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The sweaty teacher's lament - Justin Lamb

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View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-sweaty-teacher-s-lament-justin-lamb Justin Lamb would love to be the compassionate teacher. Or the tough but ...


Justin Lamb spoken word spoken word poetry poetry teacher teacher appreciation teacher appreciation day sweaty teacher TED TED-Ed TED Ed TEDEducation TEDYouth TEDYouth 2013 comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The moist sticky wet clammy glowing hot soaked drippy sweating stinky bathed drenched dripping perspiry sudoric dry close dank drizzly mucid mucous muculent pasty slimy soggy sweaty boiling irriguous mucky muggy oppressive sodden steamy stifling stuffy sultry sweltering watery airless baking broiling burning fiery humid perspiring scorching sizzling stewing sweltry torrid equatorial lush tropic balmy clement flushed heated lukewarm melting mild pleasant roasting snug summery sunny temperate tepid thermal toasty warmish tropical warm Sweaty Sweaties Teacher teacher teachers Teachers mentor knowledge insight admired appreciated loyal detention school homework hell friend education caring teaching annoying learning job bemoan deplore regret moan bewail sob rue wail sorrow cry bawl hurt repine rain sing weep bleed howl laud praise afflict carry on crucify distress disturb eat heart out excruciate harrow labor lament martyr pain rack sing the blues squirm stew over strain strive struggle take it badly torment torture try wince worry writhe beat one's breast complain cry over spilled milk grieve for moan over mourn weep for be in brown study chafe inwardly consider daydream deliberate despond dream dwell upon eat one's heart out fret gloom grieve languish meditate mope mull over muse ponder reflect ruminate sigh speculate sulk sweat out sweat over think about think upon agitation babel blare brouhaha bustle buzz clinker complaint convulsion din discord exclamation ferment hassle hoo-ha hubba-hubba hubbub hullabaloo hurly-burly noise outcry pandemonium protesting racket remonstrance row ruckus shout shouting to-do tumult turmoil upheaval uproar vociferation accuse ascribe attack beef bellyache bitch carp cavil charge contravene criticize defy demur denounce deprecate differ disagree disapprove dissent expostulate find fault fuss gainsay gripe groan grouse growl grumble impute indict kick up a fuss lay look askance make a fuss nag object oppose protest refute remonstrate reproach snivel sound off take exception to whimper whine yammer accusation annoyance clamor criticism dissatisfaction expostulation fault-finding grievance guff jeremiad kick objection plaint protestation rap remonstration representation rumble squawk stink trouble agonize brood Justin justin fish fool sucker gull patsy mark victim butt chump sap pigeon stooge angel dupe virgin adolescent anklebiter babe baby bairn bambino brat cherub chick cub descendant dickens imp infant innocent issue juvenile kid kiddie lamb little angel little darling little doll little one minor mite moppet neonate nestling newborn nipper nursling offspring preteen progeny pubescent shaver small fry sprout squirt stripling suckling tadpole teen teenager teenybopper toddler tot tyke urchin whippersnapper young one youngster youth apple of one's eye beloved boyfriend dear dear one dearest dearie fair-haired boy flame friend girlfriend heart's desire honeybunch light of my life love lover one and only pet precious sugar sweetie treasure truelove aboveboard artless callow candid confiding countrified credulous forthright frank fresh green guileless gullible harmless ignorant impulsive ingenuous innocuous instinctive jejune like a babe in the woods natural open original plain simple simple-minded sincere spontaneous square unaffected unjaded unpretentious unschooled unsophisticated unsuspecting unsuspicious untaught unworldly wide-eyed babe in the woods dead duck dead meat easy pickings easy victim pushover sinecure soft touch toast vulnerable caress cuddle fondle pamper spoil easy mark sitting duck child darling naive cosset gudgeon Lamb l.a.m.b l.a.m.b. LAMB orally speech parol viva voce oral message personal account spoken communication spoken word verbal evidence word of mouth Spoken Word said uttered voiced oral verbal sonant told lingual phonic heard accepted conventional customary spoken tacit traditional unformulated unrecorded unsaid vocal word-of-mouth by work of mouth personally viva voce aforementioned aforesaid forenamed articulate unwritten orally verbally phonetic Spoken talk confab chat quiet breach break remark saying advice speech report news rumor byword rumble adage notice gossip saw silence sound term name phrase idiom usage lexeme signal edict will decree behest charge order ukase veto pledge vow plight parole oath denial slogan admonition advisement advocacy aid bum steer caution consultation counsel directions dissuasion encouragement exhortation forewarning guidance help information injunction input instruction judgment lesson opinion persuasion prescription proposal proposition recommendation steer suggestion teaching telltale tidings tip tip-off two cents' worth view warning word word to the wise affirmation assertion declaration guarantee insurance lock lock on profession promise rain or shine security shoo-in support sure thing warrant warranty word of honor ascendancy authorization beef clout command credit domination dominion edge esteem force goods government guts influence juice jump jurisdiction leg up license mastery might might and main permission permit pizzazz pow powerhouse prerogative prestige punch right ropes rule say say-so steam strength strong arm stuff supremacy sway upper hand weight what it takes whip hand zap bidding commandment demand dictate direction expressed desire mandate precept prompting request solicitation wish call invitation summons agreement bargain certificate collateral compact convention covenant debenture guaranty obligation pact transaction assurance authority bond Word Word? verse paean song rhyme poesy stanza rime rune poems doggerel balladry rhyming prose arrangement article cantata chart concerto dissertation drama essay exercise exposition fiction getup literary work manuscript melody music novel number opus paper piece play poetry rhapsody romance score setup short story study symphony theme thesis tune work writing abstract belles-lettres biography books brochure classics comment composition critique discourse discussion disquisition findings history humanities information leaflet letters lit literary works lore observation pamphlet précis report research story summary tract treatise treatment writings written work cadence cadency feet lilt measure mora pattern structure swing ballad beat blank verse creation epic free verse haiku limerick lines lyric ode quatrain sestina sonnet villanelle words alliteration couplet half-rhyme harmony iambic pentameter meter nursery rhyme poem rhythm slant rhyme vowel-chime jingle lay literature Poetry lecturer scholar tutor coach educator trainer adviser pundit mentor teach guide pupil Dutch uncle aide attorney authority backseat driver buttinski clubhouse lawyer confidant consultant counsel counselor director doctor expert friend helper instructor judge kibitzer lawyer monitor partner priest quarterback referee righthand person second-guesser teacher drill instructor skipper advocate ambulance chaser front legal beagle legal eagle lip mouthpiece pleader solicitor squeal authoritarian bully despot drill sergeant enforcer formalist master sergeant stickler strict teacher sundowner tyrant attendant captain chaperon cicerone conductor controller convoy criterion design docent escort example exemplar exhibitor genie genius guiding spirit guru ideal inspiration lead leader lodestar model paradigm pathfinder pattern pilot pioneer rudder scout standard superintendent usher vanguard guiding light sage disciplinarian Teachers Teacher thanks tribute loss neglect growth gain rise love respect esteem liking regard grasp relish dislike hate hatred disdain dishonor decrease acclamation addressing answer apology applause appreciation bestowal bow card confession contract credit gift gratitude greeting guarantee hail hailing letter nod notice reaction receipt reply response return salutation salute signature statement support token account adoration affection approbation approval deference delight estimation favor fondness glorification homage honor idolatry idolization marveling obeisance pleasure praise prizing recognition reverence valuing veneration wonder wonderment worship acclaim admiration commendation pat on the back pat on the head puff pumping up strokes stroking wow acquaintance acquaintanceship alertness aliveness apprehension attention attentiveness bodhi cognizance comprehension consciousness discernment enlightenment experience familiarity information keenness mindfulness perception realization sensibility sentience understanding annotation comment consideration criticism critique description discourse exegesis explanation exposition gloss narration notes obiter dictum observation remark review treatise voice-over adulation blessing bouquet buttering up cajolery comp confirmation congratulations courtesy encomium endorsement eulogy felicitation good word kudo laud laudation laurels orchid ovation panegyric posy respects sanction sentiment warm fuzzy acknowledgment awareness commentary compliment light daylight bright sunshine sunlight daytime night term time prime age years epoch cycle nadir aeon blue moon century date day duration era generation interim interval life lifetime millennium span course hour juncture moment period quarter reign spell stage while year aurora dawn daybreak during the day light of day sunrise days eon breed contemporaries crop peers rank step times acme culmination height high point high spot peak pinnacle prime time salad days zenith heyday Day sun star sky leave quit awol escape job monthes minutes TED Ted 2013
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