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Tesco pulls British sugar from its shelves and imports it from 5,000 miles Belize next Silver Spoon

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Tesco has sparked outrage by pulling British sugar from its shelves - despite one of its biggest stores being right next to the factory that makes it.The supermarket giant is now using suppliers who import stock from as far as 5,000 miles away in countries such as Belize rather than using bags made from British beet.After consumers reacted angrily online, Tesco confirmed it was now stocking Tate & Lyle, which imports sugar from overseas and then refines it at its base in Silvertown, east London.Paul Kenward, managing director of British Sugar which makes Silver Spoon, said the retailer dropped the household brand because of 'fractions of pennies' in the cost.'We didn't decide not to supply Tesco, they decided not to stock us,' he said.'The supermarkets in their marketing make a great play of supporting British food and locally grown produce.'But all too often - when it comes to a contract stage and they get presented with a choice - for fractions of pennies they will go the other way.'The factory, which produces Silver Spoon's product in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, is across the road from one of Tesco's largest edge-of-town superstores.Mr Kenward believes too few consumers realise sugar beet is grown in the UK - despite the Union Jack and Red Tractor logo on Silver Spoon packaging.He added: 'If Tesco wants to get the credit for being supportive of British farmers, then they should support British farmers.'Cambridgeshire beet grower and newly elected NFU Sugar board chairman Michael Sly said: 'Our growers will be disappointed by Tesco's decision.'Beet growing makes an important contribution to rural economies and supports many jobs in rural areas.'Mr Sly, who farms in Thorney, Cambridgeshire, added: 'Many people in Yorkshire, the East Midlands and East Anglia will know that beet is grown locally, yet Tesco is denying them the opportunity to back British farming by switching to cane sugar.'Tesco pulls British sugar from its shelves and imports it from 5,000 miles Belize next Silver Spoon,Tesco pulls British sugar,British sugar from its shelves and imports it from 5,000 miles Belize next Silver Spoon,British sugar,British,Tesco,Silver Spoon,Belize,000 miles,Tesco has sparked outrage by pulling British sugar from its shelves - despite one,one of its biggest stores being right next to the factory that makes it,Belize rather than using bags made from BritishTesco pulls British sugar from its shelves and imports it from 5,000 miles Belize next Silver Spoonhttps://youtu.be/xcViq10qeq0


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