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The exact moment we lost

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Dota 2 (Video Game) swell sag bloat poke bilge bag belly jut pouch blob lessen shrink reduce lower balloon beetle billow bug out dilate distend enlarge expand extrude overhang pop out protrude protuberate puff out stand out stick out project bulge Blobbing blobbing same color sweatpants ugly not matching b.j. beej head blo-j ivory whistle fat nasty funny gross sex large people jet slate onyx coal sable pitch ebony dingy dusky livid murky sooty sloe raven ebon swart white clean happy good dark inky slag jetty brunet clouded shadowy somber swarthy inklike piceous sombre stygian atramentous charcoal melanoid obsidian pitch-dark starless bituminous coal-black midnight pitch-black ashes basalt coulee magma scoria pitchy pitch-dark pitchy black lava Obsidian metal doom psychedelic occult rock different weird scary unusual altar shrine temple atelier burrow cave cloister couch cubbyhole haunt hideout hole hotbed lair lodge nest retreat sanctuary sanctum shelter snuggery study asylum cover 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discomposure dismay disquiet disturbance exasperation fear foreboding fretfulness handicap impediment incubus misgiving nuisance oppression perplexity pressure solicitude stew stress sweat uneasiness unhappiness vexation bereavement Sorrow sorrows sadness love excitement suicide emo jerk lol lolumad lolubad kay dissappointment anger frustration comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The why and peter griffin family guy comedy what fuck wtf word teh sex perfect literal correct clear express right careful nice orderly sharp verbal true dead on inexact vague flawed wrong obscure loose fuzzy strict finicky fussy heedful severe lenient careless extort wrest impose compel claim levy force oblige pinch gouge bleed assess coerce call wrench wring put on let go give free answer actual categorical conclusive consummate decided decisive definite exact factual fixed genuine infallible positive precise sure unambiguous undeniable unequivocal unmitigated unquestionable authentic close concrete defined deft detailed discriminating discriminative distinct explicit faithful judicious just matter-of-fact methodical meticulous on the button on the money on the nose particular proper punctilious punctual regular rigid rigorous scientific scrupulous skillful solid specific systematic ultraprecise unerring unmistakable veracious absolute authoritative certain definitive errorless faultless final flawless irrefutable official straight truthful undisputed unimpeachable unrefuted valid current existent extant live living original prevailing accurate good great amount charge demand evaluate fix rate tax value all right exacts exactly yeah yes know point flash time date bit minute stage wink crack while jiffy second shake tick jiff hour sec trice whole note use weight profit value avail pith import worth loss instant little while moment space spell stretch blow breather breathing space pause rest ten account concern exigency fame honor interest magnitude momentousness need portent renown reputation repute signification weightiness age century course day duration epoch era generation juncture period quarter reign span term year accent accentuation attention decidedness force headline highlight impressiveness insistence intensity positiveness power preeminence priority significance strength stress underlining underscoring breathing burst outburst show twinkling breath consequence emphasis Moment spur of the moment love romance movie matrix computer friend party guy girl woman man friends get ready ready hair makeup villan family millisecond anything something spaz roii nerd douche one two three four five gay moment anti-hetero interlude joe-ment moe-ment merryment absent adrift invisible vanished hidden misplaced gone missed lacking strayed wandering forfeit 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astounded awe-struck awed baffled befuddled bowled over dazed dazzled disconcerted dizzy dumbfounded dumbstruck flabbergasted flipped out floored flustered giddy in a dither misled muddled mystified perplexed punchy puzzled rattled reeling shocked shook up speechless staggered startled stumped stunned stupefied surprised taken aback thrown thunderstruck uncertain unglued ancient antiquated archaic belated dated defunct departed down memory lane erstwhile extinct forgotten former gone by in oblivion late of old of yore old-fashioned old-time olden oldfangled one-time out-of-date previous quondam sometime water over the dam water under the bridge absent-minded bankrupt bewildered Lost LOST programme random polar bear french chick dota DotA Dota warcraft iii eul icefrog allstars sucks naw just kidding warctaft 3 tft roc wciii wc3 noob pro l2p pwn computer strategy fun internet defense the ancients unrequited love
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