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The killings Iran’s Internet Shutdown Hid

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'amnesty international' 'human rights' AI is IS ai Amnesty Iran Protest Internet Shutdown every the assassination bloodshed carnage homicide manslaughter massacre slaughter slaying execution extermination offing bump off bumping off capital punishment birth annihilation bloodbath bloodletting butchery fighting gore killing murder onslaught peace foul play hit rubout decimation slaughterhouse blitz blood blood and guts blood bath butchering crime havoc hecatomb holocaust liquidation mass murder rapine search and destroy shambles taking out warfare wasting conquest acquisition annexation appropriation big win clean sweep conquering coup defeating discomfiture grand slam invasion occupation overthrow rout routing score splash subdual subjection subjugation success takeover triumph vanquishment win surrender failure forfeit loss yielding deadliest baleful baneful bloodthirsty bloody cannibalistic carcinogenic cruel dangerous death-dealing deathly deleterious destroying destructive fatal grim harmful homicidal injurious internecine lethal malignant mortal mortiferous murderous noxious pernicious pestiferous pestilent pestilential poisonous ruthless savage suicidal toxic unrelenting venomous violent virulent life-giving nonpoisonous gentle nice benign calm lively invigorating healthful energizing animating harmless wholesome healthy helpful kind Iran iran WWW cyberspace ARPANET World Wide Web hyperspace infobahn information highway information superhighway online network the Net the Web Internet hypertext documents information server net web communications computer network data bank data network electronic highway electronic mail email global village information space information technology online community virtual community virtual library virtual reality data highway I-bahn Info Strada closedown closure stoppage abandonment cessation beginning start abeyance arrest blockage check close cutoff deduction discontinuance down downtime hindrance interruption layoff lockout obstruction occlusion shutdown sit-down standstill stopping walkout advance aid assistance continuation encouragement help promotion tie up gridlock immobilization jam tie-up shut down Shut Down Shut down bury camouflage cover disguise hole up mask obscure plant protect shelter shield smuggle stash suppress tuck away withhold adumbrate cache cloak curtain dissemble ditch duck eclipse ensconce harbor reserve screen secrete shadow shroud squirrel stifle veil blot out go into hiding go underground hold back hush up keep from keep secret lie low lock up not give away not tell put out of the way salt away stow away take cover lay bare let go open release reveal uncover unmask bare disclose divulge exhibit expose let out show tell HID hidded Hids Hid forgiveness immunity reprieve absolution condonation dispensation acquittal amnesty compurgation exculpation mercy pardon release clearance deliverance discharge discharging dismissal dismissing exemption exoneration freeing letting off liberation releasing relief from vindication employment hiring hold retention blame censure conviction denunciation doom sentence condonance exculpate absolve acquit clear condone disculpate dismiss excuse exonerate explain free justify let off rationalize remit vindicate wipe the slate clean accuse charge condemn convict damn employ engage hire incarcerate incriminate keep maintain punish forgave absolved accepted apology acquitted allowed for amnestied bore no malice bore with buried the hatchet cleared commuted condoned dismissed from mind effaced exculpated excused exempted exonerated extenuated forgot kissed and made up laughed off let bygones was bygones let it went let off easy let passed let up on made allowance overlooked palliated pocketed purged released relented remitted reprieved respited sprang thought no more of turned other cheek wink at wiped slate clean charged maintained kept held punished censured increased accused sentenced blamed condemned forgive accept apology allow for bear no malice bear with bury the hatchet commute dismiss from mind efface exempt extenuate forget kiss and make up laugh off let bygones be bygones let it go let pass make allowance overlook palliate pocket purge relent respite spring think no more of turn other cheek increase Amnesty fart amnesty Amnesty International Rabbit Amnesty amnesty international Iran challenge demonstration dissent objection outcry question revolt riot turmoil bellyache blackball clamor declaration demur demurral difficulty flak grievance gripe grouse holler howl kick knock march moratorium nix protestation rally remonstrance remonstration stink tumult big stink formal complaint agreement answer calm concurrence harmony peace calmness compliment flattery praise acceptance approval affirm assert declare demonstrate fight insist maintain object oppose resist asseverate attest avouch avow blast buck combat contend disagree except expostulate predicate profess rebel remonstrate squawk testify back-talk be against be displeased by constate cry out inveigh against make a stink put up a fight say no sound off stage a walkout take exception thumbs-down agree comply deny forget go along support accept consent give in retreat surrender approve advance allege argue aver cite claim defend justify press proclaim pronounce protest put forward say stand up for state stress swear uphold warrant disavow disclaim negate refute repudiate asserting advancing affirming alleging arguing asservating attesting averring avouching avowing butt in citing claiming contending defending horning in justifying mouth off popping off predicating pressing proclaiming professing pronouncing protesting putting forward saying shooting off one's mouth shooting one's wad standing up for stating stressing swearing upholding vindicating warranting questioning leaving abandoning rejecting hiding concealing denying surrendering deserting asserts advances affirms alleges argues asservates attests avers avouches avows cites claims contends defends horns in justifies pops off predicates presses proclaims professes pronounces protests puts forward says shoots off one's mouth shoots one's wad stands up for states stresses swears upholds vindicates warrants questions leaves abandons rejects hides conceals denies surrenders deserts back talk answer back complain sass talk back bemoan bitch fuss groan grumble whine appreciate be happy confrontation dare defiance demanding interrogation provocation summons to contest test threat trial ultimatum decide win Protest
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