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Tell Ann Kirkpatrick to #ExemptMeToo

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Ann Kirkpatrick Exempt Me Too AFP Just Exempt Me Exempt Me Arizona (US State) Ann Kirkpatrick (Lawyer) Americans For Prosperity (Organization) Americans For Prosperity advise announce confess declare disclose explain express inform instruct mention notify order report reveal say speak state summon acquaint apprise authorize bid command direct divulge enjoin impart leak level proclaim recite represent require utter break the news call upon clue in fill in give facts give out keep posted lay open leave word let in on let know let slip make known open up put before reel off spit it out ask be quiet conceal deny disavow hide keep secret question secrete suppress withhold deceive keep mislead estimate figure guess listen misunderstand portray recount relate depict rehearse chronicle give an account of set forth see identify know learn discriminate recognize clinch discover perceive comprehend deduce differentiate determine ascertain distinguish divine find out make out be sure know for 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