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The curse of Rama. Magic cow Kamadhenu.

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affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the cwtch The bane expletive obscenity profanity whammy anathema ban blasphemy commination cursing cussing damning denunciation execration fulmination imprecation malediction oath obloquy profanation sacrilege swearing vilification cuss word dirty name dirty word double whammy four-letter word malison naughty words no-no objuration swear word compliment piety praise reverence disaster scourge evil calamity burden jinx pestilence cancer ordeal cross torment plague affliction voodoo tribulation trouble vexation evil eye hydra peace help comfort fortune benefit good fortune blessing aid contentment happiness boon advantage good luck cuss imprecate blaspheme flame execrate bedamn be foul-mouthed take name in vain talk dirty use bad language utter profanity abomination aversion bother curse detestation horror nuisance shame right esteem enjoyment beauty love pleasure treat joy delight abuse bad-mouthing blame castigation censure curses defamation derision hosing insults invective kicking around libel opprobrium pushing around put-down quinine reproach revilement scolding signifying slander tirade upbraiding vituperation respect exaltation approval plaudit adulation acclamation preservation commendation flattery condemnation damnation excommunication proscription reprehension reprobation reproof taboo banish bar blackball close down close up declare illegal disallow enjoin exclude halt ice out illegalize inhibit interdict outlaw pass by pass up prevent prohibit proscribe restrict shut out suppress admit let go push allow welcome include release permit blight bête noir despair destruction downfall fatal attraction misery pest poison ruin ruination trial undoing venom woe cheer construction creation relief health success prosperity building banning banishing barring blackballing closing down closing up declaring illegal disallowing enjoining excluding halting illegalizing inhibiting interdicting outlawing passing by passing up preventing prohibiting proscribing restricting shutting out suppressing admitting let going pushing allowing welcoming including releasing permitting cwtch Curses Curse fascination illusion wizardry alchemy allurement astrology augury bewitchment conjuring conjury devilry diabolism divination enchantment exorcism foreboding horoscopy incantation legerdemain magnetism necromancy occultism power prediction presage prestidigitation prophecy rune soothsaying sorcery spell superstition taboo thaumaturgy trickery voodoo voodooism witchcraft black art fortune-telling hocuspocus sleight of hand sortilege reality black magic hermetics magic pseudo science abracadabra black hocus-pocus spell-casting witchery demon worship demonianism mysticism satanism charm agreeableness appeal attraction attractiveness beauty bewitchery charisma chemistry conjuration delightfulness desirability glamour grace lure pizzazz something star quality ugliness repulsion charms amulets fetishes good-luck pieces jujus lucky pieces madstones mascots phylacteries rabbit's foots trinkets zemis repulsions deviltry cruelty devilishment devilment diablerie evil evil magic evildoing high jinks iniquity mischief-making mischievousness misdeed naughtiness offense prankishness rascality roguery roguishness shenanigans sin trouble wickedness wrong wrongdoing good kindness virtue morality goodness happiness Magic cwtch appall bludgeon bully daunt dishearten embarrass faze frighten rattle strong-arm subdue terrorize unnerve abash awe bluster buffalo bulldoze discomfit disconcert dismay dragoon enforce hector overawe scare showboat lean on push around turn on the heat walk heavy calm comfort embolden encourage gladden hearten help incite inspirit please soothe alarm astonish blow away cow dazzle flabbergast grandstand horrify hotdog impress intimidate knock socks off startle strike stun stupefy terrify expect bore delight reassure assist awed alarmed appalled astonished blew away cowed daunted dazzled flabbergasted frightened grandstanded horrified hotdoged impressed intimidated knocked socks off overawed scared showboated startled struck stunned stupefied terrified pleased expected helped encouraged delighted emboldened soothed reassured gladdened comforted calmed assisted badger boast brag brazen browbeat crow domineer gloat rant rave ride the high horse roar roister shoot off one's mouth show off storm strut swagger swell talk big vapor vaunt yap be quiet deprecate blustered badgered boasted bragged brazened bulldozed crowed domineered gloated hectored ranted raved roared rode the high horse roistered shot off one's mouth showed off stormed strutted swaggered swelled talked big vapored vaunted yapped was modest was quiet deprecated blustering badgering boasting bragging brazening browbeating bulldozing cowing crowing domineering gloating hectoring ranting raving riding the high horse roaring roistering shooting off one's mouth showing off storming strutting swaggering swelling talking big vaporing vaunting yapping being modest being quiet deprecating bovine oxen cwtch Kine COWS
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