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Tesla Q3 21 Earnings!! 🥳

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Tesla TSLA earnings tesla earnings q3 2021 stock tesla stock tsla stock conference call tesla q3 2021 earnings analysis call elon musk cybertruck austin berlin giga texas 4680 4680 production factories capacity operating margin revenue cashflow financials tesla financials tesla quarterly results shareholder letter model y model 3 model s plaid model y production 25k tesla Tesla Earn no earnings earnings earned Earnings earn earns 🥳 bba🥳. TSLA Tsla put bottom line gain income pay proceeds profit return revenue salary balance emolument gate groceries lucre net payoff receipts remuneration reward salt stipend takings wages in the black piece of the pie take-home debt loss payment bills losses acquisition accomplishment achievement allowance annuity award benefit bonus commission dividend donation earnings fortune gift grant increment inheritance premium prize riches security wealth winnings want need failure defeat lack dearth penalty punishment misfortune forfeit poverty acquisitions accretions achievements acquirements acquirings additions attainments buys gainings gains learnings obtainments possessions prizes procurations procurements procurings properties purchases pursuits recoveries redemption retrievals salvage needs failures lacks dearths surrenders forfeits compensation advantage amends atonement bread consideration counterclaim coverage damages defrayal deserts fee honorarium indemnification indemnity meet quittance reciprocity reckoning recompense recoupment redress reimbursement remittal remittance reparation reprisal requital restitution satisfaction scale settlement shake take wage forfeiture fine deprivation damage hurt funds accounts receivables affluence assets backings bankrolls belongings breads budgets capitals collaterals currencies doughs finance fluid assets hard cashes kitties lucres means money in the banks money on hands moneys nest eggs nuts petty cashes pork barrels profits ready moneys resources revenues savings scratches securities specie stakes stores stuff substances treasures wherewithals debts accretion accrual accumulation addition advance advancement attainment boost buildup cut gravy growth headway hike improvement increase produce progress rise share upping velvet yield waste deduction worsening decline handicap expenditure stoppage shrinkage reduction diminishment injury harm decrease hindrance disadvantage stagnation accruals accumulations advancements advances advantages benefits boosts buildups cuts dividends emoluments gravies growths hikes improvements incomes increases increments payoffs returns rises shares takes uppings ups velvets yields wastes deductions worsenings declines handicaps forfeitures expenditures stoppages shrinkages reductions misfortunes diminishments injuries decreases hindrances disadvantages Earn no earnings earned Earnings earn earns Tesla 2021 basic common dull established formal normal ordinary overused regular routine set standard staple stereotyped banal conventional customary hackneyed run-of-the-mill traditional trite typical usual worn-out abnormal different disorderly eccentric extra extraordinary infrequent irregular rare secondary uncommon unconventional unusual original goods supply fund stockpile inventory store reserve selection cache assets reservoir variety wares assortment choice range produce array hoard accumulation backlog nest egg articles pharmacopoeia commodities truth fact debt fowl domestic herd swine cattle flock horses sheep animals livestock beasts pigs cows farm animals lineage parentage descent family tribe house breed kindred extraction strain race kin background clan line type species folk pedigree forebears line of descent property share funds paper capital convertible bonds blue chips over-the-counter confidence count evaluation figure judgment review dependence reliance assessment estimate trust appraisal hope appraisement disbelief sell handle provide carry equip furnish fill amass gather keep have accumulate save provision put away deal in keep on hand lay in stow away trade in use up waste let go give distribute divide dissipate spend take deplete use squander scatter disperse a lot acres batch bulk bunch bundle cargo clump collection galore gobs great deal heaps legion load loads lots mass oodles plethora scad scads slathers slew stock tons volume wad whole couple bit few little accession accretion addition agglomeration aggrandizement aggregation amassment augmentation build-up chunk collecting conglomeration enlargement gob growth heap hoarding hunk increase inflation intensification multiplication pile quantity stack trove upping scattering dissipation dispersion dispersal subtraction reduction loss lessening shrinkage decrease ancestry ancestor antecedent antecessor blood breeding derivation forebear forefather foregoer foremother forerunner genealogy heritage origin precursor primogenitor progenitor source end effect result antecedent(s) forefather\u002Fmother descendant antecedents ancestors ancestries antecessors bloods descents extractions forefather\u002Fmothers genealogies lines primogenitors progenitors stocks descendants opinion pricing rating reckoning survey valuation TSLA Tsla put teleconference phone meeting three-way calling video teleconference Conference Call Conference call Redneck Conference Call ghetto conference call Conference Call of Duty consultation discussion forum interview meeting seminar symposium talk appointment argument chat colloquy confabulation congress conversation convocation deliberation gabfest groupthink huddle interchange palaver parley powwow ventilation conferring round robin Round Table think-in silence quiet organization association league ring circuit loop athletic union brainstorming buzz session conference council discussion group panel assembly accumulation aggregation assemblage band body bunch clambake cluster coffee klatch collection company conclave confab crew crowd faction flock gathering get-together group mass meet multitude rally sit-in throng turnout division one separation individual audience audition consideration reception audiences auditions conferences considerations consultations conversations discussions interviews meetings receptions silences briefing background meeting directions guidance information initiation instruction preamble priming rundown update chinfest chitchat colloquium converse dialogue discourse flap gab fest gam rap rap session talkfest confer Conference conference whore calling cry signal alarm command hail holler scream shout whoop yawp yell ahoy all hail request visit plea invitation proposal appeal order notice summons supplication subpoena bidding solicitation reply answer claim reason urge justification excuse right necessity occasion obligation grounds note song roar twitter warble cheep chirp peep shriek tweet announce vociferate awaken waken screech exclaim hoot proclaim bellow arouse bawl yowl rouse howl cry out yoo hoo receive stop cancel be quiet ignore refrain listen conceal calm invite telephone summon phone contact ask muster bid gather collect convoke convene assemble rally ring up distribute separate divide scatter disperse term dub name address style denominate title christen label baptize designate describe as appoint require declare charge decree elect challenge ordain entreat requisition solicit postulate exact appeal to pray to set apart dismiss disclaim deny put predict place guess reckon prophesy regard approximate adumbrate forecast vaticinate foretell augur judge prognosticate portend presage think make rough guess neglect displace remove disregard disbelieve beep ring blast buzz bleep get back to see play crash hit come by drop in look up run in come over drop by fall by fall down look in on pop in stop by stop in swing by accost annoy bother brace buttonhole call confront cross dare entice face flag greet proposition run into salute welcome whistle for turn away help shun scorn evade dodge avoid slight aid accosted addressed annoyed bothered braced buttonholed called challenged confronted crossed dared enticed faced flagged greeted hailed propositioned ran into saluted welcomed turned away helped shunned scorned evaded dodged avoided refrained slighted ignored aided accosts addresses annoys bothers braces buttonholes calls challenges confronts crosses dares entices faces flags greets hails propositions runs into salutes welcomes turns away helps shuns scorns evades dodges avoids refrains slights ignores aids approach bespeak deliver speech deliver talk discourse discuss get on a soapbox give speech give talk lecture memorialize orate pitch pontificate root for sermonize spiel spout stump take the floor talk pass overlook cut consigned dispatched forwarded inscribed labeled marked postmarked remitted routed sent shipped superscribed transmitted passed overlooked received retained kept held disregarded consigns dispatches forwards inscribes labels marks postmarks remits routes sends ships superscribes transmits passes overlooks receives retains keeps holds disregards cuts called it calling it the call calling it in The Calling Call it inquiry investigation reasoning scrutiny search study test assay breakdown dissection dissolution division partition resolution separation subdivision connection juncture unification unity whole interpretation judgment summary finding report opinion evaluation estimation outline acid test analysis conclusive test crucial test decisive test definitive test experiment genuineness proof proving ground substantiation sure test test of value trial verification analytics data logic anatomy biology cytology diagnosis embryology etiology examination genetics histology medicine morphology physiology zoology audit balancing check checking review survey view categorization classification detailed list itemization checkup control poll rein research help allowance permission liberation indulgence assistance aid Analysis Analysys Analysy Elon Musk Elon aroma flavor perfume smell stench stink whiff air bouquet effluvium efflux emanation essence exhalation fragrance pungency redolence snuff tang tincture trail pungence sweetness odor cantaloupe gourd papaya watermelon casaba honeydew nutmeg pepo melon musk Musk Cybertruck cybertruck Cybertruck bullying Austin Berlin Giga giga Texas construction management manufacture manufacturing assembly bearing blossoming creation direction elongation fabrication formulation fructification generation giving making origination preparation presentation prolongation protraction provision rendering reproduction return staging yielding authoring engendering extention producing destruction taking ruin accomplishment ability achievement act art attainment bringing about capability carrying out completion conclusion consummation coup deed effecting effort execution exploit feat finish fulfillment performance production proficiency realization skill stroke talent triumph defeat unfulfillment start beginning failure impotence nullification frustration loss introduction commencement forfeit idleness incompetence ignorance weakness incapacity inability accomplishments abilities achievements acts arts attainments bringing abouts capabilities carrying outs completions conclusions consummations coups deeds effectings efforts executions exploits feats finishes fulfillments performances productions proficiencies realizations skills strokes talents triumphs defeats unfulfillments starts beginnings failures frustrations losses introductions commencements forfeits weaknesses incapacities inabilities acquirement acquisition actualization conquest contrivance effectuation enactment encompassment hit masterpiece success tour de force victory neglect negligence misfortune miscue injury acquirements acquisitions conquests contrivances creations effectuations enactments encompassments hits masterpieces successes tour de forces victories misfortunes miscues injuries continuation assiduity augmenting continuance continuing continuity duration endurance enduring extension furtherance going on increase increasing line maintaining perpetuating perpetuation persisting postscript preservation preserving prolonging propagation sequel succession supplement sustaining sustenance tenacity stop end termination halt cessation stoppage brainchild chef-d'oeuvre concept handiwork magnum opus opus piece pièce de résistance work work of genius death Productful Productive product branch cooperative firm industry laboratory mill shop workshop forge foundry manufactory mint sweatshop warehouse workroom works machine shop salt mines factory factorials factorial Factorial quantity scope size space accommodation amplitude bulk burden compass contents dimensions expanse extent full latitude magnitude mass measure proportions range reach retention room spread sufficiency sweep holding ability holding power standing room only limitation impotence inability incompetence readiness strength talent power facility capability efficiency skill competence caliber bent gift forte intelligence faculty qualification adequacy genius stature aptness aptitude cleverness knack might inclination brains the goods up to it what it takes stupidity inaptitude incapability ineptness ignorance inefficiency incapacity weakness lack abilities adroitness bents capabilities commands crafts deftness expertise expertness finesses flair geniuses gifts handiness ingenuity knacks know-hows mastery mind fors proficiencies savvy skillfulnesses skills strengths talents the right stuffs stupidities paralyses want inanity inadequacies clumsiness limitations ineptitude incapacities weaknesses lacks inabilities ability capacity competency comprehension dexterity endowment potentiality resourcefulness understanding paralysis inadequacy action capability commensurateness enough fairness plenty requisiteness satisfactoriness suitableness tolerableness inadequateness insufficiency giftedness proficiency smarts stuff disinclination aptitudes capacities competences faculties giftednesses skillessnesses inaptitudes docility instinct Capac Capacibility performing running accomplishing administering conducting contriving determining directing driving executing finishing fulfilling guiding maintaining managing manipulating moving ordering practicing regulating revolving serving spinning supervising sustaining transacting turning using wielding at work working operational acting going producing control direction operation active alive astir bustling effective efficacious exertive flowing functioning hasty impelling in force in play in process mobile movable operating operative progressive pushing rapid restless rolling rushing rustling shifting simmering speeding speedy streaming swarming traveling walking quiet fixed quiescent indifferent idle disinterested sluggish lazy inert inactive immobile dormant abeyant unmovable inoperative employed at it busy engaged hired in a job in collar in harness in place inked laboring occupied on board on duty on the job on the payroll plugging away selected signed unoccupied unengaged unemployed farming agriculture agronomics agronomy breeding crop-raising cultivation culture feeding gardening geoponics gleaning grazing growing harvesting homesteading hydroponics landscaping production ranching reaping seeding share-cropping soil culture threshing tillage destruction action activity behavior duty performance task inertia inactivity idleness rust permanent stationary hitting Operating the operator operator oper Operation edge limit surplus allowance bound boundary brim brink compass extra field frame hem latitude leeway lip perimeter periphery play rim scope selvage shore side skirt space trimming verge confine elbowroom center inside interior middle core beach bank coast lakeshore lakeside littoral margin oceanfront seaboard seafront seashore seaside shingle strand waterfront border abut adjoin be adjacent to bind circumscribe communicate contour decorate define delineate encircle enclose flank fringe join line march mark off neighbor outline set off surround touch trim loose free lose let go release bordered abutted adjoined circumscribed communicated contoured decorated defined delineated edged encircled enclosed flanked framed fringed hemmed joined lined marched margined marked off neighbored outlined rimmed sided skirted surrounded touched trimmed verged was adjacent to was inside loosed freed lost let went centered released borders abuts adjoins binds circumscribes communicates contours decorates defines delineates edges encircles encloses flanks frames fringes hems is adjacent to joins lines marches margins marks off neighbors outlines rims sets off sides skirts surrounds touches trims verges is inside looses frees loses let goes centers releases bound\u002Fbounds end environs extremity limitation pale precinct term termination minimum boundaries abuttals ambits barriers beginnings borderlands borderlines bounds brinks circumferences circumscriptions compasses confines ends extents extremities frontiers horizons limits line of demarcations marks meres metes outposts pales perimeters peripheries precincts purlieuses radii terminals terminations termini starts openings minimums middles interiors insides marginalize marginally Marginal marginable marginalized marginator credit dividend earnings fund gain interest pay proceeds receipt return salary stock wealth yield acquirement annuity emolument fruits gate get gravy handle means net payoff perquisite resources reward split strength take takings wages bottom line cash flow debt loss payment duties burdens businesses callings charges chores commissions commitments committals contracts devoirs dues engagements functions hooks jobs loads millstones minding the stores missions musts needs obligations occupations offices onuses oughts pains parts provinces roles services stations strings taking care of businesses tasks troubles trusts undertakings weights works inconstancies irresponsibility helps blessings benefits unemployment treacheries faithlessness disregard hobbies surrenders advantages aids pastimes fun entertainments duty assessment custom customs due excise impost levy rate revenue tariff toll inconstancy treachery balance groceries in the black income lucre piece of the pie profit receipts remuneration salt stipend take-home losses bills endowment award benefaction benefit bequest bestowal boon bounty dispensation donation funding gifting grant gratuity inheritance largess legacy nest egg pension presentation property provision stake subsidy trust weakness inability drawback disadvantage finances affairs assets balance sheet budget capital cash condition funds net worth wherewithal worth accounts receivables affluence backings bankrolls belongings breads budgets capitals collaterals currencies doughs finance fluid assets hard cashes kitties lucres money in the banks money on hands moneys nest eggs nuts petty cashes pork barrels possessions profits properties ready moneys revenues savings scratches securities specie stakes stores stuff substances treasures wherewithals winnings poverty debts lil revenue Ad Revenue Revenue Collector Revenue Shareholder cash flow cash flow valley swag money cash flow Urban cash flow cash money flow Cash Money Flow Financiality financial Financial Dominatrix financial security financial terrorist financial geologist financial asshole periodically once a quarter once every three months magazine annual bimonthly biweekly booklet broadside brochure circular daily digest gazette glossy joint journal manual monthly newsletter newspaper organ pamphlet paper periodical pulp quarterly rag review semiweekly sheet slick throwaway weekly magazines annuals bimonthlies biweeklies booklets broadsides brochures circulars dailies digests gazettes glossies joints journals manuals monthlies newsletters newspapers organs pamphlets papers periodicals quarterlies rags reviews semiweeklies sheets slicks throwaways weeklies mag number serial A & F Quarterly Quarterly Monogamist Quarterly Circumcision conclusion consequence decision development event issue outcome product reaction aftereffect aftermath arrangement backwash by-product close completion consummation corollary creature crop denouement determination emanation end eventuality execution finish fruit fruition harvest offshoot outcropping outgrowth payoff proceeds production repercussion returns sequel sequence settlement termination upshot ensual beginning cause commencement origin source start failure initiation introduction opening unfulfillment emerge derive appear come from rise culminate emanate stem produce arise follow grow ensue occur proceed attend conclude terminate originate flow effect eventuate accrue spring germinate come about come out pan out turn out wind up work out be due to become of come forth come of eventualize neglect keep introduce initiate stop halt decline begin ignore precede lessen decrease commence create disappear after-effects causatum chain reaction consequences flak impact remainder residual residuum results waves data abstracts brass tacks chapter and verse circumstances compilations conclusions details documents dope dossier evidence experiments facts figures goods info input knowledge materials measurements memorandums notes picture proof reports scoop score statistics testimony whole story return accrual accruement advantage avail compensation gain gate income interest lucre profit reciprocation recompense reimbursement reparation repayment requital retaliation revenue reward take takings yield question leave departure request payment penalty forfeiture loss debt accounts forms lists records statements tabulations questions leaves departures requests payments debts result Resultant Result bondholder investor shareowner backer banker capitalist lender shareholder stockholder venture capitalist investors backers bankers capitalists lenders shareholders stockholders venture capitalists participant a party to actor aide assistant associate attendant colleague contributor helper member partaker participator partner party player sharer fan spectator boss enemy participants a party tos actors aides assistants associates attendants colleagues contributors helpers ins members partakers participators parties partners players sharers fans spectators bosses enemies stakeholder ally collaborator team member stakeholders emotional shareholder Revenue Shareholder sign ABCs alphabet cap capital character majuscule minuscule rune type uncial small letter number speech memo memorandum note answer report reply message billet dispatch epistle line missive acknowledgment junk mail thank you postcard kite question acclamation addressing apology applause appreciation bestowal bow card confession contract credit gift gratitude greeting guarantee hail hailing letter nod notice reaction receipt response return salutation salute signature statement support thanks token criticism request disapproval application appeal blank claim demand draft entreaty form inquiry paper petition requisition solicitation suit applications appeals blanks claims demands drafts entreaties forms inquiries letters papers petitions requisitions solicitations suits replies autobiography adventures bio biography diary experience journal life life story memoir personal history self-portrayal cipher device emblem figure hieroglyph logo mark monogram numeral characters appearances aspects attributes badges bents calibers casts complexes complexions constitutions crases dispositions emotions estimations ethoses frame of minds frames geniuses grains habits humors kinds makeups mettle moods morale mystique natures personalities qualities records reputations repute senses sets shapes singularities sorts specialties spirits standings streaks styles temperaments tempers tones traits turns types veins Letters letter a exemplary miniature classic classical copy dummy facsimile imitation perfect representative standard archetypal commendable flawless illustrative paradigmatic prototypical quintessential typical very abnormal different irregular uncharacteristic atypical imperfect unusual picture photograph figure image portrait painting sketch effigy ringer copycat layout duplicate print clone illustration pocket statue cartoon engraving ditto setup look-alike relief representation dead ringer game plan spitting image visual statuette figurine mock-up tracing paste-up knock-off photographer original entity being pattern symbol ideal design prototype type nonesuch embodiment touchstone archetype paragon apotheosis quintessence exemplar hero saint emblem criterion epitome paradigm mold nonpareil gauge beau ideal role model lodestar mirror guess nude mannequin manikin subject sitter style form variety kind mode configuration mark create fashion cast base plan carve sculpt represent wear sport parade sit show off set example average clichéd conventional hackneyed model most characteristic prime stereotypical stock textbook trite unique classic exemplar perfect specimen prime example disorganization archetypic archetypical characteristic prototypal prototypic assemble compile connect construct contrive erect fabricate fit join make manufacture piece together produce set up shape unite weld take apart divide stop break separate scatter disperse wreck demolish disconnect raze ruin destroy bathing beauty Miss America Miss Universe attractive woman beauty contest winner beauty queen cover girl glamour girl Model Tesla Model 3 tartan checked variegated check checkerboard patchwork plaid quilt help allowance permission liberation indulgence assistance aid checkered checky diversified motley mutable quilted spotted mosaic checker montage tessellation variegation confusion disorder hash jumble medley miscellany mishmash muddle olio pastiche salad salmagundi stew system method organization order calm 25k racks
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