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The Las Vegas Hyper Loop

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pieces solicitous spooked strung-out sweating bullets taut troubled unglued unquiet watchful wired worried sick wreck brave collected composed confident cool courageous happy inattentive unafraid unconcerned unfearful unworried assured content peaceful unwilling anxious afflicted agitated distraught miffed perturbed bothered discombobulated distracted dragged exercised harassed peeved ripped saddened shook tormented worried wrecked all torn up bummed out bundle of nerves cut up disconsolate distrait in a stew inconsolable shot down unconsolable up the wall wretched pleased untroubled comforted glad joyful impatient high-strung jerky nervous wreck on edge on pins and needles restive spooky twitchy unrestful easygoing laid-back relaxed restful resting still unmoving angry delirious frenetic frenzied furious hectic mad weird at wit's end berserk beside oneself corybantic crazy deranged excited flipped-out fraught freaked-out hot and bothered hot under the collar insane keyed-up out of control rabid raging raving spazzed out unscrewed unzipped violent weirded out wigged out wild worked-up zonkers balanced normal sane docile tranquil frantic obsessive demented fanatical furibund in a lather lost it phrenetic unbalanced excitable overactive overzealous uncontrollable hyperactive bracing exhilarating fascinating refreshing uplifting charged energizing interesting quickening rejuvenating vitalizing aesthetic exhilarative healthful high rejuvenative restorative salubrious tonic boring depressing enervating unstimulating invigorating bright buoyant cheerful enjoyable entertaining festive peppy provocative spirited stimulating vigorous animate astir blithe blithesome bouncy buzzing chirpy complex driving effervescent frolicsome full of pep gay go-go involved jocund merry pert rousing snappy sparkling stirring vivacious zippy depressed down gloomy heavy sad somber unhappy unpleasant sleepy hysterical panic-stricken madding edgy nerve-racking overanxious stressful unnerved 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