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Terry Rozier on Losing Composure and Getting Ejected in Game 3, Matching Wizards Energy

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Terry Rozier on Losing Composure and Getting Ejected in Game 3, Matching Wizards Energy.Terry Rozier's full press conference following Celtics practice on 5/6/17 as Boston Celtics prepare for Game 4 vs Washington Wizards in Eastern Conference Semifinal.Get a $20 rebate off your first SeatGeek ticket purchase. Download the SeatGeek app, go to settings and enter promo code: GardenReport.Get the CLNS Radio App on your mobile device! Click Here:www.clnsradio.com/iosFREEwww.clnsradio.com/AndroidBe sure to like The Garden Report on Facebook and like and comment on each episode to get in the conversation!Filmed and produced by Jeremy Karpf for CLNS Media.


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