seeming shady simulated snide so-called substitute synthetic alloyed brummagem fabricated copied Pecksniffian affected assuming bland captious caviling dissembling double false feigning glib insincere jivey left-handed moralistic oily pharisaic pharisaical pietistic pious sanctimonious self-righteous smooth smooth-spoken smooth-tongued unctuous unnatural unreliable apish awkward campy chichi conceited counterfeit counterfeited faked fraud gone Hollywood ham hammy high falutin' imitated melodramatic ostentatious overdone pedantic playacting pompous precious pretentious put-on schmaltzy self-conscious shallow stiff stilted studied superficial theatrical uninjured unmoved calm natural unimpaired unhurt unchanged untroubled unswayed unperturbed amiss awry bad confused erring flawed glitched up haywire imperfect inappropriate out of order sick unfair unlawful unsuitable untoward good proper suitable doubtful dubious equivocal mythical unauthenticated ungenuine unsubstantiated unverified doubtless forced labored mannered unaffected unpretentious arty ephemeral flaunting illusory imitative overblown popular popularized tasteless Clout Demon False allegation complaint denunciation impeachment indictment recrimination arraignment attribution beef blast censure citation dido gripe imputation incrimination insinuation roar rumble slur squawk stink bum rap exposé approval commendation praise compliment flattery exculpation
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