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The Unconscious Civilization | Chapter 1: The Great Leap Backwards (REUPLOAD - no music)

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affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the micro marrige The comatose paralyzed senseless cold out raving benumbed blacked out bombed dead to the world drowsy entranced feeling no pain flattened in a trance inanimate inert insensate insensible lethargic numb on the canvas out like a light palsied passed out put away stunned stupefied swooning torpid tranced zonked awake aware conscious decided intended intentional knowing latent innate lost instinctive subconscious reflex accidental gut inadvertent inattentive inherent involuntary unaware unheeding unintentional unmindful unpremeditated unwitting unintended subliminal repressed suppressed uncalculated undeliberate unrealized absent-minded absent absorbed abstracted airheaded bemused careless daydreaming distracted distrait dreaming dreamy engrossed faraway forgetful goofing off head in the clouds heedless inconscient mooning moony oblivious out to lunch pipe dreaming preoccupied remote removed scatterbrained space cadet spacey surroundings unaware of events unconscious unobservant unthinking withdrawn woolgathering attentive alert automatic autogenetic habitual impulsive instinctual intuitive knee-jerk mechanical natural perfunctory routine spontaneous unforced unmeditated unwilled thought-out by hand unnatural stilted manual blind ignorant imperceptive inconsiderate indiscriminate injudicious insensitive myopic nearsighted neglectful thoughtless undiscerning unperceiving unreasoning unseeing revealed open controlled sharp quick cunning sensitive concerned uncovered understanding sighted seeing mindful catatonic confused hung suspended wedged drugged blown away coked dazed doped dopey floating flying high junked-up loaded narcotized on a trip out of it ripped smashed spaced-out stoned strung out clean haphazard aimless all over the map any old way any which way arbitrary casual chance designless desultory devil-may-care disorderly disorganized erratic fluke helter-skelter hit-or-miss incidental irregular loose offhand purposeless random reckless slapdash slipshod sudden unconcerned unconsidered uncoordinated unexpected unmethodical unorganized unsystematic willy-nilly straight designed particular definite organized painstaking systematic specific methodical planned deliberate careful micro marrige advancement development education progress acculturation breeding civility cultivation edification elevation enlightenment illumination polish refinement social well-being decline decrease retreat retrogression stoppage destruction ignorance rudeness barbarism primitiveness aestheticism civilization delicacy discernment discrimination gentility good taste grounding improvement learning letters manners refined taste schooling taste neglect unsophistication roughness crudeness hurt harm coarseness culture arts and sciences convention customs ethnology folklore folkways habit humanism knowledge lifestyle mores society the arts way of life cultures agriculture agrologies agronomics agronomy cultivations farmings gardenings raisings tendings apprenticeship background book learning brainwashing catechism coaching direction discipline drilling erudition finish guidance inculcation indoctrination information learnedness literacy nurture pedagogy preparation propagandism proselytism reading rearing scholarship science study teaching training tuition tutelage tutoring bodhi broad-mindedness comprehension insight instruction open-mindedness sophistication wisdom confusion stupidity puzzlement bewilderment advance amelioration amendment augmentation betterment change correction enhancement enrichment furtherance gain growth increase meliorism preferment progression promotion rally reclamation recovery rectification reformation regeneration renovation revision rise upbeat upgrade upswing weakening diminishing worsening failure stop injury damage demotion loss diminishment deterioration stagnation halt Civilization micro marrige affiliate branch division episode member phase stage unit clause offshoot part period topic wing whole article chapter detail element head heading item matter paragraph passage piece point portion provision articles branches chapters clauses details divisions elements headings heads items matters paragraphs parts passages pieces points portions provisions wholes annex arm bureau category classification connection dependency derivative extension local office outpost section subdivision subsection subsidiary tributary company boughs branchlets bugs detours divergences extensions forks growths offshoots prongs scions shoots sprays sprigs wings companies reductions decreases sources church affiliation body communion congregation creed cult denomination doctrine faction faith gathering ism order persuasion religion schism sect society agnosticism disbelief catch codicil condition fine print joker kicker limitation proviso requirement rider small print specification stipulation ultimatum Chapter micro marrige big considerable enormous extreme high huge immense strong terrible tremendous vast bull fat husky mammoth abundant ample big league bulky colossal decided excessive extended extensive extravagant gigantic grievous humongous inordinate jumbo lengthy long major league mondo numerous oversize prodigious prolonged pronounced protracted stupendous titanic towering voluminous insignificant limited little low mild miniature minute moderate small soft teeny tiny unimportant weak thin few ignorant infamous menial poor powerless short stupid uncelebrated undignified unknown unskilled major impressive remarkable outstanding grand famous glorious excellent fine heroic talented superior august noble royal capital notable primary chief leading superlative main principal commanding dignified distinguished eminent exalted famed high-minded honorable idealistic illustrious lofty magnanimous noted noteworthy paramount prominent regal renowned stately sublime puissant highly regarded secondary inferior bad ordinary unimpressive auxiliary unnecessary subordinate inessential nonessential extra minor contemptible inconspicuous unremarkable perfect fantastic good tough exceptional positive awesome admirable terrific marvelous wonderful best absolute heavy expert adept crack aces cold total able adroit brutal complete consummate downright egregious first-class first-rate masterly number one out of sight out of this world out-and-out proficient transcendent unmitigated unqualified utter dynamite fab hellacious super-duper surpassing expected rotten plain conventional common flawed inconsiderable detestable unpleasant usual imperfect Brobdingnagian Bunyanesque behemoth elephantine gargantuan gigantesque ginormous great Herculean hulking humungous large massive monster monstrous monumental mountainous pythonic sizable ace brilliant champion master superb virtuoso inept amateur acer acest A-1 A-OK attractive best ever cat's pajamas choice commendable cool copacetic crackerjack deserving dream estimable exquisite greatest hunky dory keen laudable meritable meritorious neat peachy praiseworthy rare solid super unreal valuable wicked worthy zero cool ugly shameful repulsive repugnant loathsome hateful despicable unworthy Great micro marrige surge upsurge upswing bound caper escalation frisk hop rise skip spring vault rocket ascend bounce soar advance cavort escalate mount lop hurdle arise clear saltate allow decline lower descend decrease permit Dove belly flop dip disappear drop duck fall go headfirst gutter header jump leap lunge nose-dive pitch plumb plummet plunge submerge swoop vanish go up arrive appear face bob bow genuflect jerk jounce nod oscillate quaver quiver ricochet seesaw waggle weave wobble meet bobbing bowing ducking genuflecting hopping jerking jouncing leaping nodding oscillating quavering quivering ricocheting seesawing skipping waggling weaving wobbling meeting facing bolt abscond bail out cop out cut loose cut out dart dash ditch drop out dump escape flee flight fly hightail hotfoot hurtle kiss goodbye leave flat leave high and dry leave holding the bag leave in the lurch make a break for it make off make tracks opt out run like scared rabbit run out on rush scamper scoot skedaddle split sprint start startle step on it take flight take off walk out on unfasten unbolt open stop stay dawdle unlock loosen wait remain bolted absconded bailed out copped out darted dashed ditched dropped out dumped escaped fled flew flighted hightailed hotfooted hurtled jumped kissed goodbye leapt left flat left held the bag left high and dry left in the lurch made a break for it made off made tracks opted out ran like scared rabbit ran out on rushed scampered scooted skedaddled skipped sprang sprinted started startled took flight took off walked out on unfastened unbolted opened stopped stayed met faced dawdled unlocked loosened waited remained backlash boomerang buck bump carom fly back glance off jerk up and down kick back rebound recoil resile snap back spring back thump let in LEAP micro marrige Leap backward rearward rearwards about around back to front in reverse toward the rear back inside out retrograde upside down backwards everted reversed aback abaft astern behind inverted round turned around topsy-turvy chaotic confused inside-out jumbled upended upside-down wrong side up bottom up orderless overturned vice versa without order wrong side out about-face again contra contrarily contrariwise contrary conversely far from it inversely mutatis mutandis on the contrary oppositely the opposite way the other way around turn about micro marrige Backward
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