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The world's most unlikely nature reserve: Wildlife is thriving in Chernobyl - euronews

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questionable slight unconvincing unheard-of unimaginable untoward believable common credible likely plausible possible probable reasonable regular tenable usual imaginable probably arguable chancy debatable diffident disputable dubitable equivocal far-fetched fishy fly-by-night hesitant iffy indecisive moot mootable open perplexed problematic reluctant shady skeptical suspect suspicious touch and go trustless unassured uncertain unclear unconvinced undecided undependable unlikely unreliable unsure untrustworthy untrusty wavering undoubtful positive doubtless secure clear sure definite certain unambiguous trusty reliable honest trustworthy aboveboard determined unquestionable undoubted fantastic artificial capricious chimerical comical crazy eccentric erratic exotic extravagant extreme fanciful fictional foolish foreign freakish grotesque hallucinatory illusive imaginative insane irrational ludicrous mad misleading nonsensical odd out of sight outlandish peculiar phantasmagorical 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advancing arrived blooming cooking progressing prospering roaring rolling doing well going strong have it made have the wherewithal home free on top of heap prolific rich sitting pretty failing infirm poor unhealthy declining languishing losing abundance affluence ampleness bounty copiousness fortune myriad opulence plenitude plenty plethora profusion prosperity prosperousness riches thriving wealth few want need inadequacy deficiency dearth scarcity little lack poverty blossoming bloom budding flowering withering boomy profitable successful disadvantageous easier at ease calm carefree comfortable comfy commodious composed content contented cozy cursive cushy easeful effortless flowing fluent forthright gentle in clover languid light mild moderate peaceful pleasant quiet running satisfied secure serene slow smooth snug soft spontaneous substantial temperate tranquil undemanding undisturbed unexacting unhurried untroubled unworried well-to-do unpermissive strict impossible unrelaxed oppressive laborious involved difficult complex hard unhappy loud rough smart intolerant trying exhausting uneasy intricate demanding arduous complicated unfriendly noisy clamorous intelligent easiest Thriving Chernobyl Peccadilloes chernobyl
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