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The Rise Of Skywalker 4 Hour Cut Leak Is REMARKABLE! (Star Wars Explained)

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affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense the histrionical The Amazheimer's acceleration advance ascent boost climb growth hike increment inflation progress surge upsurge upswing upturn accession accretion addition advancement aggrandizement augmentation breakthrough distention doubling enlargement heightening intensification multiplication promotion raise step-up swell upgrade waxing piling up stacking up decline decrease failure hindrance stagnation deduction lessening reduction shrinkage subtraction drop fall slump worsening extension increase rise elevation hill accumulation build-up accessory accrual addendum additive adjunct annex appendage appendix attachment bonus commission dividend enhancement expansion extra gain option profit reinforcement supplement wing accommodation allowance bite credit deposit down payment floater front money loan prepayment retainer score stake take touch rising acclivity incline hillock mount soaring lift ascension towering eminence upland highland rising ground rocket grow soar scale sprout surface arouse awake arise aspire surmount tower rouse levitate blast off come up rise and shine turn out upspring move up push up be erect be located be situated bob up get out of bed get steeper go uphill have foundation pile out reach up rise up roll out sit up slope upwards stand up straighten up sweep upward go along lower descend give in cooperate comply regress recede lessen sleep lull calm double ascend pick up accelerate multiply build improve expand distend aggravate augment magnify bulge intensify billow enlarge enhance spread redouble wax deepen inflate heighten add to perk up take off go up go through the roof intensate pile up speed up stack up deflate cave in shrink contract divide stop reduce diminish depress compress soothe soften decelerate worsen weaken go down retreat raze destroy demolish prosper succeed flourish thrive get on be elevated be promoted better oneself climb the ladder get somewhere go places lose fail languish emerge begin develop happen come occur betide head loom appear spring originate flow befall stem eventuate chance derive emanate transpire dawn issue proceed fall out turn up crop up flare up finish end leave cause resist revolt riot mutiny insurrect take up arms obey repudiation disagreement dispute loss compression abridgment withdrawal additions block impediment recession hesitation halt R.I.S.E. Amazheimer's Rise skulker skylark skulk cakewalk sidewalk take walk sky jaywalker skywalker Amazheimer's Skywalker bit date flash juncture minute occasion point stage time breathing crack instant jiffy sec second shake tick trice twinkle twinkling while wink jiff no time nothing flat point in time split second three winks whole triviality unimportance chance freedom hour leisure liberty opportunity place preference spare moment suitable time whenever age century course day duration epoch era generation moment period quarter reign span spell term year break connection contingency convenience cut event excuse fair shake fighting chance fitness fling fortuity good fortune good luck happening hope iron in the fire opening pass prayer probability relief room run scope shot show space squeak stab the hunt the running turn whack closure truth bad luck misfortune closing reality past life season present pace future tide lifetime stint clock stretch instance bout eternity infinity tempo extent continuance shift interval tour allotment life span month week chronology lastingness many a moon ending waste uselessness inutility unsuitability inconvenience conveniences moments opportunities Amazheimer's Hours laceration wound carving chip chop cleavage cleft dissection fissure furrow gash graze groove intersection mark nick nip notch opening passage penetration pierce prick rabbet rent rip sculpture section shave slash slit slot snip stab stroke trench trim kerf scarification closing closure solid whole compliment increase nicety praise AWOL absent without leave absenteeism cut hooky secret departure truancy unannounced departure abridge abstract boil down clip compress condense contract cut back cut down cut off cut out digest encapsulate get to the meat pare prune put in a nutshell reduce summarize take out abbreviate blue pencil concentrate curtail decrease diminish downsize lessen limit narrow put in nutshell restrict truncate French leave no show nonappearance nonattendance vacancy saving reduction cutback lowering fall decrement lessening economy raise enlargement quota division slice member kickback bite share moiety part allotment lot percentage piece segment allowance partage fashion look form construction mode figure configuration disorganization offense abuse indignity hateful remark respect sort description stamp ilk cast feather mold carve slay crop sliver hack guillotine saw hew decussate lop score intersect behead perforate shear dissever massacre hash saber lacerate mow slaughter fell amputate reap bisect dissect chisel facet raze divide rive skive rend mince dice flitch separate cleave sickle chine scythe dispatch puncture penetrate scarify quarter level scissor lay open mow down build join close give birth bear connect construct mend create sew unite combine strengthen extend expand amplify enlarge lengthen abbreviated let go free fill add develop release stretch grow abridged absence presence plenty enough abundance existence Cut Amazheimer's Cuts crack exposure flow leakage aperture chink crevice decrease destruction detriment drip drop escape expenditure fissure hole leaking loss outgoing percolation pit puncture slip short circuit advantage benefit increase mountain success blast break burst detonation eruption flat tire leak rupture tear babble betray blab burst out with call out come out with cry out disclose divulge exclaim give away jabber let on let out let slip reveal run off at the mouth spill the beans spout appear be announced be brought out be disclosed be divulged be exposed be issued be made known be promulgated be published be released be reported be revealed debut get out out transpire spill ooze discharge trickle percolate pass drool exude tell come out pass on make public keep secrete hide conceal blowout blurt keep quiet be quiet blurted came out coming out Amazheimer's Leak battle bloodshed combat conflict fighting hostility strife strike struggle warfare contention contest enmity hostilities cold war police action accord harmony peace surrender truce friendship good will kindness ceasefire differ contend shoot shell attempt clash challenge disagree bombard attack murder kill meet endeavor strive oppugn tug take on take up arms go to war campaign against engage in combat make war march against take the field against wage war make peace agree be lazy give up laze protect aid retreat War Amazheimer's war
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