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The Hypnotic Trance Is Back 3/7/17

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Neil Sackmary is making it rain.


morning blend jj snyder shawn tempesta neil sackmary nevada coin mart money cash buy sell affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense the histrionical The double texting mesmerizing soothing anesthetic anodyne lenitive narcotic opiate soporific calmative mesmeric sleepy somniferous somnolent soporose trance-inducing exciting exhilarating inspiring stimulating analgesic dope gas hypnotic inhalant pain-killer shot spinal alluring appealing larger than life magnetic poised captivating enchanting enticing entrancing enveloping fascinating inviting riveting arresting bewitching charismatic charming irresistible pulling seductive anaesthetics anesthetics immersive repellent repulsive double texting coma rapture reverie stupor unconsciousness abstraction catalepsy catatonia daze dream ecstasy glaze insensibility muse petrifaction spell study transfixion transfixture consciousness absorption aloofness brooding cogitation consideration contemplation daydreaming detachment engrossment entrancement musing pensiveness pondering preoccupation reflecting reflection remoteness ruminating thinking trance dreaminess blackout dullness faint hebetude lethargy oblivion sleep slumber somnolence swoon syncope torpidity torpor befuddlement bewilderment distraction gauze haze lala-land maze muddledness nadaville narcosis shock stupefaction bubble castle in the air chimera daydream delusion fancy fantasy hallucination head trip idea image imagination impression incubus mental picture nightmare pie in the sky pipe dream rainbow specter speculation thought vagary wraith neglect ignorance disregard disdain bemusement wakefulness liveliness alertness understanding expectation substance certainty fact concrete truth entity existence actuality reality dreams double texting Trance backward behind final following hind posterior rear rearward tail aback abaft aft after astern back of hindmost in the wake of rearmost beginning first front preceding future back advocate condone egg on encourage endorse goad incite instigate prod promote provoke sanction spur support urge around in reverse round back-up background backing harmony instrument part past delayed former overdue previous elapsed present current reverse extremity backside stern tail end tailpiece hindquarters back end far end hindpart assist finance uphold favor sponsor underwrite abet champion angel subsidize stake countenance grubstake second bankroll sustain boost ally abide by go to bat for side with give a boost give a leg up give a lift stand behind stick by stick up for go forward advance halt discourage oppose hurt dissuade prevent refuse disapprove protest thwart hinder withdraw repulse backtrack retire recede retract repel regress retreat fall back turn tail drive back forge meet attract stop resist obstruct impede frustrate deter counter reject abetted abetting about accompaniment double texting backs mini blind more nibbled more inland more inbound more unblended more inclined more indolent more insolent miniblind more nibbling making land moving behind more unbent morning Morning Blend double texting dawn aurora cockcrow daybreak daylight dayspring forenoon morn morrow prime sunrise sunup after midnight ante meridiem before lunch before noon break of day breakfast time crack of dawn early bright first blush foreday morningtide wee hours darkness sunset cockcrowing dawning first light morning bright day peep light brightening early morning first brightening first flush of morning first impression first sight outset peep of day cocklight dawnlight day-peep flush of the morning glow half-light finish conclusion end ending sundown setting eventide evening dusk double texting Morning amalgam brew combination concoction fusion mixture synthesis alloy amalgamation commixture composite compound intermixture union interfusion division separation natural element amalgamate blend combine commingle commix intermingle intermix mingle stir unite mingling mélange attenuate cheapen contaminate cook corrupt cut defile degrade denature depreciate deteriorate devalue dilute dissolve doctor doctor up falsify impair infiltrate irrigate lace make impure mix phony up plant pollute shave spike taint thin transfuse vitiate water down weaken accord answer attune be in harmony click cohere coincide concert concord concur conform consort correspond equal fall in with fit get along with go hand in hand go together go well with harmonize jibe match parallel square suit synchronize tally admix fuse merge synthesize integrate meld weld coalesce cement interblend disharmonize separate part divide disperse disconnect complement arrange unify orchestrate symphonize go well go with disorganize admixture adulterate refine free clarify approve raise help strengthen concentrate filter distill upgrade increase assist aid improve cleanse thicken purify honor clean agree oppose decline contend diverge clash disagree question differ protest dissent dispute contradict refuse agreed clear detach Blend double texting B-lend goes under jocund gagster jigsawed keeps under gasconade cassonade jejunity jokester consent cojoined cognate case need cozened cognized godsend co joined goes on tear sunder sander sender snide sounder sandier sinter nuder snider cinder sider sneer Snyder double texting snyder SNYDER tempest shrimpest champest antepast sharptempered dampest contempts sharp tempered shantiest show contempt shorttempered short tempered sheen sawn shin shun shawl chain shoon shorn shown shaken shaven shine shone shank sheeny dawn sham shiny awn shaman chaw shah shay shinny shooin show fawn hewn lawn pawn sewn shag shat sown yawn chin spawn showy shuln chaw on show in shoo in Shawn double texting tempests dampest dumpest tempest nails cross nails a cross neologisms neologism loss memory knew score false memory black maria nei nail ceil neis veil nil Neil double texting summary sectary sacra smeary suck dry scamer sarcoma sarcomata scary scammer scare sacraria sarcomas hackamore scummy scurry skerry sugary scammers summery sack sucked dry not consider not in mood not conformed stick in mud no laughing matter fighting mad leave out account nicknamed nerved evade ned nirvana evader knead nevus novas nada invade neat need nerd nevi nova pervade naiad naval neato neddy needy nerdy never novae nival nomad no fat new idea nevada double texting Nevada bread cash change chips coinage copper currency doubloon dough gold jack mintage money piece scratch silver specie chicken feed legal tender meter money small change bill dollar cabbage coin dollars finance funds mazuma banknote buck bullion dinero green stuff investment lot mazumah note payment pledge principal ready assets refund remuneration reserve resources riches savings security stock supply treasure wampum wherewithal 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dispute refuse deny bring in leave fail lose decrease surrender bringing in brings in Sell double texting SELL Sells
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