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The embodiment of ignorance and hypocrisy

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Hilarious! The exact moment is at 00:56. Jacqui Lambie and Yassmin Abdel-Magied on Q&A, 13 February 2017.Full episode: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/txt/s4...


yassmin abdel-magied q&a qanda abc debate islam muslim atheism sjw social just warrior feminism feminist jacqui lambie affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the The Jazz Cabbage apotheosis archetype avatar epitome exemplar expression personification realization symbol cast collection comprehension conformation embracement encompassment example exemplification form formation incarnation inclusion incorporation integration matter organization prosopopoeia quintessence reification structure systematization type disorganization exclusion bodies anatomy bag of bones beefcake bod boody build carcass chassis constitution embodiment figure frame makeup mortal part protoplasm shaft shape tenement torso trunk one thought inanimate immateriality spirit soul mind individual nothingness nothing fantasy concept abstract body copy duplicate facsimile mold plaster replica sculpture retention keeping catch original essence illustration last word representation typification ultimate addition increase extension expansion enlargement essentiality being essentialness heart importance meaning nature significance substance insignificance appearance articulation configuration construction contour cut design die fashion framework mode model outline pattern plan profile scheme silhouette skeleton style system disorder disarrangement bewilderment disregard illiteracy insensitivity blindness callowness crudeness darkness denseness dumbness fog incapacity incomprehension innocence nescience oblivion obtuseness philistinism rawness sciolism shallowness simplicity unawareness unconsciousness uncouthness unenlightenment unfamiliarity vagueness benightedness empty-headedness half-knowledge inscience lack of education mental incapacity naiveté unscholarliness cognizance understanding competence cultivation education experience intelligence knowledge literacy talent wisdom awkwardness amateurishness artlessness boorishness cloddishness coarseness gawkiness gracelessness greenness ignorance inability incompetence ineptitude ineptness inexpertness maladroitness oafishness rudeness tactlessness uncoordination ungainliness unskillfulness straightforwardness ease convenience handiness grace politeness cleverness easiness skill elegance dexterity artfulness sophistication amateur immaturity newness youth babyishness childish behavior childishness imperfection incompleteness infantilism puerility inexperience candidness credulousness forthrightness frankness freshness guilelessness gullibility ingenuousness innocuousness innoxiousness inoffensiveness lack plainness purity sincerity unaffectedness unknowingness unsophistication unworldliness virtue wildness treacherousness corruption blame badness impurity sin guilt evil Jazz Cabbage Ignorance along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less Jazz Cabbage And? And's bigotry deceit deception dishonesty duplicity fraud insincerity mockery affectation cant casuistry display dissembling dissimulation double-dealing falsity glibness imposture irreverence lie pietism quackery sanctimoniousness sanctimony speciousness unctuousness bad faith false profession lip service pharisaicalness pharisaism phoniness fairness frankness honesty openness trustworthiness truth truthfulness uprightness forthrightness righteousness sincerity ambidexterity disingenuousness hypocrisy artificiality unnaturalness affected piety humbug hypocriticalness pecksniffery pious platitudes pomposity pretense pretentiousness sham holiness show standard reality ambidextrousness artifice cheating chicane chicanery cozening craft craftiness cunning deceitfulness defrauding dirty dealing dirty pool dissemblance entrapping fraudulence guile imposition overreaching slyness smoke and mirrors trapping treachery trickery two-facedness two-timing underhandedness artlessness beguilement betrayal blarney boondoggle cheat circumvention cozenage deceptiveness defraudation dirt disinformation dupery equivocation falsehood fast one flimflam hokum juggling legerdemain lying mendacity prevarication snow job sophism treason trickiness trumpery untruth honor loyalty faithfulness Jazz Cabbage Hypocrisy yassmin Jazz Cabbage Qanda Jazz Cabbage article case circumstance fact specific ABC's clue cue element feature gospel item know nitty-gritty picture point rundown scoop score speciality specification story thing bottom line brass tacks chapter and verse facts of life lowdown nuts and bolts what's what whole story generality particular foundation rudiments essentials principles elements first steps the three R's basics ABC Jazz Cabbage a b c A.B.C. argument contest controversy deliberation dispute match agitation altercation argumentation cogitation contention controverting dialectic disputation hassle meditation mooting polemic rebutting reflection refuting tiff words wrangle blah-blah forensic agreement peace quiet harmony consider bicker deliberate question oppose answer contend confab differ bandy pettifog prove confute refute rehash controvert agitate reason moot disprove canvass demonstrate cogitate rebut cross swords lock horns altercate bump heads chew the fat discept hammer away at hash over have at it kick around knock around pick a bone put up argument set to talk back talk game thrash out toss around go along make peace endorse agree harmonize give in alarm argue arouse bug bug up burn up confuse craze debate discompose disconcert discuss disquiet distract disturb egg on examine excite ferment flurry fluster get to incite inflame make flip move perturb psych rouse ruffle spook stimulate stir trouble turn on unhinge upset ventilate work up worry please clarify order discourage lull explain tranquilize organize soothe reassure pacify comfort calm appease agitating expostulate hold maintain remonstrate talk about keep quiet overlook abstain comply ignore argued argues arguing Jazz Cabbage Debate Islam Jazz Cabbage islam Muslim Jazz Cabbage Muslims muslim nihilism disbelief doubt freethinking godlessness heresy iconoclasm impiety infidelity irreligion irreverence paganism skepticism unbelief nonbelief belief trust godliness piety religion atheism distrust dubiety incredulity mistrust rejection repudiation unbelievingness unfaith faith confidence certainty ratification agnosticism apostasy blasphemy defection dissent dissidence divergence error fallacy heterodoxy misbelief nonconformism nonconformity revisionism schism sectarianism secularism sin harmony agreement orthodoxy incredulousness discredit abnegation anarchy denial disorder lawlessness mob rule renunciation terrorism allowance approval optimism obedience Atheism Jazz Cabbage SJW Jazz Cabbage S.J.W SJWs civil communal collective common community cordial familiar general group nice sociable societal amusing communicative companionable convivial diverting entertaining gracious gregarious hospitable informative mannerly neighborly organized pleasant pleasurable polished polite popular abnormal aloof cool disagreeable extraordinary rare uncommon unfriendly unpleasant unsociable unusual hermetical private secluded unsocial bee communal gathering harvest party social work party behavioral detectable developmental discernible evident observable outward physiological internal accepted coincident communistic commutual congruous conjoint conjunct constant corporate correspondent customary generic in common intermutual joint like mutual prevailing prevalent public reciprocal shared socialistic united universal usual well-known widespread superior sophisticated refined noble high separate particular singular excellent cultured aristocratic valuable scarce noteworthy infrequent specific individual commonest affable amicable buddy buddy clubby complacent congenial conversable cozy cozy with genial good-natured intimate mellow outgoing pally palsy tight tight with foreign opposing antagonistic adapted agreeable amical compatible complaisant consistent consonant cooperative delightful favorable fit good-humored happy harmonious jovial kindly kindred like-minded pleasing regular fellow right neighborly suitable sympathetic well-suited mean nasty harsh unhappy cold unsympathetic uncongenial incompatible ill-suited unkind hateful discordant Social Jazz Cabbage Socials socials equitable aloof blameless condign conscientious decent dependable dispassionate due equal ethical evenhanded fair-minded good honest honorable lawful nondiscriminatory nonpartisan objective pure reliable right righteous rightful rigid scrupulous strict tried true trustworthy unbiased uncolored upright virtuous imprecise inaccurate inappropriate inequitable partial unfair unfitting unjust unjustified unsuitable unsuited wrong cogent correct exact faithful normal proper regular sound veracious well-founded well-grounded veridical justified undistorted apt befitting deserved felicitous fit fitting happy legitimate meet merited reasonable requisite well-deserved exactly precisely absolutely accurately completely directly entirely expressly perfectly sharp square squarely smack-dab unmistakably indefinitely scarce scarcely barely hardly almost approximately lately nearly now presently recently a moment ago at this moment by very little just a while ago just now right now only simply but plainly solely at most no more than nothing but accurate authentic careful close concrete defined definite deft detailed discriminating discriminative distinct explicit factual genuine judicious just literal matter-of-fact methodical meticulous on the button on the money on the nose particular punctilious punctual rigorous scientific severe skillful solid specific systematic ultraprecise unerring unmistakable doubtful improper false easy-going general uncareful careless undetailed untruthful questionable mistaken misleading erroneous lax faulty unreal counterfeit lenient vague uncertain inexact indefinite incorrect untrustworthy unreliable admissible acceptable allowed applicable appropriate concedable fair justifiable legal licit likely logical not impossible not unlikely okay passable permissible permitted pertinent possible probable rational relevant suitable tolerable tolerated warranted worthy inapplicable inadmissible illegitimate irrelevant all all in all altogether fully purely quite totally utterly wholly partly partially incompletely adapted appurtenant apropos becoming belonging congruous convenient desired germane opportune seemly tailor-made useful well-suited well-timed unfit misbehaving unseemly unbecoming evil unskilled inopportune apposite timely stupid incapable inapt disinclined balanced counterbalanced equivalent offset proportional stabilized symmetrical uniform unbalanced unsymmetrical unequal imbalanced unreasonable prejudiced biased Jazz Cabbage Justs Just champion fighter hero soldier battler combatant conscript trooper enlisted person fighting person serviceperson advocate ally backer challenger champ conqueror defender endorser exponent expounder guardian heroine medalist nonpareil number one numero uno paladin partisan patron proponent protector supporter sympathizer the greatest titleholder top dog upholder vanquisher victor vindicator warrior winner opposition antagonist loser opponent enemy champions adversary assailant attacker belligerent contender foe serviceman friend helper assistant contestant aspirant candidate contester dark horse disputant entrant favorite hopeful member participant player rival scrapper team member fan spectator contestants aggressor boxer brawler bruiser bully competitor duelist gladiator heavy jouster mercenary militant person-at-arms pugilist punching bag slugger tanker warlord wildcat peacemaker Warrior Jazz Cabbage warriors Warriors feminist movement sisterhood womanism women's lib women's liberation women's movement equal rights feminism rights of women women's rights movement women's studies women's suffrage Feminism Jazz Cabbage Feminist Jazz Cabbage feminist Jacqui Jazz Cabbage lambie Jazz Cabbage Lambie
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