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The genius of Mendeleev's periodic table - Lou Serico

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View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-genius-of-mendeleev-s-periodic-table-lou-serico The elements had been listed and carefully arranged before ...


TEDEducation TED-Ed TED Ed periodic table Dmitri Mendeleev Mendeleev chemistry elements table of elements Lou Serico Biljana Labovic Celeste Lai Nick Sumida Franz Palomares Ekaaluminium Gallium comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The acumen knack prowess ability wisdom talent prodigy flair bent brain aptness expert turn head power reach adept faculty grasp mature lack weakness amateur idiot imbecile adroitness capability cleverness command craft deftness expertise expertness finesse genius gift handiness ingenuity know-how mastery mind for proficiency savvy skill skillfulness strength the goods the right stuff what it takes champion master pro star virtuoso winner wizard accomplishment artfulness brilliance craftship creativity style taste touch virtuosity workmanship aim aptitude bag disposition druthers facility forte head-set inclining leaning mind-set nose penchant predilection predisposition preference proclivity propensity set tack tendency thing for tilt weakness for Einstein academician doctor egghead highbrow intellect intellectual mastermind pundit sage scholar accomplished acute astute brainy bright clever discerning eggheaded gifted ingenious inventive knowing knowledgeable masterly penetrating profound quick quick-witted sharp smart talented whip whiz kid ace artistry brilliant Genius yearly recurrent annual occasional repeated regular routine sporadic periodical alternate cyclical daily infrequent perennial rhythmic serial spasmodic cyclic isochronal seasonal monthly recurring weekly centennial epochal hourly orbital unusual lasting variable constant circular patterned periodic repetitive circadian common commonplace constantly day after day day by day day-to-day diurnal everyday from day to day often once a day once daily ordinary per diem quotidian regularly bits and pieces broken capricious catchy changeable desultory disturbed erratic flickering fluctuating haphazard herky-jerky hit-or-miss impulsive inconstant intermittent interrupted on-again-off-again random restive restless shifting spastic spotty unstable a good many continual customary expected familiar general habitual incessant iterated manifold many monotonous numberless numerous perpetual persistent pleonastic profuse redundant reiterated reiterative successive thick ubiquitous usual various arrested by bits and pieces checked discontinuing discontinuous every other fitful here and there isochronous iterant iterative metrical now and then on and off punctuated rhythmical stop-and-go frequent Periodic buffet bench stand desk bar board wagon bureau sink pulpit slab menu fare cuisine food diet spread flat plain mesa list chart agenda schedule index graph register canon synopsis summary record appendix plan roll digest defer shelve propose put off submit suggest move hang delay enter cool hold up hold off vote stop addendum addition adjunct appendage appurtenance attachment codicil excursus notes postscript rider sample supplement table verification almanac annal bulletin card chronology daybook diary docket journal lineup log logbook menology pipeline program sked system of reckoning tab time timetable assize catalogue command commandment criterion declaration decree decretum dictate doctrine dogma formula law maxim order ordinance precept principle regulation screed standard statute tenet touchstone yardstick archive brief calendar cartulary charts classification compendium directory draft enumeration gazette gazetteer hit list inventory prospectus roster slate specification syllabus blueprint diagram outline plat plot rough draft scheme sketch tabulation adjourn block detain extend give rain check hang fire hinder impede intermit lay over lengthen obstruct postpone procrastinate prolong prorogue protract put on back burner put on hold put on ice remit retard set aside slow stall stay suspend waive catalog Table TABLE tables grisly ghastly awful hideous grim beastly cruel eerie fearful gross heinous pretty nice abhorrent abominable appalling bloodcurdling detestable disagreeable disgusting dreadful execrable frightful gruesome hair-raising horrific loathsome lou horrid Lou Sericos TED Ted D'mitri Dmitri dmitri allure appeal bait draw lure charm pull repulsion revulsion magic beauty grace spell ugliness system design unity harmony format running plan making method pattern whole make-up forming imbalance anxiety disquiet unrest ferment dyspathy calm ease peace biology physics allurement attractiveness captivation chemistry come-on courting drawing power enchantment endearment enthrallment enticement fascination gravitation inclination inducement interest invitation magnetism seduction solicitation temptation tendency agreeableness attraction bewitchery charisma conjuration delightfulness desirability glamour pizzazz something sorcery star quality witchery alignment assembling assembly composition configuration conformation constitution construction coordination disposal formation formulation framework grouping institution management methodology organism organizing planning regulation situation standard standardization structure structuring symmetry agitation dysphoria excitement restlessness uneasiness life sciences pure science science of matter organization disquietude natural science Chemistry item part view bit piece basic trace basis hint drop stem facet root unit whole domain medium field milieu sphere foreign land ABCs characters elements fundamentals graphic representation hieroglyphs ideograph morphemes phonemes pictograph rune signs syllabary symbols accidence alphabet fundaments linguistics morphology principles rudiments sentence structure stratification structure syntax tagmemics basics beginnings essentials first principles foundation guts heart nitty-gritty little modicum smidge smidgen soupçon tad climate clime ABC's brass tacks first steps nuts and bolts the three R's grammar smattering weather Element element Biljana Celeste celeste Lais lais lai Lai LAI dreamer distracted away ignore slight disregard cold-shoulder l.a.i love actually lie actually&39;d xmas x-mas chirstmas ask out davidlai david pineapple hair chuck lazy thomas liar lies social outcast virgin mute closet freak chronic masterbator cut dent mark slit dint jag mill scar praise accommodation apprehension appropriation bag booby trap bust captivity capture collar commitment confinement constraint crimp detention drop fall gaff glom grab heat hook imprisonment incarceration jailing mitt nab nail nick nip pick up pickle pinch preventive custody protective custody pull pull in restraining run in sequestering snare sweep apprehend book brace catch detain get imprison incarcerate jail kick net put the arm on put the cuffs on round up roust secure seize sidetrack snag tab tag take in take prisoner toss in jail appraise apprise assay check check out compute determine dig it estimate figure fix gauge guess judge peg rate reckon set size size up survey take measure valuate value weigh ask alms benefit bite bum burn buzz cadge call on call upon chisel clamor for dime up ding freeload hit up hustle knock live hand to mouth mendicate mooch nickel up panhandle pass the hat put the bite on put the touch on score scrounge solicit charity sponge sponge on tap touch want amount bad news cost damage expenditure expense outlay payment price price tag squeeze tariff tick buy on credit chalk up cuff debit encumber go into hock incur debt paste put on account put on one's card put on the cuff put on the tab receive credit run up arrest assess beg charge Nick sumida Franz palomares gallium
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