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The Orion Correlation: 3 fascinating ancient structures CONNECTED to Orion!

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For some mysterious reason, the constellation of Orion was of great importance to ancient cultures around the globe. Some even call the Correlation of Orion a ...


pyramids of giza orion space phenomenon constellation orion constellation Poseidon greek demigod huntsman mythology legend Ancient Hopi Teotihuacan orion's belt Osiris Isis Egypt Mexico Arizona desert Giza plateau comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The Orion siren boring arresting captivating consuming engrossing enthralling exciting fascinating gripping interesting intriguing monopolizing preoccupying riveting spellbinding awesome incredible marvelous prodigious shocking stunning surprising unbelievable wonderful adorable agreeable alluring beautiful beckoning bewitching charming comely enchanting engaging enticing fair fetching glamorous good-looking gorgeous handsome hunky inviting looker lovely luring magnetic mesmeric pleasant pleasing prepossessing pretty provocative 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vitality apparatus conformation constitution akin united linked allied joined coupled unrelated disjoined uncombined affiliated agnate amalgamated associated bound cognate combined confederate connate connected in league incident joint kindred married related unified wed analogous comparable connatural consanguine general generic like same similar universal allusive approaching by comparison conditional contingent contrastive correlative corresponding equivalent in proportion matching metaphorical near not absolute not positive parallel provisional qualified relative restricted rivaling vying with reservation accessory adjuvant agreeing ancillary associated with associative attendant attending belonging coefficient coetaneous coeval coexistent coincident coincidental collateral complementary concordant concurrent conjoined conjoined with contemporaneous contemporary coordinate corollary coterminous coupled with fellow in tempo in time isochronal isochronous satellite synchronal synchronous synergetic synergistic after chronological constant continuing continuous ensuing following going on in order in turn increasing later logical numerical one after another progressive running sequent sequential serial serialized seriate seriatim succedent succeeding successional successive understandable uninterrupted consistent continual equable even firm habitual homogeneous immutable invariable monochrome monophonic monotonous nonstop of a piece permanent perpetual regular regularized solid as rock stabile stable standardized steadfast steady together unalterable unbroken unchanging unflappable unfluctuating uniform unvarying comparative concomitant consecutive Connected tomb cairn add augment beef up boost build up deepen develop elaborate enlarge exaggerate expand expatiate extend flesh out heighten hike up inflate intensify jack up lengthen magnify pad pyramid raise soup up strengthen stretch supplement swell widen conoid raceme strobile strobiloid erect fetch up hoist levitate poise pump put up ramp rear shoot up stilt take up tilt uphold uplift upraise add to adorn aggrandize amplify appreciate beautify boom complement elevate embroider exalt increase lift reinforce upgrade blow up broaden build bulk diffuse dilate distend elongate give details grow grow larger jazz up make larger mount multiply rise slap on snowball spread upsurge wax ameliorate better cultivate decorate endow enhance figure in grace hop up make rich ornament parlay pour it on refine run up spike step up sweeten cone enrich giza Giza Orion slot arena zone area spot field sphere leeway blank spread play reach volume extent tract gap lacuna range turf margin extreme time term span bit breach break chasm chink cleft crack cut eye fissure gash interstice opening orifice outlet passage perforation pinhole puncture rift rupture slash slit space vent breadth compass distance expanse operation size stretch width air ambience aura background character climate color environment feel feeling 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lot horoscope break finality doom condition fortune hereafter certainty portion karma intent luck Moirai breaks the stars whole theory choice sort style system method shape type kind plan plainness disorder circumstance conclusion constellation course of events divine decree expectation foreordination happenstance inevitability predestination predetermination serendipity way the ball bounces way the cookie crumbles what is written wheel of fortune world to come orderliness sequence variety destiny pattern constellations Constellation Poseidon poseidon classic attic bookish Latin Doric roman Ionic Grecian Homeric canonic modern babble tripe jabber bunk hooey rot sense truth puzzling opaque baffling mystifying cryptic enigmatic mysterious obscure perplexing sibylline unclear Delphic beats me fathomless unknowable clear vague jumbled muddled baloney hogwash rubbish Choctaw hokum Augustan Greek Hellenic Virgilian academic belletristic canonical classicistic humanistic scholastic balderdash 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person person of the hour popular figure prima donna principal protagonist superstar hero demi-god demi god hawker trapper stalker chaser pursuer deerstalker falconer ferreter fisherman huntress huntsman pursuant sportsman hunter Huntsman lore belief legend mythos myths truth ballad custom fable folk story myth mythology oral literature superstition tradition wisdom fiction folk tale folklore narrative saga tale adage doctrine enlightenment erudition experience information knowledge learning letters saw saying scholarship science teaching church communion creed cult denomination devotion higher power morality observance orthodoxy pietism piety prayer preference religiosity rites ritual sacrifice sanctification sect spiritual-mindedness spirituality standards theology veneration attitude birthright conclusion convention culture customs ethic ethics form habit heritage idea inheritance institution law mores opinion practice praxis unwritten law usage religion Mythology myth tale fable lore saga mythos truth head code key table motto explanation inscription legend rubric subtitle title underline heroic poem narrative commemoration elegy epigraph eulogy hic jacet memorial monument remembrance requiescat in pace sentiment allegory apologue bestiary bunk crock fabrication fairy story fairy tale falsehood fantasy fib fiction figment fish story hogwash invention lie old chestnut old saw one for the birds parable romance tall story untruth white lie whopper yarn anecdote best seller book cliff-hanger clothesline concoction drama fancy figment of imagination hooey imagination improvisation misrepresentation novel potboiler prevarication smoke storytelling work of imagination ballad custom folk story mythology oral literature superstition tradition wisdom caption epic epitaph folklore Legend leg end antique age-old hoary archaic bygone elderly fossil relic aged remote early older primal rusty oldie creaky new ancient earliest endemic first indigenous native original primary 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merge team unite box bump collide crack cuff punch smack smash stroke wallop whack bang knock rap strike swat thump thwack batter break bruise buffet cane castigate clout club crush cudgel drub flagellate flail flog hammer hit lambaste lash lick maltreat mash maul pelt pound pummel punish ram slap spank thrash thresh trounce whale band beat Belt Osiris osiris ISIS Isis ISI isis Egypt egypt mexico Mexico Apache State Copper State Sunset Land arizona Arizona lonely arid wild waste bare fertile barren wilds Sahara flats wetland quit depart bolt escape vacate flee forsake betray fly abscond resign light jilt maroon walk leave decamp split duck beach strand chuck cop out opt out give up go AWOL go west wait aid come stay face hold keep stop care help abdicate back out bail out bow out chicken out cut loose desert discard discontinue ditch drop drop out dump dust flake out fly the coop give up the ship kiss goodbye leg it let go pull out run out on screw ship out storm out surrender take a powder take a walk throw over walk out on wash hands of withdraw yield disown leave behind reject renounce bone-dry dry as a bone dry as dust dusty moistureless parched thirsty waterless blank bleak clear desolate empty lacking mean open poor scanty scarce stark unfurnished vacant vacuous void wanting depleted dry effete fallow fruitless impotent impoverished infecund infertile sterile unbearing uncultivable unfertile unfruitful unproductive abandon be unfaithful blow the whistle bluff break faith break promise break trust break with commit treason cross deceive deliver up delude double-cross finger go back on inform against inform on knife let down mislead play Judas play false seduce sell down the river sell out stab in the back take in trick turn in turn informer turn state's evidence Desert giza Giza plain mesa table stage champaign expanse field flat flatland grassland heath level meadow moor moorland open country plateau prairie steppe tundra tableland upland wasteland Plateau
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