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The demolition begins Workmen start ripping up squalid huts at Calais Jungle despite thousands decl

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Demolition work has finally begun at the Calais Jungle this afternoon with workmen using mini diggers to rip down the squalid camp. A team of more than 30 ...


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  Migrants set to work destroying their own squalid huts (and even bikes) before French.   Thousands moved from 'Jungle' camp ahead of demolition   France begins to clear Calais camp - BBC News   Massive fire in Calais "Jungle" camp, France 26.10.2016 Пожар в лагере беженцев в Кале, видео   Finish Refugees "Jungle" camp in Calais France 23.10.2016   Lily Allen in tears after hearing the plight of refugees in Calais   Lily Allen in Calais: 'I apologise on behalf of my country'- BBC News   Meet the Calais refugee children who dream of a life free from violence and war   The battle of the Calais Jungle has begun: Police fire tear gas at mob of stone-throwing.   Huge fire in refugee camp "Jungle" in Calais (as demolition eviction) 26.10.2016   Where will ‘Jungle’ refugees go after Calais camp’s demolition?   Calais 'Jungle' demolition continues   Migrants set to spread across Northern France as they are forced to leave Calais Jungle   Paris reports rise in migrant rough-sleepers   Clashes in Calais Jungle refugee camp, France 25.10.2016 Беженцы попытались отстоять лагерь в Кале   Migrants 'cleared from Jungle camp'   Returning to the site of the Calais 'Jungle' - Sky News   Returning to the site of the Calais 'Jungle'   The End Of The Calais ‘Jungle’?   Row escalates over Calais child refugees   As 'Jungle' camp disappears, Calais ponders the future   What's the future for children in 'the Jungle' in Calais? BBC Newsnight   Female cyclist gets revenge on cat calling workmen   Calais: 'Junge' migrant camp finally being cleared   Calais 'Jungle' migrant camp to be ‘gradually dismantled’   A huge fire tore through at least half of the Grande-Synthe migrant camp outside.   End of Calais ‘Jungle’? Migrants in panic & despair over camp relocation plan   Calais Migrant camps emerge in Paris after the 'Jungle' dismantled   Migrants spread to all corners of France and UK as Calais Jungle is demolished   The end of 'The Jungle'   Pepsi's journey: from the Philippines to the Calais Jungle   Migrants Clash With Riot Police in France At Calais "Jungle" | NowThis   Migrants Clash With Riot Police in France At Calais "Jungle"   Refugee crisis: The lost boys of Calais   Crisis in Calais: The Jungle   France: Fires burn at Calais 'Jungle' on third day of evacuation   Flames leap from 'The Jungle'   Calais France Mayor Says Don't Feed The Migrants - They Don't Want New Jungles of them   Calais minors become focus of concern as camp demolition advances   Life in the Calais 'Jungle' - BBC Newsnight   Paris migrant camps grow after 'Jungle' demolition   'I was told "no chance of England"' – 'Jungle' migrant   Entering the Calais Jungle   Fresh fires break out at Calais 'Jungle' camp   Calais 'Jungle' camp tents set ablaze   Calais migrants: Life in the Jungle | Guardian Features   Refugees at Calais Jungle Camp Threatened with Eviction   Police Evict Thousands Of Migrants From North Paris Sidewalks   Aid workers admit 'Calais kids' are LYING about their age in 'shambolic' selection process   France: New facilities installed for migrants in Calais after local authorities lose appeal   Children still stranded after Calais camp bulldozed - world   Refugees Evicted From Calais "Jungle" Camp   Calais 'Jungle' demolition: overnight clashes between migrants and French police   Demolition begins at Valley View Friday   What's happening with the migrant crisis? - BBC Newsnight   Save the Children's Dorothy Sang on undocumented children as Calais' Jungle camp closes   À Calais, les migrants sont de retour avec l’espoir de rejoindre l’Angleterre   France: Police carry out arrests at Calais refugee camp   Calais eviction 360 view: The ‘Jungle’ camp dismantled   Why Does France Control The UK's Border?   French Police Perform Sweep On Paris Migrant Camp   French police target migrants in Paris   Refugees still at Calais camp despite ‘successful’ eviction   Calais Migrants: What's it like in the "Jungle"? (360 video) BBC News   The Abandoned Front Line Of Europe's Refugee Crisis   The Jungle burns in Calais   UK to accept children from Calais Jungle camp 'within days'   What's Next for Calais Refugee 'Jungle?'   Belgium suspends Schengen to stop 'Jungle' migrants   Calais migrants set Jungle camp shelters ablaze   Woman Cyclist Chases Catcalling Van Driver And Gets Amazing Revenge (FULL VIDEO)   Calais: Police fire tear gas at mob of stone-throwing migrants   Thousands Displaced At Otodo-Gbamme Demolition Despite Court Order   First refugee children arrive in UK from Calais as French prepare to raze Jungle camp   First 14 children from Calais 'jungle' arrive in UK

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