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The ABCs of Emotional Intelligence - Why Your Child's EQ Matters More Than Their IQ

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Award-Winning Child Development Expert Shares Simple Strategies to Build the Fundamentals of Feelings and Introduces Viewers to The Moodsters Emotional ...


Intelligence Quotient (Literature Subject) Emotion (Quotation Subject) Emotional Intelligence affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the The abecedarian basal basic beginning clear duck soup easy elemental essential facile foundational fundamental initial introductory meat and potatoes original plain prefatory preliminary primary primitive primo rudimentary simplest simplex simplified straightforward substratal uncomplex uncomplicated underlying rudimental involved hard difficult compound complex secondary intricate complicated abstruse extra advanced additional elementary sign alphabet cap character minuscule capital type majuscule rune uncial small letter speech number letter case specific article fact circumstance rundown picture story thing nitty-gritty specification point feature scoop element item cue score know gospel clue bottom line brass tacks chapter and verse nuts and bolts speciality facts of life lowdown whole story generality particular foundation basics heart guts essentials beginnings principles elements first principles fear cowardice rudiments comment announcement remark word description proclamation explanation affidavit charge allegation testimony report account presentation assurance dictum communication ejaculation profession manifesto asseveration acknowledgment make aside avowal articulation averment vocalization recitation affirmation observation mention recital protestation verbalization narrative relation voice utterance blow-by-blow ventilation presentment communiqué question request silence quiet statement strength meat effect amount stuff significance subject kernel purport tenor innards focus sense nub staple pith theme essentiality import corpus body core gist drift bottom crux burden upshot thrust marrow quintessence center basis soul matter mass name of the game gravamen sum total general meaning virtuality way of it exteriority poverty periphery surface nothingness nothing insignificance outside exterior substance first steps detail tale version history chronicle take tab narration bulletin run-down annal blow by blow play by play the picture the whole picture justification rationale reason rationalization definition sketch confession summary depiction information portrayal yarn rehearsal delineation brief record vignette declaration representation monograph fingerprint explication characterization portraiture summarization recountal writeup misrepresentation concealment schedule structure part design plan peculiarity respect minutia triviality nicety fraction factor trivia trait dope technicality component specialty accessory singularity count portion circumstantiality fine point minor point generalization entirety whole precondition essence requirement condition requisite principle prerequisite must rudiment groceries part and parcel sine qua non fire and ice vital part throwaway subsidiary nonessential auxiliary fundamentals morphemes syllabary symbols ideograph hieroglyphs characters signs phonemes pictograph graphic representation infrastructure groundwork support authority base bedrock footing root bed prop substratum foot stay ground underpinning substructure understructure top law cornerstone rule theorem constituent axiom rock bottom coal and ice principium addition subordinate syntax stratification linguistics accidence morphology sentence structure tagmemics grammar preparation origin background preliminaries guidebook manual catalog handbook key directory tip-off compendium bible landmark signal bellwether mark beacon print pointer telltale signpost enchiridion lodestar marker guiding light hot lead the book the numbers vade mecum guide ABCs accounts descriptions ABC Big Mad a b c A.B.C. affecting exciting heated hysterical impassioned moving nervous passionate poignant sensitive sentimental spontaneous touching ardent disturbed ecstatic emotive enthusiastic excitable falling apart fanatical feeling fervent fervid fickle fiery heartwarming histrionic hot-blooded impetuous impulsive irrational overwrought pathetic responsive roused sentient stirred stirring susceptible tear-jerking temperamental tender thrilling warm zealous apathetic calm cool dull impassive indifferent numb unemotional unenthusiastic unexcited unexciting unmoving physical affective emotional intuitive noncognitive perceptual visceral charged filled fraught full imbued intense laden permeated saturated suffused empty demonstrative affectionate candid effusive evincive expansive explanatory expository frank gushing illustrative indicative loving open outgoing outpouring outspoken plain profuse symptomatic unconstrained unreserved unrestrained warmhearted anticlimactic reserved cold mysterious inconclusive confusing undemonstrative uncommunicative restrained inexpressive dishonest ambiguous vague unclear dramatic breathtaking climactic comic effective electrifying expressive farcical impressive melodramatic powerful sensational startling striking sudden suspenseful tense theatrical thespian tragic tragicomic vivid ordinary normal weak unimpressive ugly usual comedic ineffective drippy bathetic gushy maudlin mawkish mushy romantic sappy slushy sobby soppy weepy agitable alarmable edgy fidgety fierce galvanic hasty high-strung hot-headed hot-tempered impatient inflammable intolerant irascible mercurial moody neurotic overzealous peevish quick quick-tempered rash reckless restless short fused skittish testy touchy uncontrolled uneasy vehement violent volatile volcanic unexcitable insensitive easy-going easy uninspired passive laid-back Big Mad e-motional Emotional Emo tional acumen agility brilliance intellect judgment perception quickness savvy sense skill subtlety understanding wit acuity alertness aptitude brainpower brains brightness capacity cleverness comprehension coruscation discernment luminosity mentality mind penetration perspicacity precocity quotient reason sagacity smarts trenchancy gray matter the right stuff what it takes ignorance inability stupidity disinclination physicality ineptness data knowledge picture notice word disclosure notification advice tidings tip-off dirt clue facts leak report news rumor info findings hot tip inside story lowdown silence abilities capability competence competency dexterity endowment facility faculty intelligence might potentiality qualification resourcefulness strength talent paralysis incapability impotence inanity inadequacy clumsiness limitation incapacity incompetence weakness lack ability acuteness astuteness awareness cunning discrimination farsightedness good taste grasp guile ingenuity insight intuition keenness percipience perspicuity refinement sensitivity sharpness shrewdness smartness vision wisdom obtuseness denseness misunderstanding insensitivity mistake misinterpretation apprehension idea ken notion thought ease calmness flair gift giftedness knack proficiency stuff inaptitude ineptitude Big Mad Intelligence cause motive mystery proof how conundrum brain-teaser closed book enigma mystification poser problem puzzlement riddle why conundrums Gordian knot bewilderment cliffhanger crux cryptogram grabber knot mind-boggler mind-twister parable perplexity puzzle puzzler question question mark secret sphinx sticker stickler stumper teaser tough nut to crack twister grounds account antecedent argument base bedrock call chapter and verse demonstration determinant dope evidence excuse factor footing foundation goods groundwork inducement info information infrastructure justification numbers occasion pretext rationale reason root seat straight stuff substratum test testimony trial underpinning wherefore whyfor discouragement annex hindrance mysteries abstruseness brainteaser braintwister charade chiller difficulty inscrutability inscrutableness mindboggler occult oracle rebus rune secrecy subtlety thriller whodunit understanding known Why Why? your Big Mad YOUR Your you'r element material thing amount being body constituents corporeality entity individual object phenomenon protoplasm quantity stuff substantiality sum corporeity materialness physical world abstract concept inanimate insignificance meaninglessness nothing nothingness zero affair transaction proceeding business circumstance question job topic incident situation event subject lookout episode occurrence undertaking bag nub goings-on shooting match unemployment point argument theme interest sense head substance motif purport text focus motive context resolution subject matter consequence importance neighborhood extent weight range note vicinity content upshot core gist moment burden import tune meat pith magnitude order exteriority unimportance triviality outside exterior predicament to-do distress grievance upset complication perplexity trouble worry peace solution advantage happiness infection discharge pus ulceration maturation suppuration purulence count signify involve imply affect mean weigh express value carry weight be important be of value be substantive cut ice have influence make a difference mean something exclude dealing affairs balls in air commerce concerns doings intercourse irons in fire matters proceedings sale strings things trade traffic transactions truck wire pulling dealings deal deed events happenings annals archives documents minutes records world ambience area atmosphere domain field life memory province pursuits realm sphere system matter Big Mad Matters Matter also extra further higher new other major spare added amassed and another augmented besides bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended farther fresh heavier in addition increased innumerable larger likewise massed more than that numerous over and above supplementary too many wider fewer less better over too additionally beyond furthermore moreover longer along with as well withal combined joined more over-and-above supplemental additional affixed appended on the side option padding perk necessary again along as well as conjointly in conjunction with in like manner including on top of plus still to boot together with a distinct a further a separate one more some other that added to and all apart from aside from exclusive of in distinction to in excess of in other respects more than not counting on top of everything other than otherwise secondly supplementary to with the exception of yet bigger greater preponderant unhealthy sicker smaller worse Big Mad MORE More than their Big Mad The IRS Their computation remainder result fraction bit division fragment part partial piece portion quotient ratio section segment slice subdivision total entirety whole fractions intelligence acuity acumen agility alertness aptitude brainpower brains brightness brilliance capacity cleverness comprehension coruscation discernment gray matter intellect judgment luminosity mentality mind penetration perception perspicacity precocity quickness reason sagacity savvy sense skill smarts subtlety the right stuff trenchancy understanding what it takes wit ineptness stupidity disinclination physicality inability ignorance arrangement correlation correspondence equation proportion proportionality quota rate relationship scale difference ratios share allowance apportionment bite chunk claim commission contribution cut cut in cut up divide dividend divvy dose drag due end fifty-fifty halver helping heritage interest lagniappe lot measure meed parcel partage percentage pittance plum points quantum quotum rake-off ration serving split stake taste whack Quotient Big Mad affection anger concern desire despair empathy excitement feeling fervor grief happiness joy love passion pride rage remorse sadness sentiment shame sorrow sympathy warmth affect agitation ardor commotion despondency disturbance drive ecstasy elation excitability inspiration melancholy perturbation responsiveness satisfaction sensation sensibility sensitiveness thrill tremor vehemence vibes zeal affectivity gut reaction apathy calm calmness cheer dislike hate hatred indifference peace unhappiness woe depression lethargy quiet stillness tranquility physicality amore attachment care case closeness crush devotion emotion endearment friendliness friendship good will hankering heart inclination itch kindness liking predilection propensity puppy love regard shine soft spot solicitude tenderness weakness yen disinterest neglect ill will enmity animosity antipathy coldness negligence carelessness drama climax comedy crisis dramatics farce histrionics melodrama scene spectacle tension theatrics tragedy enthusiasm activity ardency avidity conviction craze dash eagerness earnestness energy exhilaration fad fanaticism fever fieriness fire flame flare frenzy fury gaiety glow heat hilarity hobby impetuosity intensity interest joyfulness keenness life mania mirth nerve oomph orgasm pep rapture red heat relish snap spirit transport verve vim vivacity zealousness zest élan weariness dullness pessimism doubt aloofness frigidity lifelessness coolness laziness inactivity action ado adventure animation bother buzz confusion discomposure dither excitation ferment flurry furor fuss hubbub hullabaloo hurry hysteria impulse instigation intoxication motivation motive movement provocation stimulation stimulus stir titillation to-do trepidation tumult turmoil urge wildness rest discouragement order lull boredom inertia idleness stoppage inaction cessation hindrance appreciation behavior capacity compassion cultivation culture delicacy discernment discrimination faculty fondness imagination impression intelligence intuition judgment palpability pathos pity reaction refinement sensitivity sentimentality sharpness tangibility taste understanding thing solid concrete ineptness mercilessness unconsciousness numbness insensibility incompetence inability ignorance Big Mad E-Motion e-motions Emotions emotional intelligence Big Mad Emotional intelligence
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