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The best surfing skill that you can develop anywhere at anytime

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every the finest first first-rate leading outstanding perfect terrific ace baddest boss capital champion chief cool culminating nonpareil optimum premium prime primo principal super superlative tops A-1 beyond compare choicest first-class foremost greatest highest incomparable inimitable matchless number 1 out-of-sight paramount peerless preeminent sans pareil second to none supreme transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed inferior poor least minor poorest secondary unimportant worst incorrect not right preferred advantageous apt desirable golden most desirable most fitting presentable biggest bulkiest largest fewest advantageously attractively creditably extremely gloriously greatly honorably illustriously magnanimously most deeply most fortunately most fully most highly sincerely choice favorite cream elite fat flower gem model paragon pick prize select top cream of the crop utmost all one's got best shot hardest highest endeavor level best Sunday best beat blank 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every-time no matter when when one will whenever ever anytime at all times at any point by any chance consistently constantly continually endlessly eternally everlastingly evermore for keeps forever in any case in perpetuum incessantly invariably on any occasion perpetually regularly relentlessly till cows come home to the end of time unceasingly unendingly usually someday after a while at a future time finally in a time to come on a day one day one fine day one of these days one time or another sometime sooner or later subsequently ultimately never
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