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Texas DEVASTATED By Snow Storm - Capitalism Makes It Worse

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Texas bowl searching ravage raze ruin wreck desecrate desolate despoil devour level pillage plunder raid sack smash spoil total trash waste depredate do one in lay waste spoliate stamp out take apart wipe off map build construct create guard help improve protect save enrich destroyed abolished annihilated blasted blighted broken consumed demolished devastated devoured disintegrated eradicated felled gutted killed lost obliterated overwhelmed ravaged ruined sacked shattered smashed torn down totaled wasted wiped out wrecked saved sober fixed restored protected intact repaired successful finished bankrupt done done for done in drained empty exhausted gone played out spent through undone washed up kept unrefined crude rich stored held incomplete unsophisticated unfinished uncultivated lively wealthy solvent grief-stricken anguished cheerless dejected depressed despairing distressed down heartbroken heartsick heavyhearted hurting inconsolable melancholy miserable morose overcome troubled unhappy woebegone bygone dead dissipated forgotten lapsed misspent misused obsolete out-of-date past perished squandered unremembered attentive existent alive found accomplishing present cognizant aware living existing winning current affected moved overpowered repulsed upset vanquished worsted blizzard snowfall snow flurry slush sleet snowbank snowdrift snowflake powder snow snow blanket snow crystal snowstorm firn graupel beguile betray bluff burn cheat chisel con deceive delude double-cross dupe entice exploit finesse flimflam gyp have hoodwink impose on jockey juggle lure manipulate mislead play play for a sucker rook rope in scam seduce shave snow stick string along suck in take take in trick offer give repulse disenchant turn off refuse beguiled beguiles beguiling bewilder addle baffle ball up befuddle bemuse confound daze disconcert distract floor fluster mix up muddle mystify perplex puzzle rattle stump stupefy throw upset help clarify clear up orient comfort calm soothe explicate explain enlighten bewildering bowl searching Snow blast blizzard cyclone disturbance downpour gale gust hurricane monsoon precipitation snowstorm squall tempest tornado twister blow cloudburst whirlwind windstorm precip raining cats and dogs calm quiet clearness peace bomb burst onslaught violence hail attack barrage bombardment outbreak upheaval salvo agitation fury cannonade blitz racket hassle anger convulsion row annoyance perturbation offensive onset passion blitzkrieg furor clamor hysteria stir outburst pother assault bustle ruction clatter rush rage roar tumult strife fusillade rumpus volley outcry bluster temper drumfire rabidity broadside rampancy order enjoyment agreement harmony defense silence joy calmness happiness tear stalk rip fume beset rant rave drizzle aggress thunder scold charge strike sizzle spit stomp rain assail complain fly drop pour howl carry on come at go on take on blow violently breathe fire burn up set in sound off steam up take by storm be happy praise sew advance accelerate achieve bring forward come forward conquer continue ahead continue on dispatch drive elevate forge ahead gain ground get ahead get green light get there get with it go ahead go forth go forward go great guns go places go to town hasten launch make headway make the scene march move on move onward move up press on proceed progress promote propel push ahead push on quicken send forward skyrocket speed step forward storm yield withdraw turn keep hold stop halt take back decrease retrogress retreat recede hesitate back down retard cease hinder advances advancing fight go at have at lunge at quarrel make peace agree acrimony animosity antagonism blow up cat fit chagrin choler conniption dander disapprobation displeasure distemper enmity exasperation gall hatred hissy fit huff ill humor ill temper impatience indignation infuriation irascibility ire irritability irritation mad miff outrage peevishness petulance pique rankling resentment slow burn soreness stew tantrum tiff umbrage vexation cheer love ease kindness comfort pleasure pleasantness good nature contentment agreeability liking glee good will delight angers Storm commercialism competition democracy industrialism mercantilism free enterprise free market laissez faire economics private enterprise communism consumerism business capitalism merchandising trading entrepreneurship enterprise venture capital free competition free economy free-enterprise economy free-enterprise system liberalism open market self-regulating market free trade balance of trade managed prices multilateral trade noninvolvement reciprocal trade capitalistic system private ownership private sector economic sector Capitalism bowl searching cause compose form generate manufacture prepare produce accomplish adjust arrange assemble beget brew conceive constitute construct cook effect engender fabricate fashion forge frame hatch initiate invent mold occasion originate parent procreate secure shape spawn synthesize whip bring about cook up dash off draw on dream up get ready give rise to knock off lead to put together tear off throw together whip out break destroy neglect ruin confuse demolish derange disarrange dismantle disorder disorganize disperse divide end fail finish give up ignore kill lose raze scatter separate tell truth terminate calculate crush demote deny disallow discourage dissuade halt measure prevent refuse refute renounce stop veto start require force drive coerce oblige tamper impress interfere impel press constrain meddle horn in pressurize dragoon concuss shotgun prevail upon leave alone let go invest create advance tap name nominate ordain delegate install proffer tender elect assign select finger keep pass over take back perform carry out conduct act pass establish wage prosecute decree formulate legislate fix practice declare draft carry on draw up carry through engage in forget leave idle cease organize represent equal texture mix comprise compound embody structure amount to make up come to exclude collect draw think deduct figure conclude reckon gather deduce derive gauge judge suppose dope out disbelieve guess estimate receive get pull harvest clear sock obtain rate gain net reap realize hustle bring in pull down take in bring home bacon clean up plant forfeit meet head move reach proceed bear attain catch progress light out strike out take off arrive at arrive in time break for get to set out miss stay decrease retrogress retreat bad poor ill not so good inferior average base common déclassé fair good-for-nothing hack imperfect indifferent junk lemon lousy low-grade low-rent mean mediocre middling ordinary paltry poorer sad second-class sorry substandard tawdry two-bit worse wretched superior better best uncommon noble good extreme exceptional foremost first-rate first-class excellent honest unusual extraordinary abnormal low-quality second-rate shabby more second class more second-class more secondclass
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