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The Clout Human Centipede - How Political Streamer Cliques 'Work'

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every the influence prestige sway weight authority pull standing blow box clip clobber cuff rap slap smack sock strike thump wallop whack ascendancy authorization beef charge clout command credit domination dominion edge esteem force goods government guts juice jump jurisdiction leg up license mastery might might and main permission permit pizazz pow powerhouse prerogative punch right ropes rule say say-so steam strength strong arm stuff supremacy upper hand warrant what it takes whip hand word breach break disadvantage inferiority lack lethargy powerlessness prohibition subordination weakness bargaining chip advantage leverage power beat bang bash bat batter belt bruise buffet cane castigate club collide crush cudgel drub flagellate flail flog hammer hit knock lambaste lash lick maltreat mash maul pelt pound pummel punish ram slug spank swat thrash thresh thwack trounce whale whip protect aid assist guard help biff crack roundhouse wham whop let have it pop slam smash smite sock it to someone fail lose praise tap biffed animal mortal personal anthropoid biped hominid individual anthropological anthropomorphic bipedal civilized creatural ethnologic ethological fallible fleshly forgivable hominal hominine humanistic vulnerable immortal inhuman unmanly body character child creature life being personage soul wight abstract inanimate nonentity plant Cro-Magnon man Cro-Magnon Cro-Magnon race Homo sapiens Paleolithic man cave dweller caveman cavewoman human altruistic Robin Hood all heart benevolent big big-hearted bleeding heart charitable considerate generous good good scout humane humanitarian kind magnanimous openhanded philanthropic self-sacrificing stingy uncharitable selfish beast conscious thing entity human being living thing organism person thing concept deadness bodily actual carnal corporal corporeal gross material natural normal organic physical sensual somatic substantial tangible unspiritual mental soulful spiritual party fantasy spirit anatomical fleshy objective phenomenal sensible partial cerebral immaterial intangible maggot worm caterpillar entozoon grub ant flea insect mosquito rodent bedbug fly foxes lice mice rat snake termite weasel vermin centipede according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which wherein at which point in what respect where why cause motive mystery proof bureaucratic civic constitutional economical legislative official civil civilian domestic governmental home interior local municipal national political public foreign ill-mannered impolite rude unkind communal countrywide ethnic federal general government civic imperial inland internal interstate nationwide native politic royal social societal sovereign state sweeping vernacular widespread private flag pennant ensign pennon standard banderole banner pendant banderol banneret bannerol burgee colors guidon masthead oriflamme streamer advertisement burst page headline bannerette emblem gonfalon insignia symbol jack flags banderoles bannerols banners burgees emblems ensigns gonfalons jacks pennons standards streamers cabal clan coterie faction gang mob posse Mafia bunch camarilla camp circle club crew crowd crush insiders lobby organization outfit pack ring set society in-group individual association affiliation alliance band clique coalition combination combo company confederacy confederation congress cooperative corporation family federation fellowship fraternity guild hookup league order partnership pool rat pack sodality sorority syndicate tie up tie-in tribe troops troupe union zoo disunion separation aloneness antagonism disassociation division isolation opposition rivalry seclusion solitude associations acquaintances acquaintanceships affiliations agreements assistance camaraderies companionship comradeship conjunctions cooperations familiarities fellowships fraternization frequentings friendliness hookups intimacies memberships participations partnerships relations relationships divisions disassociations oppositions disagreements solitudes separations seclusions rivalries isolations disunions antagonisms alonenesses incompatibilities aloofness unfamiliarities strangeness ignorance assembly bevy body cluster collection corps covey gathering horde menagerie party troop one brotherhood community kinship divorce sisterhood class companions comrades cronies intimates lot school ancestry birth bourgeoisie breed caliber caste condition connection cultural level degree derivation descent estate extraction genealogy grade hierarchy influence intelligentsia lineage moiety nobility origin pecking order pedigree pigeonhole place position prestige quality sect social rank source sphere standing state station status stock strain stratum the right stuff tier title unemployment conclusion consequence death effect end outgrowth result
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