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Terroir Deconstructed Part 5 - Ocean & Season Length

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Matias Rios Winemaker Cono Sur Vineyards.


stovelength stove length season sees one uncle sun lounge using lungs sun lounges sees ones uncle sees one's uncle sees one in court terror terrors tarrier tearier error terra torier terrain trio tremor terrify merrier taro troy tyro tenor warrior tarry teary terras torrid art error be error Terroir interpret dismantle dissect decipher decode disentangle explicate gloss unravel any chunk component detail element factor item lot measure member piece section sector segment share side unit allotment apportionment articulation atom bit bite branch chip constituent cut department division extra fraction fragment helping hunk ingredient installment limb lump meed module moiety molecule organ parcel particle partition quantum quota ration scrap slab slice sliver splinter subdivision whole agreement entirety juncture total unity task business work role place function duty capacity office faction say charge involvement party responsibility cause behalf irresponsibility unemployment pastime fun entertainment dialogue hero lead character villain protagonist antagonist bit part walk-on lines cameo leading role minor role principal character romantic lead silent bit stock character straight part supporting role title role separate divide disunite articulate strip sever rend particularize subdivide split dissever sunder disjoin dismantle detach cleave tear portion itemize break up dichotomize come apart come arrive join gather collect attach unite link couple connect combine pull out quit depart break withdraw break off clear out hit the road push off shove off split up take off walk out on cut and run dedomicile ease out go separate ways leave flat part company quit the scene say goodbye ship out take a hike take leave allow continue stay wait remain abstract disconnect disengage dissociate extract isolate part remove steal take out uncouple strengthen expand introduce fill add lengthen complete insert accompaniment back back-up background backing harmony instrument accompaniments alienate come between disaffect divorce estrange make indifferent set against turn away turn off wean disarm be friendly marry alienating allocation allowance appropriation cut of pie end grant piece of the action rake off stint parts Nussy Part Parts P'ART pond puddle sea tide blue brine briny deep drink main seaway sink bounding main briny deep high seas salt water Seven Seas alkali brackish water marinade ocean pickling solution preservative saline sea water sodium chloride solution vinegar middle the high seas deep blue sea open sea the brine the briny deep the deep the deep sea the seven seas heap a lot abundance agglomeration aggregation amassment assemblage bank batch bulk bunch bundle cargo clump cluster collection concentration congeries deposit fullness gathering gobs great deal harvest haul hill hoard jumble load lot lots lump mass million mint mound mountain much oodles plenty pot profusion quantity scad stack stock stockpile store sum thousand ton total trillion volume whole bit part want need one lack debt ditch little valley individual heaps Ocean Nussy fall period summer time winter autumn division interval juncture occasion opportunity spell spring term while lace color pep enliven leaven salt spice pepper qualify discipline accustom school anneal inure fit acclimate steel harden train mature habituate toughen temper climatize neglect flex weaken soften acclimatize accommodate acculture conform get used to season acclimated indurate acculturate acquaint adapt familiarize accustoms baste brush with liquid drip grease lard Season Nussy breadth diameter dimension duration height limit magnitude mileage period piece portion quantity radius range section segment space span stretch term width compass continuance elongation endlessness expanse expansion extensiveness interval lastingness lengthiness linearity loftiness longitude longness measure orbit panorama purview reach realm remoteness season spaciousness stride tallness unit year protractedness ranginess extreme unimportance whole caliber bore class gauge grade length measurement quality striking power weight pleasure guess estimate degree amount amplitude division extent gradation intensity line link mark notch plane point proportion rate ratio rung scale scope severity shade size stage stair standard step stint strength tenor tier dullness lethargy degrees aspect bulk capacity element importance mass thickness time volume insignificance dimensions ambit bigness depth dimensionality extension extensity greatness largeness tininess smallness dimensions\u002Fdimension admeasurement Nussy Length lengths
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