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The Stream - South Africa's silent deaths

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On the Stream: Fatal neglect of mental health patients forces South Africa to rethink community-based care.


5316127400001 stigma #LifeEsidimeni health scandal nogeoblock thestream gauteng mental health youtube african national congress aljazeera mental illness psychiatric hospital South Africa community-based care deinstitutionalization comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The Stream stream near port right icy warm hot same hard to left larboard nigh side portside sinister sinistral south arctic extreme farthest freezing frigid frozen glacial north terminal left polar South mum hushed mute bashful close dumb faint hush laconic mousy shy still unclear unheard checked curbed iced muted zipped noisy tacit aphonic abashed backward blushful blushing chary confused constrained coy demure diffident embarrassed humble modest nervous overmodest recoiling reserved reticent retiring self-conscious self-effacing shamefaced sheepish shrinking silent timid timorous unassertive verecund buttoning one's lip buttoning up clamming up close-lipped closemouthed hidden hush-hush mum's the word on the Q. T. private retired secluded secretive taciturn tight chops tight-lipped uncommunicative unforthcoming zipping one's lips decorous earnest nice prim prissy proper prudish sedate serious skittish sober solemn staid strait-laced unassuming unassured at a loss for words inarticulate incoherent quiet soundless speechless tongue-tied voiceless wordless cinema dailies flick footage motion picture moving picture photoplay picture picture show rushes show talkie blurred faltering halting hesitant hesitating inaudible incomprehensible indistinct maundering muffled mumbled mumbling obscure stammering unintelligible unspoken unuttered unvocal unvoiced vague film Silent death Death stain scar odium blot slur brand spot taint mark blame blemish onus praise honor esteem credit pride beauty spot birthmark blackhead blister bloom blot on the landscape blotch blur bruise bug catch chip cicatrix defacement defect deformity dent discoloration disfigurement disgrace dishonor eyesore fault freckle hickey 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loose screwball screwy silly touched unbalanced unglued unhinged unzipped wacky absurd asinine bedlamite crackers daffy dopey foolish fried giddy half-baked in the ozone inane off the wall out of one's gourd ridiculous simple unsound whacko witless abstract chimerical dreamlike extravagant fanciful fictitious high-flown hypothetical imaginary in the clouds intellectual ivory-tower mercurial notional out-of-reach quixotic theoretical transcendent transcendental unattainable unearthly utopian visionary derailed fatuous impractical irrational irresponsible loony off one's rocker paranoid preposterous psychotic rabid raging schizophrenic senseless unsettled wild aberrant ideal Mental youtube YouTube Youtube council society union meeting caucus assembly conclave club league guild chamber order senate the Hill division affiliation alliance band bunch circle clan clique coalition combination combo company confederacy confederation congress cooperative corporation crew crowd family federation fellowship fraternity gang hookup mob organization outfit partnership pool rat pack ring sodality sorority syndicate tie-in tie-up tribe troops troupe zoo aggregate amass array assemble cluster compile congregate convene converge convoke corral flock flock together gather get hold of group heap hoard muster rally rendezvous round up save scare up stockpile appointment argument chat colloquy confabulation conferring consultation conversation convocation deliberation discussion forum gabfest groupthink huddle interchange interview palaver parley powwow round robin round table seminar symposium talk think-in ventilation besiege bunch up collect concentrate forgather gang around gang up hang out make the scene mass meet meet up pack raise swarm teem throng assemblage clambake confab delegates delegation get together members representatives show concourse conference congregation convention diet get-together synod turnout association Congress Al Jazeera al jazeera aljazeera mental illness Mental illness malady ailment sickness seizure virus collapse relapse disorder syndrome fit attack malaise dose bug ailing flu unhealth aid order adversity anguish calamity cross crux depression difficulty disease distress grief hardship illness infirmity misery misfortune ordeal pain plague plight scourge sorrow suffering torment trial tribulation trouble woe ache complaint condition indisposition access bout breakdown convulsion failure paroxysm spasm spell stroke throe bane contamination corruption miasma pestilence poison pollution taint transmission venom accident adulteration affliction blemish blow breakage bruise casualty catastrophe cave-in debasement depreciation deprivation destruction deterioration detriment devastation disservice disturbance evil harm hurt impairment infliction knockout marring mischief mishap mutilation outrage ravage reverse ruin ruining spoilage waste wound wreckage wrecking wrong Cancer affection blight canker contagion convulsions debility decrepitude defect distemper endemic epidemic feebleness fever hemorrhage ill health infection inflammation pathosis sickliness temperature unhealthiness unsoundness upset visitation damage bedlam booby hatch funny farm madhouse nut house snake pit bughouse nuthouse padded cell psycho ward rubber room sanatorium sanitarium turmoil chaos uproar asylum loony bin calm quiet order peace mental home insane asylum laughing academy lunatic asylum mental health facility mental health institution mental hospital mental institution psychiatric hospital psychiatric ward pandemonium psychiatric unit psychopathic hospital lunatic mad maniac nuts fruity loco nutsy sane body deranged disturbed mentally ill mindless non compos mentis psychiatric psychotic unbalanced unstable mental clinic hospice ward surgery dispensary hospital infirmary sick bay surgery center abode address apartment asylum boarding house bungalow cabin castle cave co-op commorancy condo condominium cottage crash pad diggings digs domicile dormitory dump dwelling farm fireside flat habitation hangout haunt hearth hideout hole in the wall home plate homestead house hut joint living quarters manor mansion nest orphanage pad palace parking place place residence resort roof rooming house roost shanty shelter trailer turf villa where the hat is academy association business college company conservatory establishment fixture foundation guild school seminar seminary society system think tank university sickroom institute institution isolation ward sick berth home Hospitals South Africa south africa load strain fear worry charge woe dismay sorrow onus burden stress alarm sweat bother stew health aid relief joy delight calm benefit comfort help peace ease neglect effort wariness caution concern nicety interest exertion regard prudence trouble thought heed pains apathy laziness lethargy disregard ignorance omission oversight control trust keeping aegis ward watch tend protect attend sit mind foster mother nurse nurture wait on hate 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