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The 'caterpillar' is safe! Antarctic research station is dragged 14 miles across an ice shelf to avo

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The 'caterpillar' is safe! Antarctic research station is dragged 14 miles across an ice shelf to avoid a dangerous crack in the ice (but will now be abandoned for ...


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  The ultimate wilderness: Antarctic research station's 14-mile journey across the ice shelf   Antarctic research station's 14-mile journey across the ice shelf   Giant Ice Crack Forces Evacuation of Antarctic Research Base   Halley VI Research Station   Drone footage shows scale of the Antarctic ice crack   Ice Crack Threatens Antarctic Research Station   Relocation Halley VI Research Station   Halley VI Research Station relocation success   Antarctic Ice Shelf Keeps on Cracking   The crack in this Antarctic ice shelf just grew by 11 miles A dramatic break could be imminent   The story of the crack in the Brunt Ice Shelf   Giant iceberg set to break off from Antarctic ice shelf   NASA | Antarctic "Larsen B Ice Shelf" will Disappear by 2020 : TV5 News   Huge iceberg breaks off Antarctic ice shelf   10,000-Year Old Antarctic Ice Shelf Disintegrating   Halley Research Station completes relocation process, reopens in November - TomoNews   Ice Crack Shuts Down Antarctic Base   Massive Iceberg Breaks Away From Antarctica   The new breach in the Larsen C: ice shelf presents a significant risk for stability.   Crack in the Brunt ice shelf - drone footage by British Antarctic Survey   One of the biggest icebergs ever seen is about to break.   Larsen C Ice Shelf   Massive iceberg Antarctic   Crack in the Brunt Ice Shelf - Drone Footage   Iceberg A-68 drifts away from Larsen-C Ice Shelf, Antarctica   Antarctic ice shelf crack could create super iceberg   Enormous 130 km Crack Spreading Across Antarctic Ice Shelf as Predicted by Edgar Cayce in 1895   UW meteorologist talks about Antarctic iceberg   Climate change could cause the Antarctic ice shelf   Ice coring in Antarctica   One-Trillion-Ton Iceberg Says Bye-Bye Antarctica   Massive crack in Antarctic has grown over 27 km in last two months   Wilkins ice shelf break up British Antarctic Survey   A strong El Niño event melted Antarctic ice   Antarctica Just Broke A Disturbing Record   Massive iceberg breaks away from Antarctica   Massive Iceberg Falls Off Antarctica - Satellite Photos   Larsen ice shelf could disintegrate again   Iceberg breaks away from Antarctic ice shelf   Iceberg breaks away from Antarctic ice shelf - YouTube   Iceberg breaks away from Antarctic ice shelf   Massive crack in Antarctica ice shelf grows 11 miles in only 6 days   Another huge rift: has appeared on the Antarctic Larsen C ice shelf.   Birth of a Giant Iceberg -- Unprecedented Aerial View | Video   Antarctica is melting faster than originally thought, new study finds   Birth of a Giant Iceberg -- Climate Change Evidence? | Video   See the crack that could spawn a massive iceberg   Is Antarctica Breaking?   Massive Fast Moving Crack Thats Ripping Antarctica Apart RIGHT NOW Captured in Mesmerising [VIDEO]   Scientists Pull Research Station Away From Ice Cracks   Rare dragon skin ice spotted in Antarctica   A Slushie Is Great--Except When It's In Antarctica   Kelvin Waves: convert the East Antarctic winds to the melting of the west ice.   Antarctica Iceberg Could Have 'Dire Consequences'   Large iceberg breaks off Pine Island Glacier   Wilkins Ice Shelf   Massive Iceberg Breaks Free In Antarctica   Antarctic Maximum Sea Ice Extent 2015   Vast iceberg splits from Antarctic ice shelf   Enormous Iceberg Breaks Off Of Antarctica   Giant iceberg breaks off Antarctica   Tour Rothera Antarctic research station by drone   Giant Iceberg Breaks Away from Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica   Giant iceberg breaks off   Giant iceberg breaks off - YouTube   Antarctic Ice Crack Forces UK Scientists to Leave   Larsen C of Antarctica Iceberg: is on the verge of rupture.   Antarctic ice shelf rift forces UK scientists to leave   Giant gravity wave is spotted on Venus: Bow-shaped feature stretches 6,200 miles across its atmosphe   Delaware-Sized Iceberg Splits Off From Antarctica   Larsen B Part 2: Iceberg is further away from the Antarctic shelf.   NASA Captures Alarming Image Of 70-Mile Long Antarctic Ice Shelf Rift   Climate change: 130-km-long crack might cause Antarctic Larsen C ice shelf to break off - TomoNews   More ice is about to break off of Antarctica — and it's what scientists feared most   Huge Antarctic iceberg finally breaks free - Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica

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