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The Surprising Secret of Synchronization

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veritasium science physics Strogatz sync synchronization pendulum metronome metronomes affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the NPR-American The amazing astonishing extraordinary remarkable shocking startling stunning sudden unanticipated unforeseen unpredictable wonderful chance electrifying accidental fortuitous from left field impulsive out of the blue unpredicted without warning expected normal ordinary predictable usual abrupt hasty hurried jerky precipitate precipitous quick rushing surprising unceremonious unexpected expansive at ease nice calm slow leisurely gradual deliberate kind lazy awesome fascinating incredible marvelous prodigious unbelievable poor bad insignificant plausible credible believable astounding breathtaking confounding eye-popping mind-blowing mind-boggling overwhelming stupefying wondrous bizarre boss curious exceptional fab fantastic flash gnarly heavy inconceivable odd off beaten path out of the ordinary outstanding particular peculiar phenomenal rare singular special strange stupendous terrific uncommon unfamiliar unheard-of unimaginable unique unprecedented unthinkable unusual unwonted weird wicked general regular inferior average plain familiar conventional common customary standard unimportant similar like indifferent worthless unexceptional unremarkable typical commonplace awe-inspiring awful bewildering difficult to believe fabulous implausible improbable incomprehensible miraculous spectacular staggering striking supernatural unlikely ugly paltry inconsiderable boring likely tenable possible eye-opening classified covert furtive hush-hush mysterious obscure private secluded undercover underground undisclosed unknown unpublished backdoor close closet dark deep mystic occult unseen abstruse ambiguous arcane camouflaged cloak-and-dagger clouded conspiratorial covered cryptic disguised enigmatical esoteric mystical on the QT out-of-the-way recondite reticent retired shrouded strange under wraps unenlightened unfrequented unintelligible veiled aboveboard apparent honest known obvious open public revealed sociable unconcealed light visible clear defined explicit forthright legal legitimate confidential secretive surreptitious restricted inside sneak discreet incognito sly sneaky stealthy top secret underhanded backstairs in ambush sub-rosa unacknowledged under false pretense under-the-table mystery code key confidence puzzle cipher enigma oracle formula password confidential information classified information magic number privileged information skeleton in cupboard public knowledge revelation anonymous Jane\u002FJohn Doe bearding innominate nameless pseudo pseudonymous secret so and so such and such unattested unavowed unclaimed uncredited undesignated unidentified unnamed unsigned unspecified what's his\u002Fher name whatchamacallit whatsis you know who identified named clandestine hugger-mugger intriguing quiet cloaked cabalistic screened buried concealed hidden incog masked obscured privy sub rosa ulterior underhand unsuspected overt frank candid Delphic acute complex difficult discerning hard to understand heavy hermetic incisive intricate learned orphic penetrating profound sagacious serious sibylline wise soft shallow simple plain happy easy slight pale flighty artless unintelligent superficial ignorant frivolous stupid unimportant trivial Secrets Secret simultaneity synchronism harmony integration coordination organization synchronization veritasium art discipline education information learning skill system technique branch erudition lore scholarship wisdom body of knowledge disorder disorganization ignorance culture ability accomplishment address aestheticism capacity civilization class courtesy cultivation delicacy dignity discrimination dress elegance elevation enlightenment experience fashion finish gentility good taste grace improvement kindness manners nobility perception polish politeness practice proficiency refinement savoir-faire science tact training urbanity ineptness tactlessness rudeness impoliteness inelegance roughness crudeness bad manners clumsiness hurt harm incompetence coarseness inexperience inability cultures agriculture agrologies agronomics agronomy cultivations farmings gardenings raisings tendings apprenticeship background book learning brainwashing breeding catechism coaching direction drilling edification guidance inculcation indoctrination learnedness literacy nurture pedagogy preparation propagandism proselytism reading rearing schooling study teaching tuition tutelage tutoring neglect destruction bookishness brains intellectuality knowledge letters pedantry savvy scholarliness studiousness advice ammo break chapter and verse clue confidence counsel cue data dirt dope dossier earful illumination info inside story instruction intelligence leak lowdown material message network notice notification orientation propaganda report scoop score tidings tip what's what whole story word question silence accomplishments acquaintance apprehension attainments awareness cognition comprehension consciousness discernment doctrine dogma expertise facts familiarity goods grasp insight judgment know-how light observation philosophy picture power principles recognition substance theory misunderstanding stupidity impotence unbelief weakness inanity Science SCIENCE! aid alleviation antidote assistance catholicon corrective countermeasure drug elixir fix healing help medicament medication medicine nostrum panacea placebo proprietary recovery redress remedy reparation therapeutic treatment counteractant counteragent elixir vitae healing agent medicant pharmacon quick fix restora-tive blockage harm hindrance hurt injury obstruction stop hit dope opiate poison dose treat benumb blunt deaden desensitize knock out medicate narcotize numb relax sedate stupefy analgize anesthetize dope up dose up neglect ignore natural science biology chemistry physics pure science science of matter NPR-American Physics concur correspond jibe accompany accord acquiesce agree befall concert equal eventuate harmonize identify match square synchronize tally be concurrent be the same come about occur simultaneously quadrate differ disagree dissent oppose protest refuse clash deviate diverge mismatch coincide conform join unite interlock check out mortise tenon sync up unlink separate divide fight disunite disconnect dovetail sync coincided accompanied accorded acquiesced agreed befell came about concerted concurred corresponded equalled eventuated harmonized identified jibed matched occurred simultaneously quadrated squared synced synchronized tallied was concurrent was the same mismatched diverged clashed opposed disagreed differed deviated protested dissented refused coinciding accompanying according acquiescing agreeing befalling being concurrent being the same coming about concerting concurring corresponding equalling eventuating harmonizing identifying jibing matching occurring simultaneously quadrating squaring synchronizing syncing tallying mismatching diverging clashing opposing disagreeing differing deviating protesting dissenting refusing dovetailing checking out conforming going interlocking joining mortising syncing up tenoning uniting unlinking separating dividing fighting disuniting disconnecting upload connect exchange pass send transfer transmit download NPR-American Sync !sync simultaneity synchronism harmony integration coordination organization synchronization pressure anchor ballast bob counterbalance counterpoise counterweight mass plumb poundage rock sandbag sinker stone plumb bob advantage benefit pleasure solution triviality unimportance weight dial clock watch chronometer calendar alarm clock chronograph repeater metronome horologe chronoscope gnomon sundial stopwatch clepsydra hourglass isochronon time-keeper timepiece alarm tattler timer timekeeper turnip ticker Big Ben chroniker digital watch tick-tock timemarker pendulum Pendulum NPR-American clock hourglass timepiece timer chronometer dial watch calendar alarm clock chronograph repeater pendulum horologe chronoscope gnomon sundial stopwatch clepsydra isochronon time-keeper alarm tattler timekeeper turnip ticker Big Ben chroniker digital watch tick-tock timemarker metronome Metronome NPR-American clock hourglass timepiece timer chronometer dial watch calendar alarm clock chronograph repeater pendulum horologe chronoscope gnomon sundial stopwatch clepsydra isochronon time-keeper alarm tattler timekeeper turnip ticker Big Ben chroniker digital watch tick-tock timemarker metronome
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