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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Part 21 - Pyroclastic Fiend: Scaldera

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Welcome everyone to my 100% Let's Play of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword! Join Link as he sets out to discover his destiny! We take on the Boss of the ...


The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Award-Winning Work) Action-adventure Game (Media Genre) The Legend Of Zelda Series (Video Game Series) Let's Play Intro The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Skyward Sword Skyward Sword The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda SS ZeldaMaster Link Fi Ghirahim Demise Groose Impa Gaepora Skyloft Loftwing Walkthrough Playthrough 100% Guide Fledge Wii Nintendo Goddess Cube Eldin Volcano Earth Temple Key Bomb Bag Scaldera comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The myth tale fable lore saga mythos truth head code key table motto explanation inscription legend rubric subtitle title underline heroic poem narrative commemoration elegy epigraph eulogy hic jacet memorial monument remembrance requiescat in pace sentiment allegory apologue bestiary bunk crock fabrication fairy story fairy tale falsehood fantasy fib fiction figment fish story hogwash invention lie old chestnut old saw one for the birds parable romance tall story untruth white lie whopper yarn anecdote best seller book cliff-hanger clothesline concoction drama fancy figment of imagination hooey imagination improvisation misrepresentation novel potboiler prevarication smoke storytelling work of imagination ballad custom folk story mythology oral literature superstition tradition wisdom caption epic epitaph folklore leg end Legend aerial airy raised tall lifted below low aloft atop upward upper over above roof rising easy uphill higher lofty downward down valid high-rise sky-high skyscraping skyward soaring spiring towering hanging in the sky on high overhanging acclivous ascending climbing mounting sloping upward toward summit uprising antrorse greater heavenward anabatic ascensional ascensive assurgent overhead blade dagger saber brand foil cutlass rapier hanger sabre kris epee creese toledo dirk cutlas bilbo curtana estoc glaive bill edge knife shank sword épée anlace bayonet bodkin poniard sidearm skean stiletto stylet switchblade bolo cutter cutting edge lance lancet machete point ripper scalpel scimitar scythe shiv sickle skewer skiver steel tickler apex awn barb beak cape claw cusp foreland head headland jag nib pin point prick prickler promontory prong snag spike spine spire spur sticker summit thorn tine tip tooth ammunition arbalest archery arrow assegai atlatl axe backsword ballista banderilla barong bat baton battle-ax bazooka billy club blackjack blowgun bludgeon bomb boomerang bow and arrow bowie knife brass knuckles cannon catapult cleaver club crossbow cudgel dart firearm flamethrower gun harpoon hatchet howitzer hunting knife machine gun missile musket nerve gas nuclear bomb nunchaku pistol revolver rifle shotgun slingshot spear tear gas weapon Sword swords Swords sector chunk any share factor detail member item lot piece side unit extra chip limb slab moiety parcel cut scrap sliver branch ration quota lump slice atom bit organ hunk bite module meed whole total unity task work role place duty office say charge party cause behalf fun pastime dialogue hero lead villain bit part walk-on lines cameo divide strip sever rend section split sunder disjoin detach segment cleave tear portion itemize link unite join come quit depart break wait stay allow disconnect disengage dissociate extract isolate part remove separate steal take out uncouple withdraw back back-up background backing harmony instrument break off come between disaffect disunite divorce estrange make indifferent set against turn away turn off wean allocation allowance apportionment appropriation cut of pie end grant measure piece of the action rake off stint aid alimony allotment annuity bequest bounty commission contribution endowment fee fellowship gift honorarium inheritance interest legacy pay pension prize quantity recompense remittance salary scholarship stipend subsidy taste wage X-ray anatomize break up cut up decompose decompound determine disintegrate dissect dissolve electrolyze hydrolyze lay bare parse resolve abstract accompaniment alienate analyze parts Parts Part P'ART giant devil freak horror demon beast villain whale savage mutant titan ogre brute mammoth hellion fiend dragon centaur phoenix god angel astronomic colossal considerable enormous epic gigantic ginormous humongous jumbo massive mega monster monumental prodigious sizeable tremendous vast very big very large whopping bigot boor cannibal clod hooligan hun ignoramus lout philistine rascal ruffian troglodyte vandal barbarian beastie creature critter gargoyle glutton lower animal monstrosity pig quadruped swine varmint a whale of a ample awash brimming bulky bull burly capacious chock-full commodious copious crowded extensive fat full heavy-duty heavyweight hefty huge hulking husky immense mondo oversize packed ponderous roomy sizable spacious strapping stuffed substantial super colossal thundering voluminous walloping whopper animal degenerate sadist wild animal bogy bubble delusion fabrication fancy fata morgana figment fool's paradise hallucination ignis fatuus illusion mirage pipe dream rainbow snare specter virtual reality astronomical big chimera Monster monsters award winning work WORK Work dogged bold hardy eager ready heroic nervy plucky spunky up for timid meek capable working afraid fearful weak unready able lame maimed bad ailing play sport jest lark line romp joke fun plan task work contest meeting round match meat quarry fowl fish kill victim prey chase ravin ploy strategy hoax derision design tactic butt device scheme prank activity agility alacrity alertness animation bag ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash deal energy enterprise flurry force functioning game going happening haste hoopla hopper in the works industry life liveliness motion movement occupation operation power process proposition racket reaction response rush scene spirit stir stunt trip turmoil vigor vim vitality vivacity act avocation deed endeavor entertainment hobby job labor pastime project undertaking venture zoo ante buy in on chance dice hazard lay down lay odds play against play for play the ponies pledge pony up put put money on risk set speculate tempt fortune toss up trust wager feathered creature adventurous audacious chin-up chivalrous confident courageous daring dashing dauntless defiant doughty fearless firm foolhardy forward gallant gritty gutsy herolike imprudent indomitable intrepid lionhearted militant reckless resolute spirited stalwart stout stouthearted strong unabashed unafraid unblenching undauntable undaunted undismayed unfearful valiant valorous venturesome biz calling career craft dodge employment field function livelihood métier pursuit specialty trade vocation what one is into action bet bird brave Game g.a.m.e media genre Genre Zelda zelda streak set run string list course array file row scale 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become available come into being come into existence come on come on stage come out enter make an appearance oblige play a part present oneself appliance appositeness employment exercise exercising function germaneness operation pertinence practice purpose relevance usance utilization value con contrivance device dodge expedient gambit gimmick machination maneuver ploy racket ruse savvy scam stratagem subterfuge tactic wile act amusement appear application artifice Play apprise inform advise reveal divulge clue warn notify post tell present fill in fix up delude hide begin launch set up take up trigger open commence invest pioneer admit install enter induct dream up make up take in instate kick off usher in cease block end stop halt close expel debut opening addition preface influx ingress primer lead prelude lead-in foreword overture preamble survey prologue baptism proem hornbook exordium start accustom bring out come out with disclose enlighten familiarize get together habituate intro introduce knock down let know make familiar break the ice come up with get ball rolling get feet wet get under way inaugurate institute originate set in motion admittance awakening basic principles basic text beginning commencement essentials establishment first acquaintance first taste inauguration inception induction initiation insertion installation institution interpolation opening remarks pioneering preliminaries presentation prolegomenon curtain-raiser introduction preliminary prelusion preparation acquaint initiate Skyward Sword The Legend of Zelda The Legend Of Zelda hookup tie knot nexus hitch seam ring member tie-up joint part yoke splice weld piece loop bond copula line join relate unite attach bind group couple fasten tag on detach loosen divide sever loose untie unlink abut approximate be adjacent to border butt communicate connect lie lie beside link neighbor touch verge add affix annex append combine interconnect adjoin appropriate associate hitch on hitch up hook on hook up slap on subjoin tack on tag take on take over concatenate fit together hinge integrate affiliate blend bracket concord conjoin correlate identify league lump together mix pair think of together adhere fix latch onto make fast prefix rivet secure stick articulate Link Ghirahim end dying ruin ending sleep fall success rise start opening birth afterlife annihilation bereavement casualty cessation curtains darkness decease demise departure destruction dissolution downfall eradication eternal rest euthanasia exit expiration extermination extinction fatality finis finish grave grim reaper heaven loss mortality necrosis obliteration oblivion paradise parting passing passing over quietus release repose ruination silence termination tomb buying the farm defunction passing away taps the end be no more be taken breathe one's last cease to exist conk croak depart drop drop off drown expire give up the ghost go way of all flesh kick the bucket perish relinquish life rest in peace succumb suffocate adjournment conclusion decay decomposition disappearance disbandment discontinuation dismissal dispersal evaporation liquefaction melting overthrow resolution solution suspension doom adieu death egress egression evacuation exodus expiry farewell going goodbye leave-taking offgoing retirement retreat stampede withdrawal die Demise Groose groose impa dry run run final dress full rehearsal gypsy rehearsal rehearsal run-through tech rehearsal tech run technical run walk-through dress rehearsal walkthrough walk through Walk Through Playthrough Play through play through 100% mentor model teacher pilot docent usher convoy captain monitor lead guru pattern genius ideal escort pioneer leader adviser scout genie design example rudder follower manual clue catalog key tip-off Bible signal mark beacon print sign pointer marker ABCs no-no's educate manage handle oversee govern see train teach sway advise steer control counsel attend show route rule command conduct marshal obey desert ignore learn leave associate with chaperon come along consort date dog draft drag follow go along guard guide hang around with hang out keep company look after shadow shlep along show about show around spook squire stick to string along tag along tailgate take out admonish advocate caution charge commend direct dissuade encourage enjoin exhort forewarn give a pointer give a tip instruct kibitz level with move opine point out preach prepare prescribe prompt put bug in ear put in two cents recommend suggest tout update urge warn Dutch uncle aide attorney authority backseat driver buttinski clubhouse lawyer coach confidant consultant counselor director doctor expert friend helper instructor judge kibitzer lawyer partner priest quarterback referee righthand person second-guesser tutor alarm clock assistant auxiliary baby sitter bird dog companion custodian domestic lackey nurse orderly secretary servant understudy waitperson creed doctrine guidebook handbook sacred writ sacred writings 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source spring square one starting point takeoff threshold top emergence fountainhead abyss emptiness gulf hiatus hole hollow hollowness interval lacuna nihility nothingness nullity omission preterition pretermission skip tabula rasa vacancy vacuity vacuum void womb aisle aperture bay beginning blank Fledge fledge wii Wii Xbox [tm] video game Nintendo nintendo idol creator godhead deity god genius lord spirit godhood godship evil ace exemplar gallant heavy ideal lead lion martyr model paladin saint star tin god victor worthy diva demigod hero icon desire image dear fetish hate fairy naiad sylph dryad beauty vamp sexpot Divine Being celestial celestial being demigoddess divinity goddess immortal supreme being godliness guardian spirit higher power holiness prime mover sanctity adventurer celebrity combatant conqueror daredevil great person leading person person of the hour popular figure prima donna principal protagonist superstar beloved darling eidolon false god favorite golden calf 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